EVE V with DAWs - any experiences?


Can you elaborate on what those shortcomings are exactly, in your experience?
I’d personally be using it only for tracking and a couple of inserts here and there, not heavy, full-on production.
VSTs, if any, would be running on a slave machine.


The GPU is underpowered and it is unsupported by every pro program I can think of. This creates a huge performance hit. The V’s i7 is an i7 in name only. Some i3’s are faster. It’s a core and thread problem. The underpowered V i7 is great for battery savings, and it eliminates the need for a fan. The penalty is performance. I really do like my Eve but I do not use it for any sort of production. For your purposes the V may be okay. If you’re happy…no problem.


This is almost entirely due to TDP. Having a 2 core/4 thread processor hardly makes a difference for most applications. Desktop processors can have upwards of 150W TDP, and high-end graphics can have an additional 150-250W TDP. Even a desktop i3 has a TDP of 62W. For a really powerful desktop you will have somewhere around 300-400 Watts for the processor and graphics, while the V has a total of 7.


It makes a huge difference for audio/video, pro graphics applications, and complex spreadsheets.
But for everyday stuff, I agree, it’s great.


Well I hear you on the GPU, I’m not expecting anything there. I’m not aiming for any video content creation or processing, only audio tracking and light composing in Cubase.
I can’t for the life of me imagine that simply recording a couple tracks with a couple of inserts here and there would be too much to ask of the V…

(ordered the i7 1TB btw)


Again, to highlight the issue:

The V will struggle with anything that can make use of multi-threading/additional cores.

That said;

The CPU in the V (as a dual-core cpu) is really quite competent - honestly I’m surprised at how well it performs on the whole - and you shouldn’t have any problem at all with most software.

To reiterate, it’s a problem to do with multi-threading/no. of cores. To that end, both the m3 and the i7 are both dual core with multi threading (and @SoundMix is right, they are misnamed - it is an i7-Y processor and should rightly be named m7 (i7s traditionally indicate that a processor is quad core with multithreading, so there are i3s that are faster than i7s) but that’s a decision made by Intel), so unfortunately having the i7 won’t make much difference if the program can leverage that technology.


Yeah I get that :slight_smile:
Ah well, guess I’ll just have to see what it will and won’t do for myself when I get it.
Worst case I’ll just run Cubase in a VM on my server as well, passthrough the audio interface and just RDP from the V and be done with it.
It’d just be handy to have a local instance available on the go.


This was SO NOT the laptop for what I wanted to do (music production, VSTs etc)!!!


why is that? do you want to extrapolate maybe?


See previous responses.


I can now also talk about some experiences related to DAWs.

My setup: M3 V, Mackie Onyx Producer 2x2, MIDI Keyboard, Headphones, Cakewalk by Bandlab DAW

I do this as hobby, not semi-professional or expert or anything :smiley:

I can say, with the ASIO of the Mackie I can definitely do some Audio Work. Without big latencys, without annoying lags or something. Multiple virtual Instrument lanes with some (1-3) VSTs per lane are possible (for Example Ozone Elements, some EQ and Compressors). If it comes to more heavy workloads then the CPU won’t make it. That is at least enough for some sketching or to try out some ideas, but surely nothing for professional work :slight_smile:

One word to the Mackie: I like the IO combination, the design and the monitoring headphone AMP, but unfortunately I have heavy driver issues on my Main Win10 machine, even after a clean Win10 Installation… On the V it works fine…


Sounds about right. Same with me. A certain amount of vsts starts making the sound chop. But I can still produce, just not like I would be able to on my desktop. Anybody know of a more powerful laptop? I mean really powerful for music, 3d and video editing. What about the newer Microsoft stuff? I was checking out their site this morning


Have a check of Razer Blade 15?