EVENGELISM – Megathread of Awareness and Media


Evengelism – Heard Passion

Evengelism: The practise of supporting Eve and Eve.Community online and offline, in whatever means.

Eve, Eve.Community and Pyramid Flipper live beyond this site:

There are articles, posts and comments piling up online about Eve-Tech, Pyramid Flipper, and this community. Many members demand more of that stuff as well. Now we have created a new Category, called “Media & Awareness: Eve is Online”.

The point is: If you see/hear Eve, the community or Pyramid Flipper noted online, feel free to share this exposure by mentioning that in this category. You can either:

  1. Start a new thread within the category, link the URL there and start a discussion around that review, article, or whatever it is.
  2. Post a mention and the URL here to this thread. Feel free to add your commentary.

→ This allows others, us and your peers, to see and take part in those talks.

A recent example of media exposure is here:
Neowin notes on Pyramid Flipper carrying Kaby Lake CPU
I will make another thread of that, to showcase how we can link others these kind of Eve-articles.

And sure enough, some Evengelists already go to those stories and arouse more talk, like here on WindowsCentral. WE REALLY LIKE TO SEE THAT EXCITEMENT. @Konstantinos and @Mike are 100% appreciative like I am.

There has already been a couple of media-related threads here: Mine and @Ivan_Lazarenko 's. Let’s keep that promotional wheel spinning. We all want to share the message, make us bigger, and get more people to join the revolution. Amplify the voice, make the megaphone bigger!

Follow us thoroughly:

We have followers beyond this site:

@evedevices (that is a link)

Eve on Facebook (link as well)

Journalists, prolific figures, companies etc. are actively following us there as well. Don’t be a stranger!

While we have of course approached media, the staggering growth of Eve.Community and the build-up of Pyramid Flipper has made sure that there are media sites now “evesdropping” on us. On your efforts, and PASSION.

Join the group of Evengelists

We would never want to nor could we stop you members promoting us. Honestly, all that active commenting, sharing and inviting makes ▼, and all of Eve stronger. The vibe is wildly positive, but please remember that “haters gonna hate”. Nevermind them.

You can see the buzz stuff on our page: Our shared story has been raised and praised by Arctic Startup, Techradar, and Windows Central for example.

It is a fact that a group of Evengelists has emerged, fighting our fight in several places. You can join that group. You are already a part of this puzzle. Feel it, and share that joy however you want. By the way, your evangelism can take place offline as well.
(A new community badge “Evengelist” is up for grabs: you earn it when you let your efforts known within this new category!)

Have you already discussed and shared the message of PF and Eve online?

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  • NO

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Ladies and gentlemen, I ask you:
-Is there some media that we really need to be on but haven’t so far? (Tip them the news of Pyramid Flipper…)
-Do you think it is hard to share the message or discuss on other places about Eve and Pyramid Flipper? Can I, @iKirin or @Konstantinos help you on this?
-What coverage of PF and Eve have you really enjoyed? (One of my favourites was this, Jules Wang’s take on PF development)

Surface Pro 5 - Some Details Leaked

NOTE: Rather than creating marketing ideas for Pyramid Flipper (which many of you are eagerly hatching now and we are listening to) the purpose here is mainly to reactively list and discuss the exposure of Eve and ▼, so members can see it and take part in those talks. This doesn’t mean that you can’t be the one who starts that discussion somewhere, like on Reddit, and then link it here.


While I haven’t been too hard on spreading the word online (I somehow hang out in the wrong places for people to appreciate it), I’ve been actively trying to pitch the PF around to my friends. And a bunch of random strangers. Plus a few in between.


nawthor you evengelist! Great job.

Right now it is true that many of us hang around in places where people aren’t that interested in PF, before they can actually see it, know what it does for them, and how much it costs.
I hope all those offline contacts you talked to will keep their eyes and ears open so they see the launch news (I hope they subscribed…)



I think this thread will help people understand better what they can do :smile: http://eve.community/t/let-s-think-about-spreading-the-word-for-the-pf-we-need-your-great-ideas/1100/2?u=artur


Yes, that place was mentioned up there as well. And there are so many ideas coming from all over on how to push the word out, this category will be perfect storing place where we can easily see that activity!

One of the sparks to this category was yesterday’s thread by Konstantinos:

Now there’s a chance that our Norwegians push this here, or then others know that this category is dedicated for finding out what the Norwegian runes there mean :sunny:




ZDNet ran a piece on us “killing” Surface: How it really happens. We got contacted by their Nordic contributor Eeva. Seems like they had heard the buzz.

More and more of stuff like this is happening.
Have you guys tried googling for “Pyramid Flipper” or “Eve Tech” stories in your languages? Would love to see them here!


I think our main goal is to make eve-tech.com appear on first page when searching “eve” :wink:

upd: just checked - we are on 3rd page, first two are all about eve online, on third one we are behind farmer(evefremont.com), @therealeve (someone on Instagram, Twitter) and eve-lang.com (weird programming tool, also it’s github page)
PS I was searching through Google.ru, so results may differ


Just searched for Eve on Bing (via Cortana) and sad to say that you guys don’t show up within any of the first 5 pages of results.
Not sure why that is. :cry:


May be due to a hugely popular space sim that is also running via that name. :confused:


That just means then that we have more to achieve on that front :slight_smile:
Thanks for the info!

“Eve-Tech” “Eve Tech” and “Pyramid Flipper” might give better results than Eve, which means many things, including yes the Icelandic massive online space game Eve Online. We Nordics use “Eve” it seems.


You cant fight Eve… Its old and really popular… And people tend to type just Eve.
We need to buy Eve online :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Eve is almost as old as Adam :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: