Eve V vs. Competition!


Me Too!

We want these for colleagues at our office!

We are waiting to see the quality and performance of our Eve V i7.

Onwards and upwards!!


You mean Eve V i7 :wink:
Eve is rhe manufacturer.
V is the tablet :wink:


What else do they manufacture with an i7?

I presumed people here would understand.
Sorry for my presumption.

BTW I think you mean, Eve is the manufacturer.


Thanks for correcting the typo, I posted this from my smartphone and the touch keyboard likes to play tricks :wink:
My point is not about understanding. My point is that this is official Eve forum and we should protect the Eve brand. New people who come to this forum should know that Eve is an actual manufacturer who will make many different products in the future. If people get used to using it as a replacement for the actual product name, we will have many problems in the future when more products are released.


I call it an Eve in the real world. V on its own makes no sense and I get super lispy trying to say “Eve v”. Quite a few people have called it Eve in the same way you have. It’s like saying hoover.

I feel when a name needs to be constantly reminded to customers that it didn’t work very well, because they’ve naturally adopted something else over it.


No it’s not the same. Imagine going to Samsung forum and saying “my Samsung doesn’t turn on”. Come on, people would laugh at you. Because Samsung makes many different products just like Eve. The only difference being, Eve is still in the beginning of their journey.

In this case, it’s a few people constantly confusing others by saying the wrong name. New people come to the forum and see Eve everywhere, so they assume it’s the product name. This should NOT be happening, especially in an official forum.


There is many Samsung devices and currently only 1 Eve device (which is discontinued). The 2nd being in manufacturing. It’s not the same as Samsung, it’s quite similar to hoover.

It’s really not confusing…

Each to their own. I have no intention of starting an argument with you on this, but @masters is right, we did know what he was talking about.


You made a good point there. I hope their new design partner can fix this for us :wink:
I understand the difference between could and should very well, and “should” is exactly what I wanted to use. The brand name should not be confused with the product name.


Im going to step out. If this isn’t an example of destroying a customer base (as i said above) i don’t know what is. Whereas there has been no damage to Eve as a company (besides bad taste left in the mouths of some future users, because of communication with other users) I really don’t know how to better articulate this point beyond what’s been demonstrated and said.


“I think this has unnecessarily been built into a mountain out of a mole hill!”

An extremly well description of the actual situation. I can’t see the mole hole called " eve v vs competition" anymore.
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I really want to see the Eve compared with the Transformer 3 or Miix 720, but it’s odd: supposedly the latter two have been released and are available, but I can’t find any reviews–at least not in English.

Despite delays with the Eve, I have a feeling they’re going to manage to release it ahead of the competition!


Price cut on last year huawei’s Matebook:
$399.00 (was $699.00) save $300.00


I also really would like to see the V against the transformer 3 pro. Because of having nearly the same hardware it would be very interesting how V performs against it.


Can someone iterate what the advantages of having a folio keyboard vs a hard surface keyboard would be? Is it just the weight and cost? I kind of feel that a hard surface laptop style keyboard like used in most 2 in 1’s feels more comfortable and also balances out the weight of the tablet screen better…


Basically, it adds weight. Instead of having just one aluminium chassis for the screen, you would also need an aluminium chassis for the keyboard. If you want to properly balance the weight, you will also need to put some components in the keyboard… Well, in the end it’s just impossible to make it as thin and light as it is now. But I agree that a 360 degree hinge is more comfortable, I would have preferred that form fact myself :slight_smile:


Given the delayed release date of the V (quality first, totally fair) and my laptop’s faster than expected rush to the grave, I actually ended up grabbing a Chuwi Hi12 both as a tweener machine to get me to the actual Eve release/availability, and as a way to test out how I’d really use a 2-in-1 in day to day situations. I got the unit w/ a glass screen protector, hard keyboard attachment, magnetic cover (iPad style) and stylus. Having now had it about a week, I can say that had it been an option, I would definitely have gone with a folio keyboard. As it stands now, I have to pop the thing out of it’s cover (annoying) if I want to plug it into the keyboard, which I’ve found hasn’t been often. With the caveat that this is NOT my primary work machine (I do that on my desktop), having the case/keyboard be one thing would be a huge advantage if like me your plan is more of the “a few e-mails and some Googling’” variety. As it stands I’m probably just going to get a cheap bluetooth keyboard to carry in my bag for the occasions where I need to sit down and do some actual office work. You’re right in that the heavier base does let you do stuff like sit it on your legs, but for me at least if I’m using it on the couch or what have you I’m not typing, which why I’m way more interested in the V being tablet with laptop functionality rather than a laptop with a detachable screen.

Also on my 2-in-1 discovery tour: I don’t use the stylus much (which is good, because it’s a runner), 12 inches doesn’t sound very big until you’re holding it in your hands (hey-yo!) and thank goodness for full size ports because between my charger, charging cable, spare charging cable and mini-HDMI to HDMI adapter the accessories bag is already filling up quick.


What do you guys think about the Dell XPS 13 2in1?
Is it worthy to be considered a competitor to the V?


It seems that @Mike was right and microsoft will not release the surface pro 5 in April; at least regarding this article:

I think the surface pro 5 would have been the most interesting competitor of our V - so we will have to wait till the biggest competitior is on the market with an updated product.


Specs wise it looks solid. When I tried it in store I didn’t feel like it was quite there :smiley: I liked non 2 in 1 version way more. Especially frustrating was dim screen it had


Yeah, the automatic adapting brightness seems to be quite annoying, especially since apparently you can’t turn that “feature” off…