Eve Video Q&A 20.04 and shipping updates


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This time we made video. Be sure to tell what you prefer more.
The next topics are about team future plans, personal stuff, and what we learned.

The most important question is “when is my V getting shipped, if it has not already?”.

Let’s zoom out for a moment.

As you know, our team has faced a lot of challenges along the way but with your support, there were nothing we couldn’t overcome.

Just wanted to say thanks once again for all your support!

When is your V getting shipped if you didn’t get one yet?

We understand that as a customer, all of the challenges we have should not affect you. We fully understand this, and take full responsibility for this at the end of the day. This video is not about passing the blame on others or providing false hopes, but rather to give exact information under which our team operates internally.

While we are looking for an investor and our funds are frozen, we are shipping Vs ordered at our store at a steady rate. We will get all of the Vs shipped by the end of June.
At this point we would rather overestimate than under deliver.

As mentioned, Vs are getting shipped and end of June would be the latest date. In order to provide better and more accurate information regarding your specific order, we are going to implement a “Shipping Estimator”. It will provide specific estimates for your order delivery time that you will be able to follow by logging into your Eve account. It should take about two weeks to have this in place for you.

We know that we cannot make up for lost time with your V, but we really do appreciate your patience. For everyone who place order before March 1, we will issue a 50$ gift card next week to use on our web store.


We know that shipping schedule might not be workable for some of you.

As we keep shipping Vs more and more funds are unfrozen and we will make sure that if by the end of June orders placed from 4th of December to 4th of April are not shipped we will provide a cancellation option.

Will we be able to buy additional accessories separately?

Yes. Mid May. They will be shipped out from the Hong Kong directly without additional duties or customs. Accessories delivery will take 1-2 weeks from the moment of order based on the delivery location.

Production process batches

We try to ship as many orders as possible based on what comes off the production line. Orders are prioritized by the order date. There are no batches, these were a thing from IndieGoGo times.


We tried to implement swaps to help out customers. Many times a customer would say they would take the spot, but then back out as they wanted to order another configuration from the store.

Missing accessories

Most people got them but if you still didn’t, you will by the end of May. There was a stock issue with a few items like the pen and power brick. If your order had, let’s say, a sleeve and pen missing, then it would still be delayed.

Will everyone who has received a V be sent a survey? If not, how do you decide who the survey is sent to?

It was sent out randomly to users. We will be sending out surveys to everyone with the V in May.

Also, what do you define as a high satisfaction rating?

So far it was 8,5 out of 10. We know we have room for improvement especially in customer service and overall delivery experience.

Belgian keyboards

Our designers aren’t Belgian and we wanted to understand what keyboard is actually used in the Belgian market. As you, know we decided to create layouts together with the community to make sure it really fits the needs locally.

Where is my money?

Your funds are either have already been paid to a supplier in full or partially frozen

Will Eve ever deliver some Products in the promised time frame?

Yes that’s the plan and our goal. That’s why we are going after an investment too!

Will Eve ever be honest about what is going on during production / delivery?

We are actually honest!

What’s up with bad pixels not being covered under warranty?

We adhere to the pixel policy of our screen vendor.

From last week's live stream summary:

35:55 Someone in chat asked about warranty for pixel defects. We follow the quality standards set forth by our panel manufacturer Sharp. Their pixel defect tolerance is low, but we do not have a zero-dead-pixel policy.

37:00 If you have pixel defects, please contact support. We will try to find a solution for you, even in cases where we cannot replace the device under warranty.

37:31 There are similar standards for backlight bleed (light leakage, usually along the bottom of the screen). At this point we are not big enough to influence the quality standards of big manufacturers.

Is the support experience going to be improved? Which way?

Truly all of these issues have put a lot of pressure on support but we can see a few clear areas to improve on:

  1. As we have a lot of orders, hiring more support stuff will be a priority once the investment is in
  2. Implement shipping estimator.
  3. Get investor to move things faster

Have the hardware/software issues reported on the forums (ghost touches, battery drain, etc.) been fixed in the units shipping now?

We have extensively covered this in the previous live stream.
You can see the video or read a summary here.

m3 Vs are no longer available, will all m3 Vs ordered be produced?

Yes, absolutely. We have all of the components with a good buffer for any issues that may arise.

Does the payment method have an effect on the ship date of the Vs (CC vs PayPal vs ??)? Will buyers using payment processors that are willing to release funds sooner have better shipping dates?

The payment method does not affect the shipping date.

Does the keyboard layout/language have an effect on ship date?

Nope, it doesn’t.

Status update 8.6.2018
Submit your questions for the May 4th Q&A here!
July 21st Update
Quick update from Konsta

Would be great if there is a subtitle (thats not auto generated)


Thank you Konstantinos for tonight’s live,

And especially thank you for being honest and clear on the problems that the team meets, the delivery deadline and the repayment option.


It’s another good update and I appreciate you answering these types of questions. I was half thinking it wasn’t going to arrive on the 20th, but now we know it was due to retakes :grin:

Shipping estimator is a very good idea, assuming it’s accurate. Will save support a lot of time and should help ease people like me coming on here moaning about deliveries.

If development isn’t too big a task or it will be a ball ache to maintain, it might even be better if you took it a step further and had something like when you order a new car, seen as though the Eve is kinda done similarly:

Status XX: Order received and processing
Status XX: Order placed with factory
Status XX: Your V is scheduled for build week XX
Status XX: V built and undergoing QC
Status XX: Preparing for Shipping
Status XX: Shipped, link to tracking.

Wish I’d have paid in crypto tbh and avoided these delays :grinning: I guess ultimately we are none the wiser on an individual level of when it will arrive, I was in the first 75 to order on Dec 4th, but if there’s no way to know whether my payment cleared just gotta wait for the shipping estimator or the tracking number. Annoying but it is what is it.


Thanks again! But why did you hide the time travel stuff and the chicken? :thinking:

And I’d like a none/both option for the poll since I don’t prefer one over the other. I don’t even mind written updates as long as there are some :wink:


Solid update, video format is good but shorter. But I think you should do the updates however you feel most comfortable and engaging…
Shipping estimator in account page will be a good update, might also calm down the forums :smile:

I hope everything goes as planned for all parts, so everyone can enjoy their Vs

[quote=“SyrtakiVampir, post:5, topic:14994”]
But why did you hide the time travel stuff and the chicken?
[/quote]. Biggest mystery of the video!


One thing that I would like to know though. If payment method isn’t a determining factor for funds clearing, then what is? And if it’s not, what has determined the ones that have shipped so far?

From the order numbers, I was in the first 80 people to order on December 4th. Think I’d checked out within 3 minutes of the sale going live. I used a UK visa credit card via the payment fields. Not PayPal.

I’m gonna take a guess Shopify and Stripe have put 90 day payout terms in place here as they anticipated too much risk. That means funds only cleared in March. Prob very few flash sale buyers have received the product or a tracking number. Very bad situation for the Eve Team as completely out of their control. No money coming in, no Eve’s going out. Awful for everyone involved really. $15 charge per chargeback too with Stripe to rub salt into the sounds :neutral_face:

I hope people can keep the faith here. I agree it sucks to wait but I think these guys will sort it.


I would like to start by saying that it takes a lot of courage for a person to step up and take accountability, deliver tough news, and be vulnerable in the way he did here. For that courage, I am grateful. I am also incredibly disappointed that it may be June before I get my V. This could cost me thousands of dollars that was supposed to go to making ends meet, and paying for maternity leave for my wife when our baby arrives this summer through a new business venture. So either my wife will not be able to spend as much time at home with our first baby, or I will have to beg others for help figure out how to get my old computer up to snuff so I can start my new business without all the issues my old computer has now. This isn’t to create guilt but express that there are real consequences to people’s lives when companies fail to deliver this dramatically. This wasn’t a situation where I took a risk by backing on Indigogo with no guarantee. There was a delivery window. Had I known when I placed the order in December, or even two months ago, I wouldnt have made the plans I did. I would have gone a different route with what little money I had to make this work. I will keep my mind open that I may see it sooner, and be able to start working right away. I know you all are doing your best, I know you would have fulfilled everyone’s orders if you could, and thank you for your honesty.


Thanks for the answer @Konstantinos, it’s really appreciated.
I have another question now:
how could a customer revive a ticket opened in costumer support?
I immagine that sending multiple emails would lead to a mess, but that seems to be the only way to get an answer, an ending one I mean.
As always it’s better a bitter truth (and a ticket closed) then silence.
PS.keep recording:)


thanks for the update. :slight_smile: (even if not the happiest news concerning shipping…)
May I ask, why a video anyway? Why not just typing all you said in the video???
nowadays it seems to be more and more common to only make videos, no text anymore…


Alright, next question: “WHERE IS MY MONEY?!”



I lol’d. Smoooooth :wink:

BTW did you just turn the time travel box so the writing is facing the other way? OMG DID YOU SEND THE RUBBER CHICKEN TO FUTURE? O great squeezy chicken, please bring us good tidings!


Do he say delay for the fs 4.12. 2.batch or for others? Don’t understand him good… Please help me…


He said there are no more ‘shipping batches’, Vs are being shipped at a steady rate as they are produced. But due to issues like frozen payments etc., they estimate that all current orders (up to April) will be shipped by end of June.

There was nothing specific about Dec 12th flash sale, except that they are implementing a shipping tracker to give you a better estimate and it will be up in about two weeks.

*As far as I remember.


Damn, what a situation.

They can’t produce and ship the V because the money is frozen. But the money is frozen because they don’t ship the V.

That drives me nuts. damn vicious circle.

Or did I get something wrong.


Hope next week will come the newsletter for fs…


that’s what I understood, nothing wrong…
that’s why they turn to investors…


:sweat_smile: well… at this stage funding can either come from more pre-orders, some investors or new kickstarter campaigns.

Investments from any funds would take time and lots of due diligence, I would doubt if any is coming soon (or maybe there’s good news!)

and we don’t have any project that can go to Kickstarter stage yet. Do we?

and yes, if there’s more ranting here, it would be less likely that anyone would bet their money on these three scenario.

Maybe we should speed things up and contribute more to get some kickstarters project running! (and fund our orders?)


By the way, the Q&A was shit @Konstantinos. You only answered to something like 7 questions? I ve asked you 30+ all along those threads plus all the others customers. And not necessarily on the flash sale but also on the NDA of the company.
So if you don’t want to answer then just say it already!
The only viable information in your Q&A was that the FFS is not organised in batches.

I don’t have time for your bullshit PR, and still my order should speak for itself as how much I approve your concept. And still for a stupid Q&A you managed to screw it up. BRAVO MAESTRO!


There is only one question: Is all the Vs on Dec 4 completed? If not, how much manufacturing is done now and whether they have all been delivered? Where are they now and why are they not delivered? If not all done, then how do you promise to complete all the orders in one month?
this Is a simple question,right?


I posted this in the December 4th topic that has since been closed, for obvious reasons. I’ll repeat it here.

  • Whether you know in which order V’s are manufactured in relation to order numbers, or not: it won’t make it arrive any quicker.
  • Whether you lash out or choose to wait it out: it won’t make it arrive any quicker.
  • Your pursuit of random, ultimately meaningless numbers and information: it won’t make it arrive any quicker.
  • Whether you choose to “blindly believe”, or be a harsh critic: it won’t make it arrive any quicker.

You’ve got 2 actionable options as of this moment:

  1. You say “screw this shit I’m a whiny baby” and you contact support or go through your CC or PayPal or whatever and get a refund, and stop whining.
  2. You say “I want my V!” and you suck it up, wait and stop whining.

Bonus option: Stop whining.

Everything else simply produces negativity that doesn’t serve anyone, not EVE, not yourself, and distracts the team from actually solving the problem at hand.

Case closed.