Eve V vs SP4 vs SP5 vs MacBook Pro 13 2017 Screen Comparison


Nice, hurry up team I can’t wait to hold it in my hands!


… Watching animes will never be the same


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Well now I’m just more frustrated than ever !!! I can’t wait any longer… please…


I’d want to say ‘Reading Manga as well’ but that might be a bit of a… monotonous thing.

In all honesty, I did not think the difference would be THIS visible, just between the SP3 and SP4 there was a good gap in terms of the screen - seeing those comparisons is just insane.

Can’t wait as well as everyone else to get my hands on a V with the new screen :smiley:


I downloaded all 25 screen pictures and plan to look at them pretty much everyday until I my V… So yeah you’re pretty much right


Aah, you mean like /r/serverporn? Yeah, I can agree with you. This definitely would make sense to go into something like /r/evevporn. xD


ah some new pics are up! liking the anti glare coating vs the SP5!



Patience, I just need patience … :persevere:


Hey guys, guess who likes the new screens!?


Looking at the pictures of Macbook Pro vs Eve V comparison, I feel Eve V is brigher on the left side but darker on the right side than the Macbook Pro.


Holy sh…, is that a surface studio in the background? :astonished: who owns that beauty?


Looks like they went into a store for the comparison. There are also price labels in some pictures.


if you look closely at most of those pictures, the image itself is somewhat dark on the left, bright on the right (look at the sky gradients)

So the fact that the V is darker on the left and brighter on the right, to me, tells me the V has more contrast. (the MBP flattens the image a bit)

the dark parts seem darker and the bright parts seem brighter.


The colors really “POP” on the V that has been calibrated!!

The screen on either V looks superb compared to the other examples. The pictures are so crisp and vivid!

Edit: Also, @Konstantinos, can you put it next to an iPad Pro for a comparison?
That’s a comparison that I’m sure many people would want to see, now or in the future. I only ask because many people own one and use that as a baseline today, it seems.


That was the lamest but sadly the correct answer as it seems :sleepy:


Yes we did go to a store. Little university project you know :smiley:


You know, apart from telling that the V is brighter, these pictures are a bit useless… We watch them on our own screens, and even if they’re perfectly calibrated and the camera is really good, they still add a huge bias. It’s like shopping for headphones by listening to recordings made by putting a microphone next to each headphone. I mean, sure, the recordings will be different, but that’s not how it works. You might like the recording of headphone A better than the recording of headphone B, but when you try them in real life, headphone A might turn out to be garbage. But I digress…

Anyway, I really can’t see the difference in those plain color/gradient photos. You were probably testing how each tablet reproduces each color, and that’s good, but what I see on my screen is actually how my phone’s screen reproduces each color.


Ok - at least it is a starter for us.

And if we can reproduce it in front of us even better


I think you totally missed the mark here. While I agree that a color test is kinda useless given that our own screens can have wildly different colors, it’s not a comparison between the V and the screen you’re currently looking at. It’s a comparison between those devices in the picture. The picture that captured the colors, brightness etc of the devices in one single frame. Thus giving us a point of reference, even if the color reproduction of the camera is off.

And I don’t see how these pictures are useless. You can clearly tell the V is brighter than the SP4, and slightly brighter than the SP5. Colors are more vivid than the SP4. Macbook is really indistinguishable.

I mean, this is what any online review is like. Are you saying any online review is useless? Because it’s made up of pictures that may be wildly inaccurate on your own screen? I mean, most of us would rather have all the devices at hand to be able to compare in person, but that is not always the reality here.