Eve V Wear and Review After ~7 Months


Really insightful review, I hope more people come back to give their long-term reviews on the device!


Thank you! I hope to see more too!


There were V’s delivered in November?


Yes, the first Eve backers.


I put a dbrand on mine immediately - black carbon on the back, white carbon the trackpad. Easy to fit and I just like the added protection. Nice feel to it too. So definitely recommended from me.

I’m mega careful with my devices but even then I know minor scuffs, marks can’t be avoided so always put dbrand, cases or screen protectors on when I can.


Agreed with everything, the material quality is top-notch. The chassis is significantly stiffer than my Yoga 720, considerably stiffer than SP3/SP4, on the same level as MBP, but the paint isn’t exactly spectacular. To be fair, my SP3 and SP4 also had the same problem, but they have similar paint color as the raw material of the chassis, so its not so apparent.

Keyboard was problematic, but I got a replacement from warranty. I can tell that the newer keyboard has been revised, at least in term of the key prints (less kerning, super apparent in the “oops!” text). If I had to complain about the touchpad, its the click thats super stiff. its stiffer than the second click (Force Touch) on the MBP! And the size of course, but thats to be expected


Its not the pen clip, its the pen body, deeper in the sleeve. if you gently put your finger on the pen through the sleeve as you insert the V, you can feel them rubbing against each other. there’s no way to avoid this.

the two spots on the leg plate is a mystery though. i have a skin on the V so i cant comment if my sleeve is causing friction in that area like yours is.


That sounds great, I’ll definitely invest in a skin then! :slight_smile:

That is very interesting. Hopefully Eve will allow separate keyboard purchases in the future so old backers can try the revised keyboard.

I’ve noticed scratching from both of those areas. Perhaps there will be a sleeve design revision soon enough.


I have exactly this with mine, soon as flat again, no problem. I thought it was to do with angle of touchpad, but you might be right about it being with no solid surface underneath.


Same with my keyboard.


I hadn’t noticed the loop for the pen in the magnetic sleeve until just before I read this thread. I just put the pen in the nook between the sleeve itself and the lid. It seems to hold it alright.


i also have those wanky pogo pins.
My delete button falls off on a daily basis(happened within one month of use, so March, and it’s not broken, cuz i can snap it back) and one or two of the connection pins has been wanky since May… I suspect that the magnetic snap is too strong when you connect the V with V keyboard, tearing it sideways.

Don’t think it’d be covered by warranty :smiley: ? But does the surface pro keyboard fit? If so, anyone knows if there’s a non- Alcantara option?


Did you contact support already?


I just did, couldn’t hurt asking…still traumatised by the v delivery experience though😅
But the crooked pin does sometimes cause connection issues.

I’m not too attached to the keyboard, secretly hoping there’d be a version without the fancy material.

Btw, is it normal to feel a bit of a buzz when using while it’s charging? I added a dbrand skin, hoping it’d help but meh, it was “electrifying” everytime I draw with v plugged in.


Thank you for this review! Your usage is similar to what I’m anticipating when I get my V, so your review is really helpful.

[Unofficial wiki] - maintained by boistordu - referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december

When was the delivery?

Perhaps you should see your family doctor, because such a trauma should not usually last more than a few hours or more. (Maybe get a DNA test, it could be hereditary or cultural)

Yes the buzzing is normal because the power plugs are not earthed and just lets you know that it’s plugged in and turned on as well as letting you know you’re still alive and well.

In fact I got a real buzz when I unpacked my V first the first time. (A different kind of buzz, of course)

And I still get that kind of Buzz every time I use it.
I just love my V!

BTW It’s a pity that you let the secret out about the Alcantara, and now it’s no longer a secret.


I’m glad to have helped! :slight_smile:


I hope you were joking


I’m staggered that you even had to ask or suggest such a question.


The dbrand skin is FRIGGIN-A and a must.

Blends in well with nature :joy: