Excitement for the web store to come online


I’m all aboard this hype train.


Says who?


The webstore comes when the HEB started shipping right?


I just realized this titles sounds super misleading… according to schedule, they should have the Web store open by 15th of November which is exactly 14 days from now and I was getting hyped… I can’t even find the post I read it from anymore…


The status topic for the V currently mentions “The web shop will open between the 16th and 30th of November to take orders for Vs.” Of course that’s just a rough estimate, and we should have a more solid update in the coming week.

I’ve adjusted the topic title to avoid confusion…


I’m really exited to hear this news. Will we know the prices of the configurations on the opening of the webshop or will we get some news before? :slight_smile:


great news! looking forward to the “eve v price guessing game.” hahaha :sunglasses:


Oooh! Sorry, I read it it as “the store will be open between the 16th and 30th” thanks fort he clarification. I was wondering why you would only be accepting people to shop for 2 weeks…

Ps thanks for changing the title.


This is great news, been a community stalker for a while now watching the development and am excited to see the store open.
Not sure if this has been asked yet bet anyone know shipping time lines? i.e how long from when I order till when I receive my V? Processing time, shipping etc?

I’m in New Zealand so hoping you ship here!


So as you know, the store hasn’t opened but sounds like things are on track for it to be soon. If you haven’t already, sign up for the email alert. In terms of shipping - to get it from the warehouse to your door should not take very long, it will depend on a few uncontrollable factors like country, the delivery service, location, etc. However, that said, for several countries, they team will be bulk shipping and clearing the items. I don’t recall seeing NZ on the list but could be wrong (AU is IIRC though, which probably doesn’t help though). If that is the case, it might get held up while it clears customs but again, all depends.

Scan through some older posts to see how long the test devices took to get from A to Z, and stay tuned for the 1st batch to go out and reports to come back. There are a few customers from Oceania.

The team said they’ll ship anywhere, maybe not Antarctica, but so far, no one has tried to get one there.


Thanks for that will take a look. Signed up to the email alerts already :smile: yeah well you can’t really get much closer to Antarctica than NZ :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Now just need NZD to USD to be more in my favor!


Yep it’s changed quite a bit over the last 2 years. Same issue for us CAD - the V is worth it though compared to msft hw though. Plus no NZ markup - just exchange.


I’m also really keen to know this and if community members will be able to purchase before the webstore goes fully public.


Community members were the first to know of the pre-order campaign launch last year. Once the web shop opens, everyone has equal chances: first come, first serve. That said, keeping an eye on the community may well give you additional hints about when exactly the web shop opens, so that may give you an edge…


I’ve looked on the Website, but there were no Change out of how many subscibed… May you can tell me where you have found it. And after I had subscibed there was still the donation window, but even if I would like to do this now, there is no way to reach this window again sad


Any ideas on when the web store will open up?

I wanted to give you my money and buy some accessories but can’t :frowning: