External DVD drive

Sorry to ask this but I have bought 2 DVD drives on amazon both usb powered and neither seem to work with the V. Is this a hardware issue or a windows 10 issue. I have read that windows 10 can be a bit problematic.

Either way if anyone could either recommend a fix/drive that will work or whether I just need to buy a separately powered DVD drive that would be great.

Your help as always is appreciated.


Mine works

Maybe its just missing drivers?

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The DVD drive is from a old laptop, enclosure is durty cheep unbranded from China. Works out of the box, no drivers neded. Notice the cable is short and tick. When I tried with a long one, it does not work.

Do they work with another PC with Windows 10?

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Check the cable length - might be that the DVD drives suck too much power.
@Niloc recently told me his V was down to 4h estimated battery life from previous 11 - he did however plug in his external HDD so that was the reason why it went down so drastically :smiley:

Yes this definitely happened to me lol. But I’ve been extensively using my External HD via torrenting. So it’s pretty continuous usage.

The other possibility for why it isn’t working could be the lack of DVD codecs included in Windows 10 by default (or at least, they didn’t used to be included. I’ve not checked in a year or so).

If the disk drive shows up as a valid drive in file explorer installing a media player software like VLC will bring its own codecs and let you play a DVD.

The DVD Video codec doesn’t need to be installed to use a DVD drive as DVD-ROM or to use a DVD-burner.


Thanks for the replies, I have downloaded the latest drivers and it still doesn’t work. It works straight way in my old windows 10 laptop. Any ideas why it doesn’t work in the V? I’ve checked the USB ports work fine with other devices.

Cable length, as people told. You might thing it’s a “small” thing, but for portable devices in terms of power consumption it’s a huge thing. Even all portable batteries have short cables both for charging itself and powering other devices , to reduce power loss during the transfer.

Thanks but its a very short cable already. Any other ideas?

Could you provide a link to what drives you bought? That would help a lot.

Of course here are the links. Thanks!



I still haven’t found a DVD drive that works?! Any chance you could send me the details of one that you know works so I can buy it?



PLEASE TELL ME you at least watched that movie already since the last time

Lol! Yes I watched the movie but not on my V :frowning:


When I plugged in the drive using a single USB port, the drive light went on, but I could hear it wasn’t making the usual noises when the drive reads a DVD.

You can get USB cables for DVD drives fhat have two USB connections on one side so you can plug it into two USB ports of your laptop (to increase the power to the drive). For example, see this:

However, you may need to get a USB-A extension cable for that to work with the V as the USB-A ports are on opposite sides of the V.

Otherwise, if your DVD player has a separate power input, you can use a separate USB cable for that to provide the necessary power. For example, this DVD pdrive has a separate power and data input:

Youll need to install the right dvd Drivers.