EVE V with DAWs - any experiences?


Hello everybody,

I would ask you, if anybody has experiences in using EVE V with audio production softwares (DAWs) like Ableton, ProTools or Bitwig? Did the eve v has enough power to run the DAWs with low latency? Can I use the pen to edit the Software. e. g. with the Surface you can use Bitwig and you can do edits in the softwar very fast. Here an example video:

Is this posible?
Thanks a lot in advance!


A user did a test and the result for recording audio was decent.
I think it was ToiletSheep in this thread


I think this is the topic you’re looking for:

These tests showed that latency should not be an issue for audio work.

The pen will allow you to do the same things a mouse would. Any functionality beyond that (such as pressure sensitivity) would rely on support from the software manufacturer.3


ohh yeah! that is great! yesterday I orderd my own one :wink:
thanks for the reply!


Hey MLWork,

once you got yours and set up for working on sound, please tell us about your experiences.
I’m about to do more or less the same with it, maybe even record sound on (film) set.
Since there’s at least one more sound engineer (from us) amongst us EVE users I’m sure there’s interest in hearing about other’s experiences…

Thanx in advance,
Ollie from Berlin


I´m really looking forward to getting my eve, but I think I have to wait till february or march :tired_face: before I can test it
so you have to wait, too, until you get my experience
viele grüße aus Bamberg/Oberfranken


Yes, sure.
I’m waiting for a year now… (Limited Bird).


I’ll do some tests as well since I’m in the same field (Audio Designer). Will probably test Reaper, Ableton and Pro Tools when I get back from the holidays and when I get my LB V.

I reckon it’ll be more than enough power to run these DAWs. It’s the plugins that’ll consume more.