Eve V vs. Competition!


You mean like… for free? :smile: Nope. But while I’m pretty sure Eve V will be faster than an old XPS 13, the Skylake and Kaby Lake laptops are still a bit faster.


:frowning: to bad, i will try to sell my xps 13 then :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol, did you really expect Eve to take your old computer? :slight_smile: Where would they put it? They don’t need it :slight_smile: not to mention it’s significantly less expensive than a new Pyramid Flipper.


its not old! its the xps 13 9550! without touch i5 and stuff i bought is this summer. maby someone at EVE HQ is interested :p.
But dammmm that Pyramid Flipperino does look awesome!


I think it’s quite obvious that Eve is not interested… They’re not supposed to buy your devices. If you want to sell a computer, try eBay. But it’s “old” as in “used”. It doesn’t matter how long you have used it, the price drops to 50% as soon as you open the box. Unless you manage to catch a clueless buyer.


That would be a perfect world. We did that kind of thing once with T1.

A fella appeared to our FB pages, complaining about the fact that he had just bought a worse 8" tablet from a UK distributor brand.

We let the “beta-community” (most active T1 customers at our FB page) to vote on his faith and they chose to do the exchange.

We never benefited anything of course of doing it but it certainly was a fun experiment :smiley: And I guess the dude is happy.


sooo all i have to do is to complain on the fb page XD, just kidding.
when the Eve V is out i am totally going to sell the xps and buy that Flipper!


Can someone compare the Eve V with the Toshiba Portège z20t Toshiba Portege Z20t and what we can learn from it?


Will there be a deal for Black Friday?


At least I don’t know that we’d be planning to have a deal on Black Friday - maybe next year, but this year during the IGG I think there won’t be one, as I’ve not heard anything about it.
(Also, Black Friday is not really huge here in europe)


Indeed. And as clarified before, all the free goodies & special discounts are directly built-in to each V.

That means the whole system comes by default at unbeatable value. That’s why we can’t offer free stuff, upgrades, discounts & special deals: we’re already selling this product basically at the price of parts.


with any luck should be sold out by Friday and scrambling to put the Eve online store up.


Hi! @Marlon I’d recommend you go to this thread to find out the answer for this question :wink:

Just quickly I’d point out the the first letter in the four digit number indicates the generation. So where you have 3rd generation, we have seventh generation.


Eve V vs Microsoft Surface Pro 4 vs Asus Transformer Pro 3 vs Acer Switch Alpha 12


The Transformer Book Pro 3 seems to be quite nice IMO. If it weren’t for the annoying fan noise that is… But even so, the V seems even better :slight_smile: The battery life alone is a huge criterium!


Wondering about the comparison between Eve V and the leaked Lenovo Miix 720, which along with the SP5 are going to be the flagship competitors


I’m currently using the Asus Transformer 3 Pro I like the connectivity/price, but there are some glaring flaws:

  1. battery life is really short… 3-4 hours on a full charge when working on documents
  2. keyboard cover magnets are too weak, it falls off quite easily when trying to fold the cover backwards.
  3. screen brightness is not great outdoors (but I usually work indoors).
  4. build quality is a bit poor compared with SP4 regarding the kickstand. Folding the kickstand closed results in a small gap where the magnets don’t fully capture the stand unlike the SP4 where is has a really loose period when almost closed that allows it to snap closed.


Well, to put some of the specs in that SP4 comparison in perspective:

  • CPU-wise the m3 of the Eve might beat the m3 of the SP4, but the i5 and I7 of the SP4 are U-class CPUs which are much faster than the Y-Class i5/i7 (previously named Core m5/m7) of the Eve. And the i7 in the SP4 is even the better one with Iris graphics.

A lot of the Eve’s actual performance will also depend on how effective the cooling is and how long it can sustain its full performance before throttling.

I would love to see some actual benchmark results, but I doubt we will see those until some actual reviews next year?


Please compare with Lenovo Miix 720.


The inverted/flipped pyramid is a way of EVE TECH to embrace a do it for the community and their needs. The philosophy behind flipping a pyramid is as such:

“By inverting the pyramid and putting the base at the top, a leader adopts a more effective mind-set. Management is focused on asking employees what they need to accomplish a task and making sure those resources are available.”

It literally is a meaning that what we wanted in a tablet and the options given, they (EVE Devices) adapted to our wants and needs and made sure to design and produce our requests and dreams. They worked with us, filling the philosophy of a pyramid. Instead of the top making the decisions, the decisions were made and the top produced. We finally got the device built by us coming our way.