Eve V vs. Competition!


Looking from the post, yes, V out performed Benz. :slight_smile:


Hi, do not understand the price behind the offer at the indigogo campaign of the chuwi surbook, for 300 to 400 $ you get a 20% discount on the retail price? What do you pay in the end by this perks?


Yes, you are correct that there is a discount of 20% of the retail price (for exemple the high end surbook 6 gb ram / 128gb of storage : 400 is the indiegogo price but after the campaign you will pay 480 )
For the 300$ you will get only just the tablet with 6gb and 64 gb of storage and for 400$ you will get the tablet with 6gb of ral and 128 gb, the keyboard and the stylus.
If my explaination are clear enough but if you have any other question happy to help .


Clear thanx


Interesting, this appears to be a different device than the Surbook one on IGG right now, but is still a Chuwi line of device: http://news.softpedia.com/news/chuwi-hi13-review-516277.shtml

Appears to be too underpowered for regular use.


Interesting the feedback about the eve v on the Microsoft Surface Forum

“Here is another potential alternative that is crowdsource funded. This one is apparently being recognized by Microsoft as good. I just struggle to think about buying something like this. What happens if it has a problem and there are literally no replacement units? The specs on it look quite amazing… impossible almost. Will be interesting to see if it really is the OnePlus of tablets, because they have done quite well as a business.”


So Acer has just updated their Switch Windows 2-in-1. With a Kaby Lake Refreshed i7 CPU and MX150 dedicated GPU (successor of 940MX) and fanless design, it looks very promising. The screen resolution is quite a bit lower than V and it seems to have only one USB type A and one USB type C port plus a microSD card slot. We are reaching a point where the traditional manufacturer is slowly catching up one way or another. I hope by the time Eve V goes on sale it will still be a cutting edge product in most spec categories.


That’s pretty impressive, I wonder how long (or short) battery life you will get with an i7 CPU and MX150 dGPU.


I’m a bit concerned if they can actually dissipate the heat of you’re using the gpu and cpu.

We could put a GTX 1080 into the V and passively coo it but it’d not be able to dissipate all the heat.


The specs of the acer sound really good!
But 2000€ … I don’t think anybody will buy an acer for that much money.

Anyway, if the price is going to fall fast, it would be a great device.

A friend of mine ownes an acer switch 12 alpha. He is satisfied overall. Just the bad pen performance is one negativ point.

Acer Switch 7 Black Edition
ACER Switch 7 Black Edition vs Eve V

It is not like the msrp of the Eve V i7 is 2200$… So for those who missed the indiegogo campagne, that acer Switch i7 could be a great option. Cooling will be like the other tablet formfactor things: not the best, risk on thermal throttling. But I suspect that when putting a fan against it, it would help out a lot. The MX150 is a low end dGPU but it can perform between the GTX 950m and 960m so not that bad after all, that while the TDP is 25W (the 950m was 40W). So on paper it sounds great, but cooling is a crucial factor. It is a 13,5" display, so slightly bigger than the 12,3" of the EVE V and the surface pro so a bit more surface area to dissipate the heat. The Eve V could cool up to 12W, so maybe the acer could cool 15W passively, so that is a U series processor. I still can’t figure out how they manage to cool a MX150 on top of that, but the Eve V was stopped by the Tskin limit, so maybe the Acer has a higher Tskin and thus would thermal throttle later than the Eve V. Certainly a great plus for me, but I would have to compare the Eve V to this pricewise. And than who knows what other 2 in 1 tablets/convertibles will come out with the launch of the 8th gen U series quad cores. I am really hoping something like the dell inspiron 17" convertible getting an upgrade since that is very affordable; leaves me the option for an ipad dedicated for tablets use since windows sucks for tablet usage (no YouTube, snapchat and other apps, and the user interface sucks if you are used to ipad) and my ipad air 1 touchscreen won’t work since a week now so it needs replacement.


I’m interested in switch 7 myself. It will definitely out-perform Eve as it has dedicated graphics. I would like to know the battery life on the Switch 7.
Its nice to be able to (im guessing) use the intel or graphics card depending on the situation. If Switch 7 battery life is good using just the Cpu chip vs Eve. I would be impressed.

Only thing i dont like on switch 7 is the kickstand and the price. I guess they marketing to the high premium users/artist.

This is the first 2in1 with dedicated graphics. Amazing.


13.3" screen, 2.5lb weight (without keyboard). It seems to me that the switch 7 is a direct competitor to the Dell XPS, the HP Spectre, the Surface Book, and every other notebook in that class, rather than the V; it is also a bold experiment how big a 2in1 can go and whether it will kill and replace ultrabooks.


acer Switch 7 Black Edition will have thunderbolt 3 ?


Switch 7 Black Edition has the same problem that V has, it doesn’t exist yet. :frowning:


I have seen pictures of the liquid loop, and it has some potential for cooling. Eve V uses heatpipes on the upper part, so the heat is mostly dissipated with the upper portion, while the acer liquid loop covers both upper and lower part. I still am wondering how that passive water circulation will go, but I suspect it being almost thermal throttle free when pointing a fan to the back.

I also have seen that Dell will update the inspiron 7000 17" convertible with the 8th gen U series, so it got me wondering if the current 940MX would be updated to the MX150. That would also be a great product for me, cooling will certainly be good enough like it is now, and 17" is quite some space. A A4 sheet of paper is around 14-15" diagonal, so I guess a 17" will be able to represent that on true size. But yes, I am a weirdo who would get a 17" convertible. I am wondering what other interesting products will come out. Or maybe with the new gen CPU’s the yoga 720 15" with GTX 1050Ti will drop a bit in price.


8th Gen Core in Lenovo Miix 520. Miix 720 next?


Is it possible to attach such a windows AR Headset to the V without dedicated graphics card???


I’ve been searching for confirmation on this topic as well.

Here’s what I’ve found: it seems borderline. Depending on the source, they mention (by name) Intel 620 integrated graphics (or better) - or - any modern gpu (and from what I can tell, this means supports DX 12.x).

I’m leaning towards a yes, simply because the 615 can operate at nearly the same levels as the 620 (if only for shorter time). If it required a 620 or higher, then AR would be basically limited to only gamers, since the a very large portion (maybe the majority) of the market only has integrated graphics.

For intel and MS to get AR going, it’s got to appeal to the masses - so my $$ is on yes…but with choppy performance.


I really don’t get it. Why does someone buy a fan less device and then he thinks, hey a fan would be nice…