Eve V vs. Competition!


One of these statements is wrong. Pick one.

Those are the TDP value, but as far as I know, the TDP has little to do with battery consumption test, as the CPU spends most of the time idling, or bursting very quickly and go back to idle. The Core M can easily go past 4.5W in short bursts.

I think its more for people who upgrade regularly. If you bought an iPad 4 in 2012, for example, in 4 years you would be upgrading to the Air, Air 2, and Pro. It has nothing to do with durability.


Well yes, but I don’t know the testing conditions. The U processor will probably consume only slightly more while idle but if they test it under load it might easily consume about 3 times as much and if they put only some load on it this might make some difference :stuck_out_tongue:

A real life testing scenario doesn’t consist of leaving the device on and doing nothing after all.


Plus the fan for active cooling also needs some energy.


I pick the 2nd one :slight_smile:
But I have no idea what 20/20 means, so I’d say they can all be true.

Nope, that is only the case with Core M processors (or Y series). 15W processors don’t “race to sleep” so they spend way more time with higher frequencies.


That’s not what I was referring to, and I don’t believe it’s what the author was referring to.

I was referring to the point that many iPad owners will probably break the glass on their iPad long before that Logitech keyboard needs a battery replacement.
Even then, the keyboard will probably outlast multiple iPad models from a durability standpoint, if it’s built the way the other Logitech stuff I’ve seen and owned has been.


I have a Logitech G430 headset and I must say, I wouldn’t call it extra durable… It’s OK-ish, but my two friends managed to break theirs in half (on the headband) and the ear cups and microphone are peeling off like crazy. The left speaker is not working anymore, although I didn’t use it much. And there’s a squeeking noise when handling it, which appeared shortly after I bought it. Not to mention horrible sound quality, but that’s a different topic.


That hasn’t been my experience with Logitech, but then again I’ve only owned a couple of keyboards and mice through the years. They have been built to where I could drop them and they’d still work perfectly fine. My most recent purchase is about 4 years old now - it’s the Bluetooth tablet keyboard they made for Windows 8.1/RT. It’s still running strong, and I believe it’s only on it’s second (maybe third?) set of batteries as well. I’ve also got a wireless USB desktop keyboard about the same age that has held up well.


As any manufacturer, Apple had their share of crappy products, but in general their products tend to outlast the products from competing manufacturers. What’s more that I find interesting about Apple products is that their users tend to hold on to them quite a bit longer (talking about laptops here) and Apple has been actually pretty good at replacing defective/bad designs even for units that went out of warranty (ex. peeling anti reflective coating on 2-4y old machines). The only other manufacturer of laptops that I had good experience and truly high quality before was Sony Vaio, but those things were so darn expensive, even more than any Apple product. Too bad that Sony thing didn’t last as they tried to go down the market to get more sales… Microsoft has been catching up to Apple in terms of quality recently, and their in store service has been good (online service is horrible still). The SP3 that I owned was a true beast of machine, in a good way and took a lot of beatings. The SB was a disappointment though, and SP4 was a mixed bag as I did like it but it was buggy, battery life sucked and I had 3 of them replaced under warranty. At least they were nice in store to just swap the machines instead of making me wait months for a repair, like HP or Lenovo would do.

PS Since I sold my SP4 and managed to crash the other laptop I had, I am writing this from my long forgotten MBA 13 circa 2011-2012 that is holding me through to my V. I hope V will prove to be as resilient and outlive MBA


I too can say that my experience with Logitech products has been pretty good. I usually look at them first when choosing accessories. Although for over the ear headset nothing beats the Bose QuiteComfort :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and they are Boston local, so nice to support local economy


@Alexandr_Smirnov, I agree with everything you just said except for the above statement.

My experience with Microsoft products and customer service has been REALLY sub-par. I’d absolutely love to know where you were able to receive such good in-store service, as the 2 near me in Dallas, TX both seem to be run by people who don’t know their products. They’re nice people overall, but they just don’t know a darn thing about selling a product or their own warranty agreements on devices.


Haven’t tried that specific one :smiley: but I bet my AD900X beats pretty much everything out there :smile:


I guess it comes down to luck, and not consistent (sadly) The stores I’ve used for service were in Boston and LA and both were pretty prompt. That being said, I have no clue how knowledge they were as every time they took the device, fiddled with it for like 10-15 minutes, and then offered a replacement and the option to clone the drive. Which I chose and simply came back to pick up the device a few hours later or next day. This level of service was consistent with warranty service I got for my MacBooks before. The MS phone support was stupidly annoying though and always ended with them suggesting to bring device to MS store…


Nothing beats QuiteComfort :yum:
They are the only thing that can create quite serenity so that you can enjoy music in comfort


Well, when I put on my AD900X I can forget they’re there. They don’t put any weight on your head, any pressure on your ears, anything. They just stand there, no idea how, lol… And the sound quality is amazing.


Yeah, most of my dealings with them have been for Windows Mobile device support. I have never dealt with their call-in phone support (which is what I believe you’re referencing above), but my store experienced have been mostly them looking at my device and telling me to wait for the next Windows update to see if it fixes my problem.
3 versions of Windows 10 Mobile later, and I’m still experiencing the same problems. It’s been 6 months. When I went in a month ago, they gave me the same run-around. So much for a 2-year extended warranty.

In contrast, my wife went into the Apple store to get an iPad looked at once, and they replaced it on the spot. Difference was it had the blue screen of death (yes, on an iPad Air). Even the Apple techs were puzzled, as the device had never been dropped, and in their words “it looks brand new”. Also, almost forgot to mention - the iPad was just 2 days past its one year warranty period.

Maybe I just need a BSOD before Microsoft will believe me.


Do you have any picture of this? It could be some sort of easter egg that you discovered by accident…


Well is the _Quiet_Comfort quite comfort (pun intended) :wink:

The QuietComfort is a closed-back noise cancelling headphone and the AD900X is an open back one.

Even if we’re assuming they have equal sound quality from the drivers, they’re still quite different.

For example if you’re in a quiet room, the AD900X probably beats the QuietComfort, because open-back designs doesn’t block sound = no echoing = better sense of “room”

But the AD900X doesn’t isolate any sound, so if you’re on board a noisy jet, the QuiteComfort would probably be better.


I thought we were talking about comfort here… :smile:


HP Elite x2 1012 G2 (thanks @gunnmlo99):

This is HP’s business class, but some interesting specs nonetheless:

  • 12.3" @ 2736x1824
  • Kaby Lake U-series
  • 47 WHr
  • 5MP FFC
  • ~800g


Battery capacity by itself means nothing… They use a different class of processors…