Eve V vs. Competition!


V will be best 2in1 for one year max, I would say. Big companies upgrade their product every year or even shorter time frame if your like Lenovo giant.
But again V biggest advantage against the competition is the price.


Depends in my eyes - matter of fact is that we’ve put pretty much the best components we currently could get for a reasonable price.

And even if you’re Lenovo, you can’t really upgrade your device every half year since once you’ve reached a certain point it’s gonna be hard to upgrade. If you’re e.g. at the SP4 level, what would you want to upgrade every year?
I feel the reason they can improve their lineup every half year is because their lineup has so many points they can improve on.

And while I’m not sure we can hold the title “best 2in1” for 2 years, but I feel that at least for 2017 the V is gonna be the device to beat - because pretty much what could you do to improve the V? I personally feel it’s gonna be hard to improve the V - and I feel that when the community wants a new 2in1 the V2 will have a hard time beating the V.


Make V dial “I not sure if Surface dial will compatible with V”.

I agree that it is difficult to improve a product that has top specs. But small changes like adding a dial can sometimes give appeal to certain consumers and more functionality. We can upgrade to Intel 7th Gen U processors instead of Y-series process for more power. If V is the top spec 2in1 than inventing V dial and giving the option to consumer to but one separate would bring V more customers. I would never look at another Surface device if V can give me a V dial that works like Surface dial, I think everyone would ditch surface device for V device.


Thing is that the Surface Dial in my eyes while a great tool for creators, I feel it is just not feasible for us as Eve as the V will have a much smaller install base compared to a Surface (all 3 models - Pro, Book and Studio). But if MS decides that it allows the Dial to be compatible with any N-Trig capable device (which luckily the V is) then we should be able to use it on the V.

And a U-CPU has the disadvantage of needing a completely different housing since we can’t properly cool it without a fan.


I like the name Eve V its sooo feminine lol


I presume it means we’re getting a dedicated amp from Texas Instruments, but that the DAC is still the onboard one (since that isn’t mentioned). More oomph for hard to drive headphones, but not necessarily more refined sound. Would be great to get more details on this.


Drooling here. Kudos to all involved; what a fantastic machine. Eve is going to revolutionize the tech world. So happy to be a supporting part of it.


Better processor, experimenting with the form factor, better keyboard, better serviceability… there is a lot to improve :slight_smile: maybe not for you, but people need different things.


You again used the term “dedicated”. Dedicated means that a component is made to serve just one function. But the point is, all DACs are created for a single goal: convert digital signals to analog. So saying “dedicated DAC” is the same as saying “dedicated screen”. It just makes no sense… correct me if I’m wrong tho.


That’s not the DAC that is special:). We have ACL DAC. But we have a special Audio AMP next to the headphone jack so you would not need external one! That solution was proposed by Lee from VE monks:)


Oh, sorry xD but the point remains. There is no “non-dedicated” amp, so there is no dedicated amp either. It’s a minor thing, but I’d rather have the future marketing say “high-end amp” because this is a bit misleading IMO.


That just means more upgrades :slight_smile: not only change the processor, but also the housing, making it a more “major” upgrade.


I’m all for Kaby Lake architecture (I’m also upgrading my i5 3570k to the 7700k once it comes out)

The thing I’m worried though, is the price and the ways to get in Europe. I wanted to get the Eve V without VAT since it’s a company computer, so I’m worried about that in specific


Eve is based in Helsinki so I assume buying it will be just the same as buying anything else in Europe. But since you want to buy it as business, I think you should contact @Mike or @Konstantinos directly via PM. Anyway, they’re quite busy right now, so I’d contact them after the launch :slight_smile:


The new Lenovo Mix 510 is a Intel I7 for $600 that’s include the keyboard. Hopefully this will include everything in the box also but that $600 dollars is a great price tag.


I shall do it post launch :wink:

I’m looking forward to use it a lot to rig up with VM of Mac OS! Hopefully we can do the 16GB setup with 128GB


Nope, you’ll have to take 512GB if you want 16GB RAM. Eve is not big enough to offer a dozen of different configurations, so i7 goes with 512GB of storage and 16GB of RAM, i5 with 256GB (I think) storage and 8GB RAM and M3 with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage. I don’t remember it precisely, but it’s something like that.


If that’s the case I’ll just have to end up saving a bit more before buying it ! :slight_smile:


Normally calling it dedicated means it serves no other purpose, opposed to integrated solutions where the DAC and amp are combined in the same chip as the CPU/GPU as you often see with mobile SOCs.


I was expecting an i7 16go of ram and 256go SSD variant :worried: @Mike or @Konstantinos can you confirm each variant?