Eve V vs. Competition!


C’mon don’t be too harsh.
It certainly has great build quality.
They’ve got the colour right at least… :heart_eyes:


its less about the resolution, but more on the quality of the panel itself, as I said before

2017’s version of the wholesale 1366x768 (read: TN crappy colors).

Though as I personally rarely see any blur with DPI scaling, probably because I mostly use UWP/WinRT apps, i would love to have higher resolution when possible.


But what does the higher resolution bring you? Do you really think you can see a difference? Try comparing FullHD to some ridiculously high resolution side-by-side on 11-13" screens. It’s really hard to see the difference. Movies come in FullHD, not that weird resolution SP4 uses. What else would you use it for?

Oh, and UWP apps are quite useless for a computer… Most of them are very obviously built for phones. I don’t use any of them, except a few preinstalled ones like calculator ;D


I think that’s great that you’re happy with 1080p and have apps that you prefer for your usage. I on the other hand, have extremely sharp and discerning eyesight. With my 2160x1440 surface pro 3, I can resolve individual pixels when using it at a comfortable distance for writing with the pen, and as such, I am very glad the V uses a higher resolution display.

I also find the UWP apps quite useful as they are lighter on battery. I use the OneNote app for writing because it integrates well with the full-screen tablet mode in windows 10 and does not drain battery as a Hummer uses gasoline. When I need a feature that is not present in the app, I simply jump over to the office program. I can leave the app open in the background as windows 10 suspends the process, as opposed to “legacy” apps that have no battery-sipping feature.

My point is, you are being quite belligerent and condescending (“Do you really think you see a difference?” and “UWP apps are quite useless for a computer”). We are all tolerant of each other here, and we must respect each other’s use cases and preferences. While this is certainly an open community and your opinions are valid and welcome, you do not need to be intolerant of others’ opinions.





I envy you.

No, seriously. Really really envy you. I’ve never met a person with such a sharp eye sight. And I thought my eyes were pretty good…


The reading and inking experience on the SP4 is much better than the SP3 due to the screen res. In fact, I think the screen is the biggest improvement that makes the SP4 worth the price premium over the SP3. The SP3 sometimes struggles when viewing a standard-sized book in 2-page view, or in split view with another app. Thats my experience from upgrading from the SP3 to the SP4 as a college student.

I think if you can notice the difference between 480p and 720p on a smartphone, you can see the difference here, as they have roughly the same PPI (200 and 270, respectively), and virtually everyone can see the difference. Get a pair of glasses or something.


Trust me, it’s more a curse than a gift. I went to my optometrist and he was astonished that I could tell the difference between the suggested corrective lenses and my true vision. Therefore, my cursed vision cost me $300 on a pair of glasses that I do not use anymore because it’s simply not worth the hassle for a total adjustment smaller than most people’s year-to-year adjustments.


Dunno, last time I checked my vision it was near perfect :smile: I just hold tablets further from my eyes than my phone. Oh, and I didn’t notice a difference going from W700 to V prototype, apart from obvious screen defects and that annoying blur.


The Miix 720 came out and is some pretty strong competition to the V.


Comparing only i5 Model.

$62 price difference between the two before shipping.

Eve V has Bluetooth keyboard advantage.
Mixx 720 has Wacom pen, depending on how you feel about that may matter. (Tilt support)
Higher resolution on Mixx 720.
Eve V has a 12 hour claim on 48 wh battery, Mixx 720 with 8 hour claim on 41 wh battery.
Eve V has an additional usb c style port.


Certainly looks good from the Website. Interesting with the Screen, because I remember it was said way back when that we wont use Wacom because there are no High-Res screens with the technology. It seems like there are some now. Too bad the i7 model doesn’t have 16GB RAM, that would certainly make it an even stronger competitor.


Well, since I worked hard to help narrow down the options for the final screen I’m pretty sure which model they used - and while I can’t talk about specifics, notice that there is no mention of screen brightness & contrast ratio anywhere to be found on the page? :wink:


This might be due to using Wacom AES vs EMR, not sure.

I did some digging through several sites and found some official information on brightness and contrast ratio.

Official site: 400 nit

Through reviews: 1353: 1 contrast ratio with Maximum: 419 cd/m² Average: 395.6 cd/m²

Monitor Model: AUO B120YAN01 / AUO106F

A few other trade offs are active cooling, and all the issues that come with active cooling.

I still believe the Eve V wins out overall, but they got pretty close with this one.


Well, that wasn’t long time ago… and I don’t keep my LCDs a centimeter away from my face, that would be stupid lol


This website www.isthisretina.com calculates what the standard of 20/20 vision could see. For a display with ~300 DPI, a distance of around 30 cm is the maximum distance where 20/20 vision will stop discerning the individual pixels. So, yeah, you’re off by 2900%.

Of course, not everybody has 20/20 vision, which is why glasses, not denial, exist.

I don’t know the track record of Lenovo when it comes to battery life claims, but 12h on the V, to be honest, seems to be optimistic based on what I see so far.

What’s impressive is that the Lenovo is about 15% lighter at ~750g, while still managed to pack active cooling.

Also from the notebookcheck review up there, the Lenovo managed to make it last 15% longer than the similarly-specced SP4, so the i3 model should be really good. (The m3 SP4 lasts 60% longer than the i7)

Could it be because of MOQ? Lenovo has the deep wallet to pay the MOQ amount for their orders.


Come on, I was exaggerating wih the centimeter :smile: Anyway, I don’t need glasses. That’s the point. If I needed glasses and didn’t wear them, I wouldn’t be talking about this.


Well the m3 is a 4.5W processor while the i7U is a 15W processor, right?


LOL - I love this comment the author makes:
". . . thanks to Logitech’s decision to power it with coin cell batteries instead of a lithium-ion alternative, you won’t have to replace the batteries in this particular Bluetooth-enabled device for up to 1,460 days based on daily usage of about two hours. Just think how many iPads you might go through on a single charge of the Slim Folio."

Durability - That’s something Apple still hasn’t gotten quite right.


This comment doesn’t make sense… The author implies that you replace lithium batteries often. But that’s not the case, you just recharge them. You can’t recharge an alkaline battery so you replace it often. This comment is like upside down, lol


I do not think that any ipad can last 4 years of 2h+ each day usage. Not the charge I, and I think the author too, am talking about the product itself.


Ironically, the main argument of most apple users is the durability…
I understand what you meant now, but I think the writer’s phrasing is a bit misleading, as it has nothing to do with the type of battery.