Eve V vs. Competition!


Totally agree. Skylake Core M processors have very different performance on different cooling system. Like SP4 Core M3 version can beat most Core M7 with bad fanless configuration, even in some conditions the performance behaviors better than some I5 U-series CPU. I hope EVE V has strong fanless solution as good as SP4’s.


Those are only manufacturer specs, so real-life measurements will be below that. The specs are the same as the SP4 screen, so real-life results will probably be similar. Also note that Adobe RGB and sRGB are not the same:


I second the request for some actual real-life performance numbers. But we also need benchmarks to have a proper objective comparison.


Maybe the resolution is higher, but the brightness is much lower!

But the resolution of Eve V is more than enough considering its size, so I think higher resolutions are just bullshit bingo for the uninformed buyer, while a higher brightness is actually very useful when you want to use it outside.


To be frank, I’m satisfied with any resolution above 1080p for a screen smaller than 24"


1080p is fine for a 20" desktop monitor and just perfect for a 12" tablet. And definitely an overkill for a 5" phone…


Yes :slight_smile:, and the only reason I want 1080p on my phone is that I can watch full HD movies without down scaling…

But the fact is I watch more 720p than 1080p on mobile, be it phone or tablet.
So at the end of the day an 1080p screen is just for safeguarding :no_mouth:.

That’s why I don’t really need anything higher resolution than 1080p on my mobile devices.

I have my larger desktop monitor to handle that :joy:


Do you really enjoy watching movies on those small screens? :confused: I only watch them on a TV, lol… rhe only way to get an enjoyable experience.


Not at all, maybe a little bit on my 10" iPad, but not on my 5" phone.
It’s just that we have long commutes to work where I live (like an hour).

Got to find stuff to do sometimes, and watching movies, clips, etc. is one choice :wink:.


I also totally agree that anything over 1080p is overkill in a mobile device - be it notebook or phone. On my desktop I don’t mind having a higher resolution, even at a “small” 20" or something monitor :wink:


I think a higher resolution on a phone comes into play with virtual reality (at least that’s what I could imagine). I agree that 1080p is completely fine if even too much for a regular use of a phone, but when I put the phone in my VR headset I can identify pixels (might be that it is app dependent though).
The question for me is: will VR really be a thing (just because the tech biggies state that it will)?


I think it will be but a phone screen is not good for it in my book as I don’t think we can even hit a refresh rate of 90 Hz with a normal phone screen.
I tried the HTC Vive very intensively with playing literally hours without any motion sickness but when trying the Gear VR I could not stand the demo when just looking around. But I think for non-interactive experiences like watching a movie phone VR makes sense (and the higher resolution display it needs )

And to your quest if VR will be a thing we can make a discussion on that :slight_smile:


Well, 60Hz is more than enough for me. 30fps is enough in games… except when it comes to lag spikes. Maybe VR does need some more, but 60fps should be enough IMO.


Do someone know, when the microsoft event at mwc will take place?
I can’t find anything about date and time at the mwc homepage…

Do you think the new Surface will be release?


Nope, don’t think the Surface will be released at the MWC. I think Microsoft will have their own event like before. When? I’m guessing March, but that’s just based on rumors. The CPU they need is released and it’s a while since the SP4, so should be around the corner.

I’m impressed with the Samsung Galaxy Book! They say the keyboard is amazing, which is really really hard to do right on those devices. I only see two massive flaws with it: No kickstand and no USB port. That’s what you get when you don’t have a committed community to give you feedback and keep the developers on track :grin:


In my opinion the samsung galaxy book looks really good.
Another point is, that is has more power than the V. (i5-u)
The pen uses wacom technology with over 4000 pressure levels

But no USB-A port is a no go…
If it would have 16 GB RAM and one USB-A port I would have bought it.


It will be interesting to see how long the battery will last during tests. It’s a nice and slim device with the i5u as you point out, but that got to have it’s drawbacks.

Yeah the pen looks good too. Smart of them to make it a bit thicker then before. I’m glad the “V” also got a pen without the need of a battery to power it.


As for me, updated Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Tablet is also very impressive:

  • up to Core i7 7Y75 processor;
  • up to 16 GB LPDDR3;
  • up to 1 TB SSD OPAL2 PCIe-NVMe M.2;
  • up to 15 hours of Battery life (with Productivity Module);
  • USB-C (PD), USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort, microSD, NanoSIM;
  • WWAN, WiGig;
  • 767/1070g weight without/with KB;
  • 8.45/13.85mm without/with KB


Specs are great, but that device is ugly. And the kickstand / way the keyboard is attached looks flimsy to me.


Take a look at the review it got, doesn’t seem to be all shiny.