External HDMI Monitor Connection Issues


I’m trying to use a new UNI USB C to HDMI Cable (4K @ 60Hz), USB Type-C to HDMI Cable [Thunderbolt 3 Compatible] to connect to external HDMI monitors. I’ve tried two monitors and have the same problem, as follows:

There seems to be an intermittent signal emanating from the V to the monitor, as the extended-screen monitor works fine for a few seconds, then goes blank–no signal–for anywhere from a few seconds to 10-20 seconds; in other words, the signal is totally unstable.

I’m hoping that my new USBC-HDMI cable is not incompatible with my V, but wasn’t able to find any technical incompatibilities before I ordered it.

I’ve done all driver updates, have scoured the Web and this forum for insights with no success, so thought I’d post here. Unfortunately, I do not have another USBC/Thunderbolt device to test the cable, but it’s new and yields the same results with two different HDMI monitors.

Thanks for any insights before I blindly replace the cable, which is either okay and there’s an issue with my V settings or it’s simply incompatible to support my V’s video signal.


i think its just a driver issue with the v. my V doesn’t output a video signal at its USB C port


If it’s a V driver issue, does that mean I need to wait for Eve to update driver for HDMI monitor support, try using a USB-C-VGA cable for my existing monitor or test my V with another newer-version HSMI monitor with existing cable?

None of these options make for a smooth V user experience :unamused:


Did you plug it in the USB C port or the Thunderbolt port? The USB C port does not support display output I think.


Yes, and do appreciate you suggesting the obvious :wink:


I’m looking at what I think is the same UNI TB3-compatible adapter (amazon). Did you ever have any luck getting it working? I’m not very familiar with the standards, but maybe this be related to the DP-Alt capability?


No, I’m dead in the water using a secondary monitor with my Eve V–very frustrating to say the least.

So you’re basically suggesting that I purchase another compatible HDMI cable, although it is not clear which cable is compatible, based on the in-box info I received with my V. Again, not a great user experience. I’ve got two other Surface Pro and never had any issues with this. Just sayin’. Thanks for your response.


Does the V not have monitor support through USB?

OMG I don’t even have my V and this is a killer for me. I can’t use the V if I can’t use USB for a monitor!
It’s 100% critical for my use of it even with my waiting still I know I will have to return it unboxed without this.

Can we confirm this please?
Is there any way I can get someone from Eve Support to input on this?


The V does not support Displayport alt mode on the Type C port (hardware limitations, not something that can be added through a driver update), but display output works through the Thunderbolt 3 port (it works perfectly fine for me with a cheap adapter I picked up).


I have a 4K USB-C to Displayport cable and connected to the thunderbolt port of the V, the 4K external monitor works fine - no video drop-outs. I also have a USB-C to HDMI dongle which I’ve connected to the monitor using an HDMI cable - again, no problems.


Yea… duck, I thought I had this awesome setup.
A wireless touch monitor to use with the the Eve.

I bought the USB2Air 300$+

And the Dell P2418ht a beautiful touch monitor.

I have all the dongels and the monitor setup waiting for the computer to drive them.
I have had only an impinge xxxx an iPhone (ducking autocorrect) as my only means of computing for 6 months now and all these monitor and usb2air are now unreturnable.

I just can’t work these things together and I thought I could.

I guess I have to return my Eve


Wow, yea it looks like it works on the surface pro, so… ugh I just thought with all the “great port selection” it would definitely work… ugh, I’m sad.

Maybe because it’s not drawing power it could work? Any chance


Honestly I see all the stress on these board and I try not to complain, but if you all could empathize with me. I’ve spent 3000$ +and am still using an iphinr to do all my work, emails and watch tv for 6 months.
It’s been so hard, first world problems, I know.
Maybe if I could just get a direct "this will not work I could put it rest.
I know it’s definitely my fault for making the assumption.


I don’t know, it’s a unique situation for sure.
I’ve known USB to drive monitors since forever, like. … what, really?

If I ever do get the V, is it worth a try or no?
If I really want to use the USB2Air with my Dell Touchscreen is Eve-V absolutely not going to be the product to do that?

Thank you for your time Nawthor
If you could please just take a look a at the USB2AIR page and let me know if there’s any way I could use it or if you think it might work with the surface pro?


Considering that it looks to just be a standard USB 2.0 Type A device, I can’t see why it wouldn’t work with the V.


Ooooh thank jeepers.
I hope so bDly it works and that the V actually ships soon.
Wish me luck!


What the duck did I just witness


It is for Mac, but good info on thunderbolt 3 connection choises:


Question: is V thunderbolt to displayport preferable to V thunderbolt to hdmi?


Depends whether your monitor requires HDMI or Displayport :slight_smile: