Eve V vs. Competition!


This is something that probably needs to be addressed by the team themselves, and quickly. Either during normal production and sales, the price will have to be lowered, or notes will have to go out to reviewers stressing the pricing change.


Eve can’t really lower the $800 price since they had to pay more for the premium screen vs. the original one they had. Also remember that you get a detachable alacantra bluetooth enabled keyboard along with a pen for free.


That’s not the issue here. The issue is that the package is being put out by reviewers as being $800 base when it is currently actually $960. People are going to be like “What! $800 for a surface killer? That’s terrific!” and then they’ll go to buy one and it’ll be way closer to a thousand. Regardless of the widespread opinion on this community about it being okay because you get the pen and keyboard for free, a lot of people looking for the deal they were sold by the reviewers are going to feel cheated. An announcement should be broadcast as far and as loudly as possible, along with an apology to potential customers for any confusion caused. It should be as honest and as open as possible and it should be backed up with concise reasoning as to why the price hike was made. That alone will go a long way.


Holy sh$t, thought the price was still $800. It says $960 now!!

Ya sorry had no idea…


Hey guys! Here is the post that explains the reasoning behind increase of the price Flash sale m3 price change

As we want to keep offering m3 model of the V, we really had set the new price due to all the screen up cost and overall component price increase closer to shipping. We are telling press latest pricing information.

Thanks for bringing up this point!


Depends… the eve core needs to be:

  1. Affordable (about $275 USD)
  2. Portable (can fit into school bag)
  3. Preformance

Suggestions for eve core:

  1. 400W psu (custom size) that sits along the bottom
  2. Don’t mind if the graphics card is intergrated
  3. A sliding extension mechanism that will allow the great looking eve core to still is half length mode(size) and full length mode. If i have a half length card, i don’t want to lug around a case for a full length graphics card.
  4. These 3P’s are a requirement:


Not sure if the swift 3 should be considered a competitor but this should certainly https://www.anandtech.com/show/12038/ryzen-mobile-now-on-sale-hps-envy-x360

the acer swift 3 https://www.anandtech.com/show/12174/acer-adds-ryzen-mobilebased-swift-3-laptops-to-lineup


I will be a bit of a troll here.

I’d seen people put down the processor of SP4 as 6th gen, yet downplay the improvements of the 8th gen, while sporting the Y-Series of the 7th gen. Yet, the 7th to 8th is arguably a better upgrade than 6 to 7. Can’t have it both ways. But is moot, is hard to find a SP4 anyway unless you catch a stock clearance.

The one competitor that don’t get mentioned here or anywhere on the internet is the Lenovo Miix 520, with attention given to its older brother the Miix 720. And I’m puzzled. It starts at 999 USD (equivalent to base V i5, which sells for 1199 USD). It comes with keyboard and runs on 8th Gen Intel.

It doesn’t have a bad port selection, but nothing compared to V’s. It is average in battery life and average screen compared to Surface and Spectre. While I’m not saying is a better product than the Eve V, the 200 USD difference is substantial (is barely more expensive than the M3 Eve V variant). That and is a major company in Lenovo (where tech support etc are more favourable just due to sheer size and available now.

For me is, more compelling as I won’t realistic need a Thunderbolt as a secondary device. I understand how good the V is if it is your primary machine. I’m happy to have my opinion changed.


I actually like 8th generation U series processors. There is no need to downplay anything or be a troll/fan, just recognize that the processor it’s of a different series (U), while Eve-V uses Y-series processors. Thermal design is different, usually U-series have a fan, or in order to be fanless the CPU has to be bottlenecked (see SP2017), etc. this has already been discussed…
Simply put, Eve is using the most recent Y-serie CPU currently in the market, which is still 7th generation. Therefore yes, Eve has been/is right to boast this against SP4 and any other competitor which has been/is selling 6th generation Y-processors while 7-th gen is available.

Here I somewhat share your concern, Eve needs to maintain a very good entry price point to take on the market. Up until December flash sales, entry price for the V-M3 was nothing less than exceptional. Now price of M3 has been risen (perhaps to protect/boost i5 sales?)… I wish Eve can still sell well, however it’s entering in challenging territory (sub $1K) for this kind of device (IMHO).
Personally, since I am still waiting for my first LB Eve-V (an M3) and because of the price rise, I postponed the purchase of a second (M3) unit…

Notwithstanding these considerations about price…

There are indeed a few relevant differences between Lenovo Miix 520 and the Eve-V, that I think are more relevant than those you already mentioned!

  • SCREEN. Very. Different.
    Resolution wise: 12.2-inch IPS LED 16:10 FHD (Miix) vs 12.3 inch IGZO LCD 2880x1920. Miix 520 screen remained unchanged compared to previous 510 model.
    Quality wise: Colour coverage, 90.9% sRGB (Miix) vs 100% (V)), Contrast: 900:1 (miix) vs 1500:1 (V)Eve-V screen simply stand well above.
    Eve-V also has: Gorilla Glass with anti-fingerprint, Anti-reflection coating… Don’t know if Miix 520 has those (I read the Miix screen is “glossy” which is not encouraging, but I might be wrong on this.)
    It’s not like the Lenovo screen is bad, but the Eve one to be exceptional (best on the market probably?)

  • BATTERY: 39Wh (Miix) vs 48Wh (V) (numbers speak for themselves)

  • FAN: the Miix has one, Eve does not :wink:

These differences are substantial, and they explain the $200 price difference between Miix and the V. Neither of the two are bad propositions, but (for me personally) it’s hard to find the Miix “more compelling” that the V.


Before I say anything more, I’m being a bit of a Devil’s advocate. I want Eve V… yes, well I do want it, but I do want this sort of project to succeed. Is David against multiple Goliath.

Processor. If boasting about a last gen product who you are no longer competing with is a thing, might as well say the AMD Vega is amazing because it torn the GTX 980 TI to shreds in benchmarks, what tablet/convertible isn’t released today isn’t better than the SP4. And I really don’t think anyone actually cares that it is the best Y processor. Does anyone really cares that so and so call is the car with the best top speed consuming X amount of liter per Km while… etc etc? Is irrelevant. The real question is, the processor power vs battery life. Whereas the iCore Y series is conclusively not as good as the U series, 7 or 8, its strength lies in the battery which from the data I had seen from reviewers and people is that it is good as if not better than most competing products, but not out of the world. Reality is, I struggle to see how anyone on neutral ground can seriously boast about the V’s processors. Still 8th Gen U is quad core vs 7th Y dual core, these are actual tangible differences in some applications. All I can say is at best, that for many people it won’t make a difference. At worse, it is the slowest of the Gen 7 iCore.

The Miix battery life is pretty poor and it is basically one of the 2 reasons (other than me moving to a new country and havent found a job yet). I’m not really a person who burns through a laptop battery anymore it seems, though I am using a laptop at the moment with a beefy battery. But yes, this is one of the key reasons I’m wanting the Eve V and probably one of the strengths of the product. Anecdotally from reviews/impressions, the battery is very good when light tasks are performed and more mixed with more intense usage, which fits my bill in this regard and more or less expected with Y processors.

Screen, yes. Eve V’s screen is gorgeous. From reviews I had seen. But… I’m no artist, a lot of those stats are again a little irrelevant to me. I want a nice screen, but I never look at another screen in envy. Lets just say this, the fact that Eve V had to change suppliers but get a new better screen did not excite me at all, is cool but I bet I won’t care or notice the difference. I’m ok with market average. I won’t say no to a better screen but I won’t pay a premium for it. I know it was not intended to be an amazing screen in the first place, the original was a good but cheap screen which I felt was the right decision.

Fan… uhh. Lets put it this way. Lets not fall into the Apple trap where the lack of something is a feature. Fanless operation? Super. But if there is better performance gained from having a fan, even better. I want the best of 2 worlds, just because you can run most low stress task fanless, doesn’t mean we have to do without. Is not a concern that really flips me either way. The real concern is the fan noises of some of these models, Spectre, Miix, sometimes run a little high.

I may be a little tough on the Eve, and to a certain degree you are right, there are some trade offs for the 200 dollar discount, namely battery life and ports selection. You pointed more things but for a consumer such as I, they aren’t as relevant, is different for different people and you can’t win in all areas without ramping up the price. Whereas I do enjoy the beefier processor (though the early 8th gen U are revised Kaby Lake anyway) and to enjoy it with a discount. To me, the Eve V is a cheap Surface Pro, but I think other products are priced competitively with it.

I will probably eventually get the V though as much as I see the Miix as the better suitability and the better value product. Heart over mind. But maybe next flash sales.


Can you maybe link the Miix 720 ( or whatever product you are comparing to the V ) ?

I guess you’re talking about Lenovo Ideapad Miix 720 ?

I only read about the version with the processors of the 7th generation.

a i5-7200U, 256GB SSD and 8GB RAM does cost 1.079,00€ ( pen and keyboard included ).
The negative aspects that I remember about this product is especially the fan. Every review that I saw/ read highlighted the fact that the fan is kinda noisy.

This is a huge plus for the V since it runs fanless


In regards to specifically the Miix 520 and the V (and something not yet brought up), I notice one thing that may not have been a dealbreaker for me in years past, but is now.

From what I can tell in a fairly brief check, the Miix 520 charges off a traditional barrel plug charger, and is not set up for charging over USB-C (be it PD or something else). Being able to charge my V, phone, DAC, etc. all with one charger and one cable has been a great improvement in how I use my tech both at home and on the go.


I find it hard to agree with some of your statements, but that’s completely ok, I appreciate your polite sharing! :slight_smile: :+1:

To me battery life and (absence of a) fan are very important factors (I would go as far as call them decisive, among a few others) for a V kind of computer (2-in-1).

Raw processor power, on the other hand, is less relevant: the device just needs to perform very responsively during the most usual tasks and carry more demanding applications without being a complete dog (this especially for i7, i5 partially). I will always resort to other computers when I need the kind of power you seem to desire (i.e. no, Eve will not be my only computer, but might well become the only one when physically outside office (I would still use it during office hours when on client sites) and for about anything for my personal use - except “power hobbies” (image editing, mostly ;).)

From what you wrote, I get that you are not intrigued by eye-melting screens, fanless design is not a plus for you, fan noise is not a deal breaker, you would like/prefer more processor power (I presume because you require it for your daily/frequent activities), but you still like good selection of ports and require a somewhat cheaper device…
Well, I might be wrong, but you might be craving for a device which is not an Eve-V, it sounds more like a laptop/ultrabook!
If this is indeed the case, I think that either you think the V as a device to accompany a more powerful pc of yours, or, if you really want just one computer, you orientate toward a different class of portable device (and most probably the miix would still be not enough…).

Hey, this is just my opinion, I certainly don’t want to discourage you from buying an Eve-V :grin:
(Team would be mad! :sweat_smile:)

And Community Managers are constantly watching and reading us, especially nawtor… :fearful: He is everywhere! But I’m sure he won’t open this little spoiler, right? Right?! :speak_no_evil:


I didn’t think I cared much about a screen till I actually saw the V’s screen. It was like being short sighted and putting on glasses for the first time. You will simply enjoy using the pc that much more.

Fanless again I didn’t care too much about, but silent operation and not having hot air being blown out and not having to worry about blocking the vents which would overheat the pc are nice things not to have to worry about.

Oh and finally, the style of the V is just amazing vs most other 2 in 1s as well. Plus there is this amazing team and community behind it (for the most part!)


“Connectivity options include 802.11ac Wi-Fi with 2×2 MIMO, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 3.1 Type-C Gen 2 port, Thunderbolt 3, DisplayPort, and USB Charging.”

I have to say, the Switch 7 Black Ed., is looking better and better. I like the bigger screen and the fact it is a quad-core with 16GB. With all the money and time I have invested in the V, the Switch would be a better value at $1699.99 USD. I’ll be giving this some thought.

Acer Switch 7 Black Edition, price and availability confirmed.


f…ing hell this is nice. what’s the price for the i7 512GB? 1.699$???


Oh Yeah!

It sure is.


did they really add a TB3 port? At IFA 2017 there was none…


Thanks for the update, but seriously though could you come back and remind us when they’ve announced the price and battery life? I couldn’t find anything about that.


Latest up to date specs are still not on their USA web site.

They say 10 hours with a 2-cell 4870 mAh Li-ion battery

But does it have a blue tooth keyboard?