Eve V vs SP4 vs SP5 vs MacBook Pro 13 2017 Screen Comparison


well i can see the difference, but it’s not a big one.
e.g The second comparison, on the right side of the pic, the mountain has more details on the MacBook pro, that also goes for the rest of that picture.


True: A phone is not necessary the most scientific way to compare screens (altough it gives some indication).

True: KK saw them live and was impressed. A strong indication.

For the rest: just wait and see. :roll_eyes::hugs::star_struck:


Though to be fair, he is the CEO of the company selling the product haha :joy:


Details, details. He saw it and thought it was good and soon we’ll see them and be able to judge for ourselves. Overall though, based upon his attitude and how he runs Eve, I wouldn’t doubt that he’s giving us his truly honest opinion on the matter.


He’s usually been pretty good giving his honest opinion. I like Konsta!



Verzonden vanaf mijn Windows 10-telefoon


Omg, I just found the quick translation option!

I like and trust KK as well guys! Top bloke

If anything I’m pulling your leg @AML for your logic :wink:


Well, that’s what I said too:

But that’s really the only thing you can really tell from the photos. Colors appear more vivid, but that’s a side effect of the screen being brighter. Everything else you see is placebo, because you see it on your own screen.

If a review only includes pictures of the screen, then yes it’s absolutely useless. Lucky for us, most reviews include actual measurements.


It was in a electronics store in Helsinki. Hope we have enough budget to buy that beauty after sales start…


It’s also related to the camera itself, the central area always get better quality then the edge


Verkkokauppa.com I guess…


Also, lucky for us, Eve has provided the actual specs which have been measured from the manufacturers of the individual components (or from Emdoor). They’re just scattered around the place :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm I understand that my own screen is different from yours and thus we really can’t judge color accuracy. I mean, I run Flux which changes my color temperature for night time use, so definitely not definitive of color accuracy of the devices shown in the pictures.

I don’t agree with the placebo part though. Yes, I see it on my own differently calibrated screen, but like I said, it’s a single comparison between the devices in the picture. It’s not like I’m comparing 3 devices with 3 different pictures set with 3 different color temperatures, etc. Heck, If I set my monitor to green, I can still tell apart the differences in each device because that single photo is changing as a whole (maybe not colors, but you will still see difference). I have a triple monitor setup at work too, all 3 have different color temperatures (I know, it annoys me too), but I can tell apart difference from that picture in that particular monitor. That’s the point I’m trying to make here, that you can see difference regardless of what medium/screen you’re on.

I can tell color temperature is warmer with the V than say the SP5. The SP4 looks like it’s blue heavy. Now is it color accurate, I can’t say.


The only thing I can say:


Should have taken a picture with a Lumia 1020 :stuck_out_tongue: much more details :wink: Can’t wait for the store to open so I can get one already!


That was my point. You don’t get the full picture. So don’t go around screaming how good V is, because you really have no idea. Not saying it’s bad, but just see for yourself before judging.


i’m going off topic here,
anyone knows if V will do 4k60fps youtube?
i have a G4400 that stutters doing that right now ._.
(not an internet bandwidth problem)


I’m pretty sure it will. Kaby lakes are hardware accelerated for x265/hevc and vp9 (which is what Youtube uses). So it should play smoothly.


Hiya @hiddenflaw!

When I was testing the V out quite a while back there were no problems with 4K youtube content - I can’t recall if it was 4k60 however. I don’t think YT even offers 4k at 60 fps to be honest but I might be mistaken :slight_smile:


I wonder when our eyes can’t detect anymore the improvement. The point when we don’t see resolution-difference anymore. Maybe 32K (or something) will look very similar compared to lover resolutions, too similar…