Eve V vs. Competition!


From the available specs, no, the keyboard does not support bluetooth or have it’s own battery. There are issues with V keyboard, especially with ctrl-shift-home. Since I am writing documentation and in the command prompt all day, it’s particularly annoying. However, the bluetooth function is unique, and offsets that just a little IMO.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m going to keep and use the V, but the quad-core on the Switch may work better for my VM environment.


the thing with the competition is, eventhough they seems bad on paper but the device is there, you can feel it, touch it heck even buy it and use it. eve is good on paper (but only in 2016 once they announced it) but you can only dream of using it. and the specs isnt that special anymore in 2018 (or 2019 once you might finally get it). keep dreaming boys. and sorry to all who fall into this. i was one of you, but i was lucky enough to refund it on august 2017 after almost a year waiting (as hyper early backer).


Well, congratulations one could say.
These congratulations come from a V -early backer, now an owner because he waited a bit longer than you did.
You know what? I can feel it because I use it.
It is up to the job asked.
As long it fulfills its job (that’s where I bought it for), the question of ‘yes lates electronics’ / no ‘latest electronics’ becomes quite theoretical.
If you find that this answer feels a bit cold to you, try to understand how your post sounds to those who are still waiting and cannot ask for a bank/ credit card refund anymore.

Warning, and arguments not to buy an EVE:V