Eve V vs. Competition!


I don’t think, that this review is correct because this tablet is not available yet.
At the same time, the model of 2016 wasn’t great.


yrb, didn’t check the timestamps


The Samsung Book has Wacom’s newest tech in pen, which allows better corner support than older Wacom tech and gives it tilt sensitivity.

If it had a true kickstand and at least one UBA-A port, it would beat the Eve V for me. Right now it is a toss up till prototype info on pen sensitivity in slow drawing.


The main problem I see is, that the regular price, which is expected for the V after the campaign, could no longer be holded. Even now it is very close to special offers of the last days of the surface pro. If you calculate the shipping costs to germany I would rather go for a surface in nowerdays.


I get your point, I am also interested to see the final prices for the Eve V.
The Surface Pro 4 at least for me is of no use, because it misses out on the most important connection for the next few years - USB-C / Thunderbolt 3. Comparable specs, especially when it comes to the 512GB SSD , are still more expensive with the Surface.
And the Surface Pro 5 , that will hopefully feature USB-C will probably be a lot more expensive than the 4.


You must have VERY good offers in Germany.

Currently, in Italy, the “Amazon price” of Surface Pro 4 are (lets not even look at official prices in the MS store, of course, they are lunar):

  • 6th gen m3 / 4Gb RAM / 128Gb Surface Pro 4 : 799 Euros, without keyboard (+€111 regular /+€164 Alcantara, Amazon price)
    € 910/1074 (you are getting less RAM than the comparable Eve V m3 model, which doesn’t exist) [by the way EveV m3 model FTW :smiling_imp:]
  • 6th gen i5 / 8 Gb / 256Gb Surface Pro 4 : 1171 Euros, without keyboard (+111 Euros regular /+164 Alcantara, Amazon price)
    € 1282/1335

  • 6th Gen i7 / 16Gb /512Gb Surface Pro 4 (hold tight): 2276 Euros without keyboard (+111 Euros regular /+164 Alcantara, Amazon price)
    € 2387/2440


@larseisberg has already pointed to one important hardware spec difference; there are a few others, but I’ll leave them there. My point was solely on price: for someone buying in Italy, as of today, Eve V is still cheaper (base and middle model) and way cheaper (i7 model) than the comparable Surface Pro 4 models.

Seriously, though, I get your point: regular price will be higher. Let’s see how the full prices of the V will be. Personally, at current foreseeable prices, I don’t see any match pricewise with the Surface Pro 4, but that is my opinion. And IF Surface Pro 5 is really that imminent (cough… I remember @Konstantinos expressing some doubts on this… cough) then we might get really huge discounts on the Pro 4. As I see it, the current special offers by MS are more like adjusting-the-price-because-we-are-not-the-only-2in1-device-on-the-market-anymore …



OMG a new surface book competitor with a tremendous price :sweat_smile:

UPDATE: Eve V status

And it also looks less exiting than the SurfaceBook in my opinion :smile:


Have you seen the name? Book One - we did good naming the V Vs… :slight_smile:


I like Thunderbolt 3 port in the “Tablet” part - that’s what I’m missing in my Surface Book.


Of course on the sheet it seems a good product. 70Wh of battery, good screen, good variety of ports, a no-gap hinge. It lacks an eGPU and for that price I would expect one.


@ Fabio_CF - I don’t like that Porsche, just missing some things at my Surface Book - Thunerbolt 2/3 instead of that stupid Microsoft connector on “Tablet” part and SD card on “tablet” part.


There was an offer last week for the i5 128/4 surface pro for 785 around here. As I said, I’ve paid a little less for the m3 with all the fees. Of course you just got the 6th generation of the I5 but I’m sure, that this one is faster than the m3 of the 7th generation. The thing I want to say is not that I do not know about all the good things of the V. I want to say it will be very very hard to establish the V with higher prices as the ones of the campagn, because there will be another two months untill it will regulary be sold in the Eve Shop.


That is actually a fairer price than the offer on the same model here, that is 899 last week (and is ongoing). Sure, you have -3% VAT-DE compared to VAT-IT, but this does not explain a 14% difference in price: as I suspected, you definitely have better deals on SP4 in Germany than where I live… Good for you! :slight_smile:
However, does that offer include the SP4 keyboard? Here it doesn’t! So I would have to add € 111 for the regular one, or 164 for the Alcantara version (the one Eve-V will come with). That would bring that offer to around € 935, at your price, or around €1050 at IT price.
In Europe, the Eve-V m3 with an ISO-variant keyboard included, should have cost around 839-847 Euros (hyper early - early bird prices), including all shipping costs and taxes, correct me if I am wrong. I don’t want to contradict your math, but I genuinely fail to see a price match…

Shifting to the hardware components comparison you made, it’s a little bit tricky to campare this specific SP4 variant to the Eve-V… With the core i5-u/6gen you get the ability to hold bursts for longer, no significant variation in bursts clock speed and a… fan to cool it down should you effectively use that extra power (however, in all fairness I read somewhere that the SP4 i5 it’s less prone to activate the fan compared to the i7 SP4 models). The m3/7gen should grant a little more power efficiency when in idle (6th vs 7th gen).
You also get only 4Gb of RAM instead of 8Gb, which alone makes it quite unpleasant to me: RAM is cheaper than a SDD space increase and even cheaper than a processor step up, so in 2017 I feel like being tricked when a vendor is offering me to buy a 900+ Euros computer with 4Gb of RAM.
To me, honestly, this is not a clear win. Personally, given the choice between the two, even if the Surface did not cost 90 (DE) - 210 (IT) Euros more as it actually does, I would still choose the Eve-v m3. I will acknowledge that I might be slightly biased, though :stuck_out_tongue: ! I would understand if someone made the opposite choice based on its preference, anyway; a little less so with the IT price difference…

Finally, as I said, I really see your point. If Eve prices will go much higher after campaign, the second most important advantage of the Eve-V (which is price competitiveness) will fail or be washed-out. However, I do not have info on these “higher prices” and honestly I don’t think the Team themselves have fixed those post-campaign numbers as of today! It seems a little premature to worry about this now, but your point is true without a doubt! All in all, I maintain a fair optimism on this issue, because Eve track record on prices has been nothing less than excellent, until now.
To me, right now the most worrisome issue for Eve is the last one you mention: the timing they will be able to make a fully tested and flawless V available to the public. The earlier the better, because the market will be flooded by competition this year and they will have to find buyers mostly outside their community (which as you guess, it’s their first and quite unique strength :wink: ).


The offer was with the Keyboard.
By the way: If I calculate the shipping fee and the customs, I’d payed 793 Euro for my Hyper Early bird deal for the m3. So I finally payed more than the offer I metioned which is only 785 altogether. The price of the V itself always looks very interesting, but not every one’s a finnish citizen :wink:
I would never give back my V, yet. But EVE has to have the Prices of the Surface in mind, because, If they want to have a Surface Killer, the Price of it, is the most famous thing the customers look at.


And almost no one has deals on SP4 like Germany citizens! :wink:


But if you’re in the EU you can usually get that deal by paying some extra for shipping. The EU is a big market :wink: I agree that Eve should be careful about increasing the price, but I trust they’ll do all the necessary market research before doing so.


Agreed on principle, however there are some shortcomings in doing so (I mean, other than shipping fees): for example, the keyboard included in that SP4 offer would be solely an ISO-DE (far from ideal in most other EU countries) and to claim your warranty rights you would have to deal with another country customer care or, worst case scenario, ship back the product to another country.
Partially related to this, it is not uncommon on Amazon-IT to find 1 star reviews of tech-products, and laptops in particular, of people complaining they were shipped a German/France country-variant unit, and there is always someone asking if the device descripted is really the IT variant… That Tech products are cheaper in Germany then in Italy is a well known fact… Of course, if one is ok with the drawbacks or even better, if he/she does not consider these matters as drawbacks, all the better for them! :slight_smile:

As I said, I agree completely on this idea! Price was and is a HUGE factor for the early success of Eve adventure. Hypothetically, if they increased the price of the V significantly, I would probably not consider buying another unit or even recommending it over other products to other people. However, I questioned if this kind of hypothesis is anything more than that at the moment… As you know very well and I said, until now Eve has shown a GREAT deal of care on price. It would surprise me quite a lot if they suddenly change their minds and start asking the same kind of money other companies ask. A small increase in price instead, would not change substantially their appeal… (After all, IGG backers paid and risked their money in advance, whereas future buyers will be shipped the final and tested product immediately)
Maybe for next Black Friday / Christmas season Eve will offer a special deal on one of its model as well (see what I am doing here? hypothesis), then that specific V could be even a better deal compared to the SP4 (or SP5, if available at the time).
My point is, lets compare current oranges to current oranges (no apples :stuck_out_tongue: for you @pauliunas )… Right now, to my limited knowledge, in Europe V prices are matched on the lower SP4 models only on country specific and limited offers like the one mentioned by @thedrawer, while regular prices are more expensive (I am not talking of MS store prices, those are always higher; I posted current Italian Amazon prices here). On the top model (i7), to put it plain and simple, as of today there is NO MATCH ON PRICES between Eve-V and SP4.

I can only note that shipping fees probably “hurt” slightly more the Eve-m3 compared to the Eve-i7 on their total asking price: they are equal for all the models for the sake of simplicity, but considering EU, fees are about 14.5% of total asking price for the m3, and 7.8% for the i7… I know the “real shipping” cost is the same regardless of the SKU, still ideally they should be somewhat staggered in proportion to the product price, since a part of them “hides” the VAT taxation inside.


Hehe, speaking of shipping prices, I’m not sure how they’ll manage to pay my $200 VAT from that $120 I paid for shipping and still have something left for the shipping itself :smile: Is this quantum physics?


I really like the Porsche Book One. The hinge concept along with port placement are both hard to ignore. I hope Eve makes another high performance 2 in 1 to take on the Surface Book and Book One with a U class processor. I think next time around I’ll opt for something like that with a hard surface keyboard instead of the folio one.