Eve V vs. Surfacebook 2


Hi Guys!

I just want to do a quick comparison between the Surfacebook 2 and the EVE V.

I got the Surfacebook 2 now since 2 Weeks and Im loving it! On the other side the EVE V is still somewhere in Honkong and Im waiting for it.

My oppinion. The Surfacebook 2 is Wayyy better! Just because I allready got it and I don`t have to wait for it about 6 Months.

I`m getting excited when the EVE will be in my mailbox! Never was so excited to send a pice of Tech back to the manufacture.


Love this post :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Comparing apples to oranges?


This is like comparison of Porsche 911 and VW Beetle … :rofl:


Hopefully, others don’t have to deal with the return shipping process. Time will tell if that holds merit and is any less painful that the delivery schedule to this point.


I agree about apples and oranges.
I ordered the V mainly for the detachable screen… the SB does not have that.
The Surface Pro yes.
I purchased the Dell XPS 15" 2 in 1 - not detachable screen - and I love it, too, BUT it won’t replace the little V for outside random painting…
I hope I will get it some day…

[I bought a SP4 Jan '17 when thinking about backing the V. I came back to the Eve page time and again and then decided to order one b/c of many characteristics the SP4 does not have.]


The Surface Book 2 has a detachable screen. The Surface Laptop does not.


This is just a complete useless thread which should be closed as soon as possible. The title is misleading for interested people. Just to compare two devices over their availability is stupid. Check the V and its price against the SBook when you get it and renew this topic again, please…


lets make the comparison useful.

What is it about the Surface Book 2 that you like?

I ask seriously because I’m disappointed in my EVE and might just replace it with a Surface Book 2.



Looks like a detachable screen to me :wink:


So its just a difference of a big wing on the back *grabs popcorn


Everyone saying how he’s comparing two different things but it’s clearly just his preference . I agree it’s two different things but some might prefer the v and some might prefer the SB 2 . And it seems that he likes the Surface book2 more.


Even I would prefer the surface book more. But I would not prefer spending the money it costs to buy one.
Two different audiences. No winner.


didnt know that :slight_smile: Whats then the difference to the SP??


Can be equipped with dedicated GPU in the keyboard. More like a laptop when attached.


The tablet part works separated from the keyboard for 2-3 hours (battery-life) and without graphic card power (which is inside the keyboard part). It’s nice but mostly a Laptop with some tablet functions. SP is a Tablet with some laptop functions like the V…


Agreed, its a matter of tablet-first or laptop-first


I bought the surface pro 2017 a month ago and it’s a tablet with a separat keyboard that can be installed. the lapability is better with the surface book or a traditional laptop.
I am also waiting for the V I ordered back in December to send it back. The surface pro is a nice device. I know, no USB C, egpu, pen and keyboard sold separately.
I have a two and a half years old high end gaming pc and use the surface for movies on the go and on my couch while watching movies on the television.

So, I can understand the way @Janis_Fasser compared the sb2 and the V.


isn’t a SP2017 or a V a bit too much for surfing and movies?..#firstworldproblems…


Yes it is to much. but with the Surface pro (originally the V) there is enough power to do more when nessecary. I used a chromebook bevor and it was a nice device but to many things didn’t work.

So the V or the SP 2017 is really nice