Eve V vs. Competition!


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Hi @yeah_mike!

The miix 720 is not even officially announced so it’d be basically comparing against a shadow - I mean the miix 710 they announced in summer is not even available at this point (to my knowledge) so we’ll likely have to wait for the Miix 720


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Small nitpick regarding the spec list on this page. USB 3.0 is USB 3.1 Gen 1 and vice versa. With USB 3.1 spec, they just named the USB 3.0 compatible signaling as USB 3.1 Gen 1. So effectively, they are the same thing. Everything marketed as USB 3.0 in the past could be marketed as USB 3.1 Gen 1 now. USB 3.1 Gen 2 is the “true” USB 3.1 with faster transfer speed. So in the graphics on this page it would be more fair to list the competitors USB ports also as USB 3.1 Gen 1 - The Eve’s USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports are no better than the competitor’s USB 3.0 port. Yes, standards bodies can be complicated.


HI @tjormola!

Yes, you’re 100% right 3.1 G1 is the same as 3.0.
However the USB foundation in their guidelines notes that they’re synonymous.

NOTE: USB 3.1 Gen 1 and USB 3.0 terms are synonymous”

[See their Language Usage Guidelines here] (http://www.usb.org/developers/ssusb/USB_3_1_Language_Product_and_Packaging_Guidelines_FINAL.pdf)

We just chose to go with the 3.1 Gen 1 naming.


To have a better comparison vs. the competition, here is a table with the results from detailed reviews of 15 competing devices, courtesy of Notebookcheck.com:

Original German Link:

Translated to english:



Now it starts…

I got the best combination of the PF on Indiegogo (and I’m even thinking about buying another version for the family), but thoughts start to haunt me if it was the best decision… and I probably need you guys to tell me that it was :wink:

I currently own a 13 inch Asus ultrabook, just repaired it after the SSD failed. Still I believe the PF will be an update to it (especially display wise, even though I’m a bit torn on the glare).
But is it also the better deal compared to the Asus Zenbook 3 i7/16GB/512GB?


Just a quick look, ours has better resolution, 2736x1824 compared to theirs 1920x1080 (FHD) not sure how 72% ntsc holds out against 102% rgb… We have 1:1400 contrast, them 1:1000
We have 48 wh battery, them 40
Not sure about their ports, they mention the need for dongles and docks, we have TB3 plus their usb-c and much more
Looks like the competition is starting to notice us though with them matching our quad speaker and multiple microphones, fingerprint reader but IMHO we beat their display with ease.


I think a good comparison would be by the new Lenovo Yoga 910 (with the better Display 3840x2160!!! Pixel) and the great 360-degree hinge. For those who work lying on the sofa and have your notebook on your lap, like me :joy:


I can’t find too many details on the screen other than they have a 4k display option so can’t comment on the contrast ratio. Doubt it has any anti-glare coating. Does it have gorilla glass? Doesn’t seem to have pen input. Doesn’t have Thunderbolt 3, therefore no eGPU support. No bluetooth wireless on the keyboard. No quad speakers, no amp for headphone jack no rear camera that i can find. I also question the manufacturing process. Eve uses cnc, same as Apple. Same as Microsoft Surface. It’s solid, I’ll enjoy bringing my V to stores to compare but don’t think I’ll have to worry about any buyer’s remorse. If you can find details on the quality of the screen I’ll happily add them to this post. To each there own but I have yet to figure out how to type on a keyboard folded 180 degrees upside down. But now I’m letting personal bias affect my comparison! Lol
I do like the slightly larger screen and admit the U series processors are a bit better than Y series but then it consumes more battery as well as the need for a fan but does perform better, I do like the eGPU support on Eve’s model.


Some more information from the lenovo homepage:

Yoga 910 - Platinum Silver
Processor 7th Generation Intel® Core™ I7-7500U Processor (2.70GHz 4MB)
Operating System Windows 10 Home 64
Display 13.9" UHD IPS Multi-Touch (3840x2160) With Integrated Camera
Graphics Intel® HD Graphics 620
Memory 16.0GB DDR4 2133 MHz
Hard Drive 1TB PCIe SSD
Network Card Lenovo AC Wireless (2x2)
Bluetooth Bluetooth Version 4.1
Battery 4 Cell 48 Watt Hour Li-Polymer

Pen input is implemented.

Superior Stereo
Listen to your playlists, videos and movies through JBL stereo speakers with the Dolby® Audio Premium™ system. Enjoy remarkable clarity at all volumes, in all applications. Chatting with friends? Dual array microphones with noise cancelling technology minimize background noise, so your words come through crystal clear.

Thunderbolt 3 i also missing on the Yoga 910.

When you folded the keyboard 180 degress you use it as a tablet, keyboard is than locked.

“We measured a maximum contrast ratio of 940:1”


Cube i7 Book
Skylake m3 4GB ram 64GB ssd (yikes)
Wacom stylus
10" screen
I secured good deal of $279 over gearbest.
Waiting to arrive.


yes, I did say I expected the processor to be good. It seems it is but I still think the display is inferior.

We measured a maximum contrast ratio of 940:1…We recorded a color gamut the spans 75 percent of AdobeRGB …– and a maximum brightness of 340 lux

Compared to the V at 1400:1, 102% RGB and 450 nits. The only display i have seen post better numbers is the just released MacBook Pro late 2016…
I still don’t see anywhere that it mentions pen input. Touch, yes. But not wacom or N-Trig
I still like the idea of the 13.9" display though but will take sunlight readability first and Yoga seems to be lacking there as well.
Everyone will always have their own preferences and no device will ever be everybody’s perfect but for me the display on the V was the feature that sold me.


Id say these laptops are a different class of device, and therefore not that much of a competitor to the Eve. It is definitely a laptop-first approach than tablet-first like the Eve V and Surface.

I doubt it weighs anywhere close to 850g


HP Spectre x2, use Skylake Core M series, but due to horrible passive cooling system the 6Y75 can’t match even Atom CPU. Hope V will have an excellent cooling system, at least the same level as SP4 Core M3’s.


It has a fairly competitive pricing, and specs.

But as you said, it’s probably of a different class.

13.9" 3.04lb (or 1.38Kg) is a lot heavier than the SP4 or Eve V


Hey Community,

i came here by facebook advertisement a month ago and signed up for the newsletter. Two days ago i saw the game was on and got lucky to be one of the 500, backing an i5 V!

I am not an expert but I am curious why its said that the EVE processor is better than the SP4?
I can see the V has the 7th gen instead of 6th as on the compatible SP4 but some of you already pointed out it is “just an m7”. Of course its fanless but now it got me quite curious about the performance.

I want to use it on traveling trips, and apart from browsing and netflix for editing pictures with Lightroom and Photoshop.
Will the i5 be enough and suitable for this task?

Further my question is - will there be a performance comparison in the next weeks?
Hopefully not only benchmarks but maybe real performance like rendering video tests?

Greetings from germany


N my opinion, I expect it will be fine for your use case. True, it is an m series processor and heavily depends on passive cooling properties. In the past many m series processors have been used with 2 and 4 Gb ram configurations and often poor cooling as well.
I truly believe that this 8 gb ram configuration along with excellent cooling and slightly newer generation will give noticeably better performance and meet your use case.
Of course can’t wait to see benchmarks!