Eve V vs. Competition!


It’s still Eve V vs competition not Eve vs other hardware manufacturers.
Feel free to discuss iPad vs V here (still different categories but atleast closer :smiley: ) but if you want to talk macbooks and imacs just go and open a new thread instead of posting here.


Well, on the competition side of things, that new acer with i7 8550U and mx150 seems more promising to me than Eve V. Even though the V will have a much better battery life, I think it won’t last a 8 to 18 day of courses if you start multitasking on it. The surface pro 3 manages a 6h battery life, but if I only have a short lunch break and don’t have the chance that that 45min their is an electric outlet free, than I am very happy with my 180Wh battery bank I take with me, and others are asking if they can use mine when I’m done. Also upside of the 8550U and MX150 combo is that it can handle video editing and rendering. The surface pro 3 really sucks at even 720p editing and rendering, the 8550U leaked performance is around that of my 4720HQ, and the MX150 can even outperform the 960m in some cases, while I have a 950m. That would be a device to rule them all for me, except for ruling a desktop ofcourse. But for Eve V, the i7 comes probably around 1500€, that is 500€ less than what the acer would come, but for the V I would probably need to either buy a dGPU which isn’t really a solution for video editing on the more, or I would have to have a laptop for that editing on the move. Both cases makes the Eve V actually turn out more expensive to me.

And than we have the yoga 720 which has the 7700HQ and GTX1050M which is a bit cheaper than the acer, and a better cpu with better dGPU, so also a great option to look at for me but unfortunately that 7700HQ was limited to 30W TDP so would perform less than the 4720HQ I have now. I heard that they would have allowed to set the TDP to 45W, but I think that the cooling is not made to handle that at 45W together with the dGPU.

We also have the asus zenbook flip 15 or whatever it is called coming up, with 8550U and GTX1050M so also a good option in my eyes. It would outperform my current laptop, and it would also replace the broken surface pro 3 that I am using. So also seems like a better solution to me than Eve V.

Word is on the street of a new surface book that will be released, if that comes with 8550U and GTX1060M in the base, things could get interesting. Maybe overpriced again, but if I can survive with the broken surface pro 3 long enough, I could find a great second hand deal.

Also, the galaxy note 8 could also be good in competing with the V, the screen is half te size but with that stylus you can do about the same with it for taking notes during classes. Not autocad and such, but I can’t imagine the m7 being that great for autocad either


I am still waiting for EVE V.


Wrong thread, 202020

Edit: For updates pls see One liner update [01.09]


I was waiting for Eve V, but it seems like the competition can offer me more. Sad that Eve V got so delayed, otherwise I probably would have got one.


Which Competitor and what device? Model?



Battery life will be about half of what the V can do.


I don’t like the fluid-cooling in this device. What kind of fluid will it be? What will happen whe it leaks?


you would need a 3.5mm tampon… :rofl:


They’ve been using liquid cooling for the Switch tablets for a while now and I have not seen anyone complaining about a leak on a forum or something. I guess you have to break the tablet really hard to cause a leak, just as much as it would take to break a fan in a surface pro.

The tablet certainly looks interesting, but I can match it’s price by going with a V and a Gigabyte eGPU with GTX 1070, which is more than 400% better than a GT 1030.


It looks interesting - however, I’ve got a small issue with the article that you linked (I’ve read through it before) - it basically goes ‘Oh, the device looks so great! And it’ll surely be amazing. Hey Acer, can we have a review sample, pwetty pwease?’.

Nothing against the site in particular, but quotes like

And I’m somehow distrusting their price-point quote as I’ve read somewhere that the featured 16GB/512GB model would go for 2100$.

And some articles are already saying that it’s the starting price - and I’d not expect 16GB/512GB in a starting price device :slight_smile:

EDIT: And after a quick look at the pocket-lint article the battery life will be ‘amazing’ - 4h in idle at least according to the preview. I sincerely hope that this is just some glitch because the idea of the device itself is something cool.

oh, and since there were some port questions - on the CNet pictures it looks like 1 USB-C (might be TB3), 1 USB-A and a 3.5mm jack :slight_smile:


I hope it’s for $2,100 for Eve’s sake. Also Xinjie already mentioned:

So I guess we will have to wait and see.


Well, tell me how much better the Eve V will do than the surface pro 3. That thing lasts me for 4 classes if I leave a webbrowser open and onenote autosyncing (so roughly 6 hours), while a typical day had basically 3 classes but most of the time also some practice courses. Next year however we are seeing days of 6 courses after each other (so only 15 min break if the profs are in good moods) so the Eve V should than have to be able to hit 9h with a webbrowser open and onenote autosyncing. And that is even restricting me from multitasking, which I happen to do quite a lot when I have the battery life for it. Chance is high that for the Eve V I would also need to bring my 180Wh powerbank than, so battery life of the acer wouldn’t be that much of a complaint for me. I guess with cutting the CPU usage and frequency during battery saving mode to the same performance of the Eve V, than I don’t think battery life would be half.

nice to point out the price, if I don’t mistake, the Eve V i7 would also run over 2000$ with the estimate that was send to the people on the waiting list. So even if a 16GB RAM and 512 GB SSD would run at 2500$, it would certainly be worth it for people with more CPU intensive load, like I have by video editing and rendering. The 4720HQ and 950m combo gives stuttering with the preview playback (or how its called) when doing more intensive editing (like fast motion or effects), so I bet the m7 of Eve V with iGPU will not work great for me, even if paired with an eGPU it would be laggy.


BTW: Here in Germany we have the IFA in Berlin, as you might know. I have watched a few reports on TV from there, and on nearly each of them they show and demonstrate the Acer Switch.


I’m sure we did not mention the price for the i7 model on the webshop anywhere. The only webshop price we mentioned was for the m3 model before we switched to the Sharp screen.


If you have to do video editing and rendering then I’d go with the Acer especially since you have a powerbank.

My guess is the i7 16GB 512 SSD version of the V will be about $1500-1600 USD so just keep that in mind since it sounds like you have a budget cap.


This is a very powerful lesson for when I want to make my very own startup. Some people here (mobile video editors) may be lured in another direction.

If Eve did not have the unfortunate incident with the screen, everyone here might have a device in their hands right now, and not looking at competition. The Switch 7 looks solid and has some of us in the “shopping around” category again as opposed to the “waiting to order the V” camp.

Now it is a dash to production to see who can get their 2-in-1 into consumer hands. Acer claims December (America & Europe). I wonder if Eve can beat that. I assume they are trying their absolute best to, otherwise they might be leaving money on the table!


It is a heat pipe just as any other heat pipe is a liquid cooler, they just dont call it a heat pipe as it is a closed circuit not a pipe… Possibly a clever marketing gimmick.
And yes, 15 years ago with first heat pipes getting into laptops those were too advertised as liquid cooled :smiley:
The amount of fluid in a heat pipe is tiny and due the temp the heat pipe is operating at, if it would have a leak, it would escape as gas. Actually, it was quite common for heat pipes to ‘dry out’ (medium escaping due a leak) in the early days…

Btw. i am quite shocked how all this tech pages, with self called professional tech reviewers, totally missed that what Acer implemented is a heat pipe and they brainlessly repost the wow sounding fluid cooling headline.


To follow up on my battery life post:

“The only thing that should concern is battery life. With so much power and ability - from processor to discrete graphics and power-hungry features such as the high-res screen - we suspect the Black Edition won’t last long per charge. In its idle state behind closed doors at IFA 2017 - the largest European consumer tech show - it was showing 21% battery remaining with 51 minutes of life on the clock (that’s sub-4hrs without ever asking the system to do anything but show a Windows 10 desktop background).”

Source: http://www.pocket-lint.com/review/142145-acer-switch-7-black-edition-preview-unrivalled-power-from-this-mighty-2-in-1