Eve V vs. Competition!


It’s all good, but thanks. I do see your points, and do I agree with some of them. As @Mauro_Agnoletto, we are all just very passionate here!


I don’t really care about the default scaling level, as I can turn it off and everything will still be readable. Or I can make it 200%, it’s my choice. But with higher resolutions, I can’t turn it off because every UI element would be tiny and impossible to read then. Even if it’s 200% or 300%, many applications are really blurry, because Windows scaling sucks like that.

@Patrick_Hermawan nah, FullHD is just perfect. I use it on my 11" W700 and it’s NO WAY too small. With 12" it would be slightly larger so even better. And it’s easy to use with touch. 768p is just too small because it doesn’t fit enough content on the screen for multitasking and also isn’t good for media consumption. Oh, and since we beat the world record for 7W processor performance, it also makes sense to have enough pixels for Photoshop and similar software with overcrowded GUI :wink:


No one else in the market? What about Sony Xperia XA, for an example? And Sharp looked serious about their “edgest” displays a few years ago…


I dont want to be a police here, but it would be super nice if we all keep the discussion on topic.


Acer disappoints. Again.

There aren’t any USPs (Unique Selling Points) besides that Liquid Cooling, which just isn’t enough…


Usually Acer is on point when talking about battery life, so that 10 hours could be real 10 hours. Though from my experience, they pulled that off by heavily throttling either the CPU or GPU. Anywan, depending on the features, RAM and storage, the Switch 3 at 499 can be a good deal Id say

Btw they also released a bunch of laptops, and I thought we already moved on past the not-so-good-anymore Full HD in 2017. Boy how wrong I was…

The Switch 5 is literally the only one available with higher than FHD resolution. The rest has to settle with the FHD screen, which I suppose is the 2017’s version of the wholesale 1366x768 (read: TN crappy colors).

But here’s my favorite part

integrated fingerprint sensor in the power button

As far as I know, we had it first.


Huawei was ahead of us with the Matebook.


Maybe in the case of 2in1’s but the basic idea/ inspiration for this was from SONY


It does also appear to support the upcoming universal stylus from Microsoft and Wacom, a clear step up for the original Switch’s Synaptics kindergartener-with-crayon-like penmanship monstrosity.



Who Wacom? It could well be N-trig.


"There’s the top-of-the-line Aspire 7 series, starting at $799. It’s the best of the lineup, with an aluminum case, Intel’s Kaby Lake processors, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 GPU, up to 32 GB of RAM. Storage wise, options include a HDD up to 2 TB oran SSD up to 512 GB. And like the Aspire 5, there’s a USB-C port. "

Pretty sure the base model doesn’t have a GTX 1060, but if it did, I know what to get…


Fyi, actual pricing of the surface in german advertising:

Surface pro4 i5 128gb pencil win 10
699 €

What does that mean for the pricing of our V from the regulare eve website after the campaign batches?


The 2015 SP4 models are approaching end-of-life. Since a few months it is becoming quite common to find good deals and special offers compared to the arguably high launch prices, and I expect to see even more from now until SP5 release, as vendors clear their stocks.
Still to consider though: if I understand correctly (my German is very very limited), this is the 4Gb model and the keyboard is not included (SP4 standard (not alcantara) keyboard comes around +100/120 Euro…) Then, of course, all these SP4 models have 6th gen Skylake processors (U-series, with active cooling system).
These SP4 deals are good and kind of more competitive for the Eve-V, but I think these aspects should be taken into account when doing the comparison. :slight_smile:


Microsoft might or might not announce the SP5 At their May 2nd Event, which is just 3 days away, but recent rumors say that it won’t be a huge difference from the SP4


V = Five in roman numerals
MS will show the V…
NEXT SP5 is actually the V!

Rumor confirmed!



Yes, I said the same stuff in another thread, but this thread really felt like the right place for this post.

Here’s a basic comparison of the Surface laptop (name is the most boring thing I’ve heard all day, and I’m a uni student) with the Eve V, based on the spec sheet.

  1. We’ve got a far better screen.
  2. 4 times as many USB ports (USB C and A combined)
  3. Superior audio quality with a high quality amp and quad speakers.
  4. Our device is detachable with a Bluetooth keyboard with multicolor backlight.
  5. More bang for the buck, for around the same cost (excluding shipping and tax) we get a device with twice the RAM and twice the storage.
  6. We probably have a better SSD than they do.
  7. Fingerprint sensor
  8. Thunderbolt 3 port that enables eGPU gaming.
  9. Fast charging thanks to the USB C ports.
  10. Can adjust TDP for more battery life or performance.
  11. One needs to install Windows Pro to actually get work done(depends on the user)
    Don’t get me wrong, the Surface Laptop gets a lot of stuff right. It’s got phenomenal battery life (if it actually achieves it), looks like a work of art, has a premium keyboard (just like us), a full sized SD card slot, and man, that blue :heart_eyes:

Eve V in the media

What on earth is with this battery life in this iPad keyboard case???


Specs and number wise the EVE V is so far unbeatable, as I was doing so much research on what can I get until I receive my V. However can we have some actual bench-marking ? ex: in game FPS, stress test, GPU,CPU heat etc… ?


FullHD is optimal at this size. You can still use it comfortably without any DPI scaling (and blur that comes with it). Higher resolutions basically force you to use DPI scaling and see that nasty blurred text anywhere. I’m glad Acer didn’t board the hype train and took an actually logical decision. I don’t see any use at all for higher resolutions, except for photo editing (but those devices are not meant for that anyway).


What exactly does the Surface laptop get right? Sorry I don’t see anything right with it.
On the serious side, I don’t think it should be compared to Eve V at all. It’s a laptop, it doesn’t have a tablet mode. We are in a totally different league…