Eve V vs. Competition!


IGZO-TFT and its applications are patented by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). Patents have been licensed to Samsung Electronics (in 2011) and Sharp (in 2012) - and it seems that LG Display has joined them (but they produce IGZO panels only for Apple as far as I know).

Surface Pro 4 display unit is from Samsung: 12.3 inch 3:2, 2736x1824 pixel 267 PPI, 10-point multi-touch, Samsung 123YL01-001 ID: SDC3853, IPS

Sourcing the displays from Korea (info from one of Konstantino’s posts) does point to Samsung and the same or similar display unit as on Surface Pro 4.

Samsung makes two displays units in 12,3 inch size and 2736 x 1824 resolution (part of specifications):

Information taken from: http://www.panelook.com/sizmodlist.php?sizes[]=1230

The listing on Panelook website doesn’t exclude that there is some other display panel manufacturer that isn’t on this list.


Thanks @Phil. Both sources are from HP, however I couldn’t find your document on the HP website, so maybe it’s outdated or they made a mistake either in the document you provided or in their website.


I’ll edit my post to include both


As @mirv listed, there are several makers of the similarly spec panels, but this is just the matrix and the backlight luminosity, which seem to be the marketing hype these days. There are however the a multitude of factors that determine how the final display performs. Just to name a few - the quality grade of the panel, colour accuracy, contrast ratio, viewing angles, response rate, fully laminated vs. not, full thickness of the glass assembly, anti reflective vs not, type of touch/pen matrix… All these factors affect the final display performance, along with the luminance levels.


What do you guys think about the new Macbook Pro with Touchbar against the V? I can’t decide which of both to take


Will you find the touchbar useful? I had a good think about it, and it looks cool, but in the end I couldn’t bring myself to imagine using it productively.


I think its quite useful for devices with no touchscreen, it offers simpler swiping interfaces that cant be (comfortably) offered by regular pointer. But we have touchscreen, so the whole screen is the touchbar.

I hate the fact that Apple refuses to add touchscreen to the Mac, while simultaneously selling the iPad Pro with a keyboard as a laptop replacement. Pick one side and stick to it.


If there is one thing i certainly don’t need on a laptop or pc, then it’s a touchscreen.


To me MacBook pro with touchbar is garbage I’d get V if i were you.


What would you use the touch bar for? I know from a fellow student at my university that he basically just uses it in Word for some options. And the rest is the same as the media keys for him. That wouldn’t be worth it to me. If you want it, then you should really look for possible use cases, I think. If it doesn’t bring enough plus then it’s just not worth buying.


The main benefit the Touch Bar offers, is that it includes Touch ID in the power button. Being able to log into the computer or into a website, or anywhere, just using a finger, is a great quality-of-life improvement.

Then again, the V also has a fingerprint reader…


There is also a pro model without the touch bar.
But only intel graphics lol


Eve V all the way. Just think about it, what are the benefits of that overpriced bitten fruit? I see none. Especially considering the price. With Eve V you get an active stylus, a handy tablet form factor, lower weight, totally silent operation… The list goes on and on.

The main advantage of that macbook is the CPU. i7-6700HQ is incomparably better than i7-7Y75. But then, there are good alternatives for half the price with the same specs.


The logging in thing is nice, but I use Dashlane, the password manager, which has an auto-login feature that works pretty flawlessly across my windows, mac and android devices, so I guess for most people that is easier than buying the new macbook pro.


Excellent comparison. One small question remains though: What would a person do with a terabyte of read-only memory (ROM), let alone 128GB of it? :grin: :grin:


Eve has to be careful not to offer too many config choices and models, all of which would have potentially different support and upgrade parameters

Too many companies have been eaten alive by support costs by having way too many options


Yeah I copy/paste from another post somewhere, I knew it felt wrong, I didn’t remember what it meant, but I didn’t pay much more attention… :sweat_smile:




I get it that the V has no competition, but closing this thread is taking things too far :stuck_out_tongue:


A new competitor has emerged.
I am a simple man. No USB A port, no purchase.