Eve's referral program pilot. Help us spread the word about ▼


Hello Guys!

After a previous discussion in the threads below :arrow_down:, we decided to try referral program out :tada::confetti_ball::sparkles:!

Thread one: Should we implement a referral program?
Thread two: Implementing the referral program part 2

How will it work?

If you refer a buddy of yours to buy V you will get certain amount of Eve Credits to your Eve account once the website goes live. The more buddies you refer the more credits you get. With Eve Credits you will be able to purchase Eve products and services at discounted prices as well as gift cards for your local Amazon store (for now PayPal cashback is not possible, we checked it).

This is a great way for us to spread the word about Eve without being spammy in our marketing and at the same time being thankful to the community members who referred.

How can you participate?

We would like to start small and see how it works.

To participate fill in the google form below with your details and we will send you all the necessary information on how to get started. The amount of people who can participate in the pilot is limited to 100 (to make sure that things are under control :slight_smile: ). We also ensure the true value of the program, keeping it limited.

Only first 100 people to fill in the form will be able to participate in our pilot that will be carried out during the Indiegogo campaign!


Let me know if you have any questions!

ps. If you have already gotten the insiders’ referral program info, ignore this thread.



Soon reaching hundred! Finns have woken up, will they fill in the last spots?


Ok now the 100 spots are taken. Thanks to all already :slight_smile: