Eve V vs. Competition!


Assuming the battery life would be significantly worse than the V given higher TDP.


Isn’t every new intel chip more energy efficient than the previous model? So if they are using the latest chip, i wonder how efficient it is.


Previous Acer surface clone Acer Switch Alpha was pretty terrible. Weak build quality, battery life, far worse keyboard than surface, lot of bloatware, worse pen technology (now they will have wacom so it should work better). It also faced throttling problems with their passive cooling technology.

I’m not very optimistic with this device. MX 150 and passive cooling, I’m not sure it can work well. Even with active cooling such devices get really hot (see Xiaomi MimAir notebook) and battery life might be worse than Eve because of far higher TDP. The only thing which is really interesting is new 8-gen Intel Y processor.


It is 8. gen. U not Y processor - there is no Y version yet.


You right:) my mistake


Will this info help?


Eve V is only competing against 2 in 1 detachable tablets, whether they are fanless or have U series processors. Let’s not compare them to new 2 in 1s. I have witnessed every 2 in 1 detachable tablet come out and have been very disappointed mainly because of throttling due to performance. Maybe undervolting will help, but every single tablet this year had a problem with throttling with the biggest offenders being fanless tablets. Even the Surface Pro 4 had severe throttling that was easily fixed by a USB fan, which leads me to believe tablets need to be designed better to handle U series processors or just use Y series processors. But I have saw some tablets this year and last year that were fanless and use Y series processors have issues with temperature management. I’m okay with the tablet being bulkier and wider for better thermal management.

Given this, the Eve unit still has a great opportunity since other companies have not nailed this concept yet.


Eh. The New MacBook Pro brings nothing new to the table. The concept has been executed better by many Windows laptops. But this depends on your use case.


what did you expect ?
what would you have wished for ?


Better price/performance for one. The touchbar is a concept I can’t see myself using in practice. And simply put, Windows devices have caught up.


for me the toucher is as useful as the touchscreen on a windows laptop,.(i don’t own either of them yet)
Price/perf is actually better than what it used to be, sure the macbook pro is still verrrry expensive if you go for a high end model but a little bit cheaper than what it used to be.


I remember when MacBooks used to be literally untouchable by laptops on the Windows side. I didn’t like Apple, and I did a purely objective look at laptops available vs MacBooks. Not only were the MacBooks far more usable due to having the absolute best input devices, they were also cheaper for the specs!

No laptop offered a display like a retina MacBook, with usable battery life and powerful GPU/CPU for a price close to MacBooks. Very few of them had comparable build quality, and an extremely small number had comparable input devices.

Now? How the playing field has changed.


There is still no other company that offers the kind of build quality like apple, a lot of windows laptop come with a ton of bloatware except some buisness models are good but they usually are also more expensive.
MacBooks still have top notch displays, and good battery life als don’t forget the trackpad :slight_smile:


Ever heard of Razer? My apple fanboying friend even calls them the windows clone of apple and owns one for the rare occasions he has to use programs that are not on macOS. For him it is the only windows manufacturer that competes with apple, although he has ordered a surface laptop and will try out how premium Microsoft is at their pricetag. And yes fanboying, it is not apple their fault that safari doesn’t support the VP9 codec (that way you can’t watch youtube 4K anymore in safari since google switched to codec VP9 for that), it is all google their fault since google chrome is the only webbrowser that actively support VP9 codec and they offer youtube 4K only with VP9 codec. It is not like google could have made the switch to VP9 because it is a better and/or more efficient codec… Certainly not comparable to apple that has their lightning port to prohibit any interchangeability with an other non-apple device…


Y I have and he is pretty much right with that xd
If you use safari than thats your own fault lel
For MacBooks, they have no 4k display so 4k content isn’t available, on iMac that may be different.
If you use Safari you can blame yourself tho. it was once upon a time a great browser but not anymore.
Firefox all the way heh


Well, he has a wide range of devices, from macbook air to mac pro, and he has an ezio 4K screen and a 4K television so he surely has everything to watch 4K, he just can’t admit it that it is apple that is not supporting th VP9 codec on safari, but thinks it is google their fault that they switched the youtube codec around “to favor google chrome which is the only browser actively supporting that codec”. Firefox does support it if you enable it. I have never had a apple laptop, but I have used safari on windows as an alternative for google chrome since that eats less ram, and I was used to safari with the ipod touch 4 and ipad air 1 that I had. Firefox is something I tried several times but I can’t really get used to it, although every update it gets better, so I am hoping it gets on par with google chrome soon.

Kind of funny how I was able to afford the ipod touch, ipad and I have a iPhone 6. Only the iPhone is still working. But I never got the money for any other apple device. Kind of funny since I have had a 830€ pc with i7 quad core and dedicated graphics and at the moment I am running a 1300€ laptop with i7 quad core, 16GB ram and 950m, with both a 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD. For that money, I would only be able to have an i5 dual core macbook air without dGPU and even the 256GB SSD is 50€ more expensive than my configuration, the one with 128GB is 200€ cheaper. But it is not like even 256GB would be sufficient for me, as I am at 750GB use on my 1TB HDD after 2 years, and it will probably reach 1TB the next 6 months wince my external storage devices are maxed out now. If I would want to replace that with a macbook pro, than the cheapest I can get is 2250€ for the 15" macbook pro with a i7 quad core CPU, 16GB ram, 256GB RAM and it only comes with iGPU and that is with only 256GB SSD, for 1TB storage it becomes 2970€. And since I need a dGPU for 3D rendering and video rendering, the only option is to go for the more expensive ones with that touchbar gimmick and with radeon dGPU, which would become 3520€.

3520€ as the lowest price for something that can succeed my 1300€ laptop. And my laptop is already dragging me down in productivity, I can’t see how the radeon 555 2gb vram would do any better than a 950m v2 with 4GB vram. Also, the performance difference between the 4720HQ (10700) and 7700HQ (geekbench of 13000) is a good improvement, but the thing is that that 3520€ macbook pro would need to last 2,7 times longer than my 1300€ laptop before I even could financially gamble on it. my laptop is already rocking 2 years, and will probably be able to handle another year before I replace it because of it performance, so that is 3 years. So that macbook pro should survive 8 years than before it should need replacement. Tell me, how high is the chance that those specs would last me 8 years before needing to replace it? I can guess pretty low. if it lasts 6 years, that would mean it would survive like 2 windows laptops for me. And that would be 3520€ vs 2600€, and I guess 6 years is optimistic for a laptop that needs to be used as the main performance device, but the apple users say it could do that. For that 920€ price difference between windows vs macOS platform, I could do a decent desktop build that outperforms all the laptops I had and have, and that macbook pro, certainly with AMD ryzen. That could even open the opportunity for me to not need to switch laptops as often, which does make going apple even less appealing to me.

Yes they may offer the best quality and all those other things, but they aren’t really worth it unless you need that high standard, unless you need that apple ecosystem. But for me, that aluminium coated plastic asus laptop I have is good enough since it does the job without thermal throttling. Would I like real aluminium over plastic? Yes that would be nice, but I don’t have a price margin for the extra costs that apple, razer and microsoft ask for that. I hope that apple will ever realease a budget lineup that I can try out, but for the moment I can’t even try because of those insane prices, even if that is because of the PCIe SSD. I don’t need a 1TB PCIe SSD, but it is the only way for 1 TB of internal storage with apple. I don’t need that touchbar, but you can only get dGPU if you accept the touchbar. That drives the prices far higher than they need to be. I have had android phones and the iPhone 6 is my first iphone, but chance is high it will be my last since the storage is not expandable, there never has been a dual sim option, the apple ecosystems keeps reminding me every 2 hours that I have to pay for extra storage on iCloud since my iPhone and iPad backup has filled that free storage. And the most awefull thing: I would need a dongle to use my headphones. I know they believe in bluetooth and that way they want to force it on customers, but I have my lineup of non bluetooth speakers and headphones that most of all don’t suffer interference from other bluetooth devices. Replacing that lineup would be more expensive than just switching to the note 8 and that is already the most expensive option on the android side. Makes me thinking about apple their mindset “think different”. Was it about being innovative, or is it directed to the consumers “If you don’t like what we do, than think different”… I like the products I have and had from them, but the current lineup, only the iPad is something I would buy, and even that doesn’t have amoled like competition offers and has other turn-offs to me. you could say the lost a budget conscious consumer


The best computer is always the one you posses ( = general law :roll_eyes:)
We possess the V already in a non physical format, general law says: this is my best (and only a bit virtual) computer.


cool story, but could we stop the apple rant (although justified) and get back on topic? This is V vs Competition and we’ve drifted way off.


If you go for a high end apple device be it a macbook or a iMac it will probably last you 5 years, that’s what my 2012 27" iMac did, it’s not broken now or anything going bad with it, but that gtx 680mx is definitely showing it’s age in gaming, so i traded it to my parents and got after the long waiting time a refreshed iMac a new one.

Idk, what you are on but i can play 4k content on YT, maybe what you are talking about hasn’t happened yet.
Safari isn’t supported anymore for windows since quite some time now, i use it still for websites that i know are save of ads, tracking and the likes of, so i don’t have to fidel around with the add-ons on firefox.

That is the model without touch bar, i wouldn’t recommend it to anyone even if you don’t like the touchbar, cause no dgpu.
Geekbench isn’t a rly good benchmark tho, but lets not go further here.
I think for the moment i would wait and see how amd vs intel plays out and maybe apple makes a move next year with pricing or the configurations. The MacBooks and the iMacs haven’t rly changed much for quite some time.
Maybe next year you can get for the very same price a 6 core macbook pro :slight_smile:

pls don’t bring in iPhones here, i love my headphone jack just like you <3 other ppl. in the train won’t enjoy my bluetooth speakers hehe.


Apple is a competitor in the business maybe not in the specific area of 2-1 but others.

If i’m not mistaken, the chances for a laptop as the next device from Eve ,aren’t that small.