Eve V vs. Competition!


Well, there is no better choice. GTX 10-series are way too power hungry for this form factor :slight_smile:


I made a spreadsheet comparing the specs of the V, SP5, and various other competitors. I used the i5/8/256 configuration, as they seem to be the mid specs that almost every manufacturer offers.

This is still incomplete, and not pretty, but it should give you a general idea on which device suits you best

Link to the spreadsheet:



Could you share the spreadsheet itself, maybe?


Could you share the spreadsheet itself, maybe?

I added it to the post, check it out.


You should definately add DELL portfolio on that too. Nice work!


There is a failure. They claim the i5-u is a fandest design in the surface pro 2017


The Chuwi team create an 2-1 really cheap, the surbook and it doesn’t not compete at all with the V.
Their indiegogo page for the surbook : https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/chuwi-surbook-affordable-2-in-1-intel-pc-tablet--3/x/15527546#/.
They claim high performance but an intel appolo lake N3450 is really not greated compared to an Y processor that the V has.
Their spec :

" Note: The above specifications may change. "
The comparison of the V and the Chuwi surbook:

The only things that cool with the surbook is that there is no worldwide delivery charge.
They realized two giveaway in order to obtain their 6 GB ram /128 GB rom model.
Yes it’s has poor spec but for people who don’t want spend a lot of money in a 2-1. The surbook complete the task and compared to my first 2-1 the hp envy x2 g100ef was worse 4 GB ram /64 GB rom and also more expensive at the time I bought this device rather than the surbook 6GB/128GB model.


Be careful with that one… It’s a typical Chinese company with typical Chinese quality standards (or lack thereof).


In the indiegogo page of the surbook someone mention the V : " Can you please commit to not including any bloatware on your machine? Have a look at the competition – the Eve V – which has done exactly that/. "
The V made an impact and someone want no bloatware like the V . That it’s good to hear :slight_smile:


I think you should switch surface pro 3 with Asus Transformer 3 Pro. And maybe add a Macbook into the mix


Hah - I wonder what the chances of them committing to no bloatware are? Pretty much zero I would guess!
Good to see Eve’s name out there :slight_smile:


I think there is no chance to have no bloatware on the surbook.
The creator of the Indiegogo page of the surbook doesn’t have yet respond any comment :confused: .
They reached their goal pretty quickly and people come to this project very quickly, I find.
Yes it’s good to see EVE’s name out there, hope that EVE’s name is mention more often :slight_smile: .


But who cares? Just reinstall Windows :slight_smile:


Didn’t jump on the IndieGoGo (I want someone to put it through its paces for stuff like battery life) but I think given my current workload (office work, web surfing, comics) and being close enough to send back a dud that Surbook is looking mighty tempting. Big question mark is going to be the final price/release date/early reviews of the lower-end V. I don’t mind paying extra for demonstrably higher quality, but when the difference begins to stretch into the x2 range then I get a little wallet shy.


The V is more expensive cause eve uses better parts than chuwi, for e.g. the v has a kaby lake cpu, the surbook has a pentium chip. and so on.


Certainly, and I would never suggest that the two should be the same price. However, at some point we do enter an area of diminishing returns, especially for people not looking to do super hardware intensive tasks. That’s why I’m hoping that Eve’s direct sales approach does in fact allow them to be aggressive with their pricing, which I guess we’ll now come Computex?


It’s not a pentium chip, it’s a celeron chip on the surbook.


Same thing, same architecture… They both suck equally bad :wink: actually celeron is usually even worse, but they’re so bad it’s not even worth comparing them…


Right, it says so on the indigogo campaign.
But when i was looking at the chuwi Website it just said Apollo lake and under Apollo lake there are both Pentium and celerons.


The V is doing quite good here…

EDIT: Just found out about this post…