Eve V vs SP4 vs SP5 vs MacBook Pro 13 2017 Screen Comparison


The resolution has no impact on this. You shouldn’t be looking at pixel count, you should be looking at pixel density. 4K on 40" is not the same as 4K on 15". In fact, 720p on 5" is almost 3 times sharper than 4K on 40". You should also take into account the viewing distance.


hi iKirin
youtube does offer 4k60fps, 8k even, i was looking at samples of a mod for the galaxy S8 camera

thanks canonlp, it’s good to have an educated estimate, even though i rarely watch above 1080p


Wow, that’s some screen porn! Now I get why it was marked 21+!!!


TWO 4k videos at the same time is fine. (Not 60fps btw)


Hey, thanks a bunch for verifying!
I’m jelly you have your hands on a V right now :drooling_face:
now that you mention it, I wonder, how does it handle 2 4k60fps…?


I hope so but I don’t own it…:pensive:
It is tested in the meetup few weeks ago.
So 60fps is still an unknown at the moment…


I’ll test that once i get mine, if nobody does it first


It’s a display comparison- What about other details like:

  1. Is the Surface stylus compatible? It used to be prior to the LCD change, if I recall correctly
  2. Is there noticeable latency when the stylus is being used?
  3. What about comparing viewing angles with the others in the pictures?
  4. Is there any noticeable display gaps between the glass & the pixels? That’s noticeable when a stylus is being used because the greater the gap, the more space it has between what’s being written/sketched/diagrammed etc

More than pics make or break a display… jus’ sayin’


The stylus compatibility and lag are independent from the display. It’s the digitizer that dictates whether the pen is compatible and the chip used to process the information from the screen that determines the lag.

These haven’t changed. It is (theoretically) possible the new screen could create electro-magnetic interference that affected the stylus, but this would not result in lag but instead ghost touches or just a failure to detect.

The gap between the screen and digitizer has not changed because the bonding process is independent from the screen technology.

The screen uses an improved IZGO technology, but is still based on IPS, so the viewing angles should also remain unchanged.


To directly answer your questions (and add to the great answer of @Kirk):

  1. Yep, it’s still compatible.
  2. No, the latency is still the same as with the SP4 - it feels smooth as hell in my opinion :slight_smile:
  3. Viewing angles should be the same as with the old display - aka. you’ll have a great picture until you physically can barely see it anymore anyways :wink:
  4. Again, as @Kirk said, no difference here as well. We went with a ‘Zero-Air-Gap’ for the best possible colours & accuracy of the pen/touch.


Hopefully no colour distortion as the viewing angle changes? Majorly disappointed with the pixel 2 xl screen that has this!

Look forward to seeing / reading the reviews!


Is the eve screen 4k? Just saw your talking about it being able to handle 4k videos, I just didn’t know if it’s screen is actually 4k or not


It is not. The resolution is 2880x1920 (not 100% sure on the first number)


Thanks, yeah I didn’t think it was lol screen sure is clear though, that’s good enough for me =^)


WOW !! Only amazing