Eve V vs SP4 vs SP5 vs MacBook Pro 13 2017 Screen Comparison


Hello Community!

You have always asked us to compare V Sharp screen with other products on the market. This time we got a really good camera and compared V’s screen to some of the industry flagships. Results were shocking to us!:scream_cat:

You will see why!

I’ll stop talking. See the comparison yourself!

All of the devices had brightess set to 100%

Surface Pro 4(left) vs. Eve V(middle) vs. Surface Pro 5(right) - V UNCALIBRATED

Click me to see the comparison

Surface Pro 4(left) vs. Eve V(middle) vs. Surface Pro 5(right) - V CALIBRATED sRGB

Click me to see the comparison

Eve V(left) vs. Surface Pro 2017(right) - V CALIBRATED sRGB

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Uploading.CAL… UV ploading…

Macbook Pro 13 2017 vs. Eve V - CALIBRATED sRGB

Click me to see the comparison

We were shocked to see how big the difference in real life is. Also V’s screen is substantially brighter than that of Surface Pro 4 and brighter than Surface Pro 2017. We can’t wait to ship these awesome V’s to you!

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Really impressive! I’m looking forward to getting my hands on mine so much!

Just for clarification: was every device set to max brightness? I’m guessing yes, but you didn’t say :wink:


Yes all of them were maxed out. Let me add it to the post:slight_smile:


Very nice, thank you!
Can you maybe add one of the uncalibrated pictures over one of the calibrated ones to compare before/after-stylez? :grin:


Even although photos of screens are not the best way to compare, it seems to be pretty good and accurate!! :heart_eyes:

So excited to get my V in hands :smiley:


This looks better than I ever imagined it. :heart_eyes:

  • The Surface 4 Pro looks dull and like old technology from the past although it’s still one of the best screens out there!
  • Only the 2017 Macbook Pro can compete and this was by far the best screen of all devices out there.
  • Color-wise the V looks even better than the newest Macbook Pro. Can be seen in some areas of the lake-image.

Would be funny to see a cheap Lenovo or Acer next to the V. The V crushes everything.

Can I give all my 50 likes from today to that post? :yum:


I keep almost ordering a different tablet, and then you guys post things like this and now I have to wait some more :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m really impressedby the brigthness of the V. It’s evan better than the surface pro 5. For me, I find that the color and also the imagr are better than the other devices. I’m looking foward to receive my V with some much pleasure.


Warms my eye
Warms my heart
Warms my mind
Feels alright !


Every time I see a MacBook screen I can’t help being impressed with the colours.
It’s just hypnotizing to look at, because everything seems so perfect.
Seeing this screen comparison now, I am so excited for the V!!
No matter how long to wait, I’ll wait.

Thank you guys for keeping up the good work and especially thank you that you still aim for perfection, no matter the time and hard work it takes.


The screen looks awesome! Can’t wait to be able to purchase my V on the webstore. Out of curiosity, why was this thread marked as 21+ Only?


Impressive! Truly impressive!
Seeing the pictures, I’m almost tempted to say “thank god the initial supplier did engage in the not shipping on time game” :slight_smile:


Impressive finally I can see device compete with Macbook pro display !



Really impressive


Just out of curiousity: Do you have a device to measure the screen brightness of the different screens? Would be interesting.


I have never felt more pumped to receive a device!!!


Great work, thanks for the effort.


I’m guessing it was a joke, since these pictures are basically porn :smirk:


the only difference btw V and the macbook pro is the contrast i think, of which the v has a bit more.


Truly amazing! This screen looks great. But why were you so shocked @Konstantinos? You’ve been telling us how amazing these screens are for weeks :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: