Eve V vs. Competition!


The only issue is Apollo Lake’s Intel HD Graphics is already a bit underpowered compared to Core’s and it already struggles with web browsing and the 3D UI in Windows 10 at full HD. Attempting to push a QHD/4K-level (2560x1440/3840x2160) resolution in the Surface Pro 4 screen (2736x1824) while doing those same ordinary tasks with just Apollo Lake will make for a very sluggish user experience.


I don’t really know what to add to my previous answer:

  • I think that your brother made a good deal with that special offer price (regular price is higher); :thumbsup:
  • as @SyrtakiVampir already mentioned and you also seemingly admitted, I don’t think we are comparing devices in the same class, since your brother machine does not detach (nor have a 360° hinge, correct me if I’m wrong) and has an active cooling system. Therefore prices are not directly comparable.

Anyway, out of curiosity, how much was the Eve-V i7 at the IGG prices once converted in CAD and with GST applied? Was it really that near to 2437.40 CAD?
With the order information you posted in your earlier post about the Dell XPS 13, I get a 2156 CAD price-tag (before taxes, 13% GST if I’m not wrong) which is really more near $1600 USD than the $1493 USD you initially indicated. Please, feel free to correct my conversion, it might indeed be wrong - my CAD conversions have become a bit rusted. However, if the two devices were indeed in the same class, I would not call this kind price difference ($150 USD before taxes, or around $200 CAD before taxes) minimal, but I would agree that this could be a subjective perception… :wink:


If it helps, my post indiegogo balance of 738 USD came to 999 CAD…that gives a rate of 1.354


It doesn’t have to be a Surface phone, and in all honesty, I don’t think the traditionally talked about Surface phone is a good idea. I really don’t think it’s a good idea to have an Intel processor running on a phone, from a security and heat producing standpoint.
I would just like Microsoft to come up with something that would blow other companies out of the water - And actually get the credit for it.


YES, really. Plus edge to edge displays are SO overrated! How are you supposed to hold the phone and actually use it if the whole damn thing is a screen!!?? Samsung and Apple have been chasing this pipe dream for years and the only difference is Apple actually came to their senses, and made the phone usable.

Actually, no this is a Nokia rip off from the Lumia 1520 days. Apple tried to appeal to the masses by making it slightly smaller (5.5-inch). But either way, Nokia had this long before any other competitors. And Nokia had sense to still make the phone usable (buttons and something to hold) and stylish (color).

No this is a blatant Microsoft ripoff. As soon as Windows Hello came out, Samsung could see nothing better than to try and copy it for their own uses, especially after the “7” debacle. I only wish that Microsoft would take them to court over this.

Another BLATANT Nokia and Microsoft ripoff. Once Samsung realized how much people would clamor for it, they decided to popularize it and claim it as their own.

[quote=“Mauro_Agnoletto, post:237, topic:2290”]
The usb-c connector WITH 3.5 jack is an iPhone 7 ripoff? REALLY?
[/quote] Ahem, yes. Yes it is. LOL. See notes above.

My entire point of this discussion is that Samsung doesn’t know how to invent anything new. They completely copy and use other companies ideas to their benefit, usually well trying to avoid patent infringement. Apple should have tore Samsung apart in that patent infringement lawsuit years ago, but unfortunately the United States’ court system did not see it that way.


Yes, Samsung’s phones do look like they came from the 90s.


But then in the same way, literally anyone else who has those features is copying the one company who first brought it to the market. By that logic, apple ripped off a touch screen, camera in the phone, headphone jack, and a whole host of things, so i’m not sure how well that argument holds up. Also, are you saying that the same applies to every other manufacturer, HTC, LG et al.?


…and I repeat…get off your Apple pedestal

To QUOTE your post:
“It’s a COMPLETE RIPOFF of the iPhone 7, in function and design”

I never said that Samsung invented those technologies, nobody did.
They are patented techs which company can built upon and develop, by paying rights. But Apple has NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM! NOT ONE!

Only a blind apple fan would state that (and I’m QUOTING YOU AGAIN):
It’s a COMPLETE RIPOFF of the iPhone 7, in function and design.

…but don’t worry. This year your precious Apple might introduce wireless charging or quick charging and tell you that they invented it.
So you’ll be a happy Apple fan again and you will continue your crusade believing that Apple has created every technology on earth and all others can do is copy them.

Btw, I love Apple design and I believe that without them we would still be using ugly phones and laptops
…but that doesn’t mean believing all the crap they tell you!


You’re wasting your energy acting as if I’m an Apple diehard while clearly you’re a Samsung diehard.
I’ve never even owned an iPhone. Also I don’t believe anybody’s crap - that’s exactly why I don’t like Samsung. Their full of crap.

At best, I’m a Nokia diehard. And I like Microsoft software, but currently I don’t feel I can trust them anymore as a hardware customer.

I’m actually surprised nobody compared the Eve V to a Surface clone in their arguments. To me, that’s a different case entirely.

But I don’t want to have this thread hijacked, so let’s end this discussion here.


My last comment was a bit tongue-in-cheek. I don’t believe that individual parts can be patent-infringed upon, but when you put them together in a very, VERY similar way, then yes, that is patent infringement.
Then again, for all I know Samsung may be paying royalties to all of these companies and just be making money off of it.


Create your own discussion about Apple vs. Samsung phones somewhere else - this one is EVE V vs. Competition …


You seem to be conflating models here.

The 9360 is a traditional laptop with a U-series processor and a sizable battery. With the base 1080p display, it can sniff at 13 hours of light-ish use; the touch screen option is usually paired with a 4K display and doesn’t get near that. This device is in a very different category.

The 9365 is a convertible with a 360° hinge, Y-series processor and downsized battery. This is a closer comparison.


@Mauro_Agnoletto, @benej98, & to anyone else:

Sorry for being hot-headed earlier. I don’t feel as if I acted as i would expect someone else in this community to.


I personally find the edge-to-edge display quite asethically pleasing, the real thing looks better than they do on media - after my friend show him his phone.

And no one else in the market is using this design.

This is from a person who dislikes Samsung smartphones because of their crappy OS and crappy bloatware.


I think its a matter of the segment of the market that you want to get. In most cases, its less profitable for Chuwi (and arguably, Eve) to go head-to-head; so Chuwi chose to target the people who prefer cheaper device with lesser specs, and I think (so far) they kind of succeeded in filling the gap that the V left. I wouldnt be surprised if the Chuwi is priced somewhere between $300 to $500.

Just wanted to agree with this. I mentioned before that I got a Chuwi Hi12 as a sort of “stop-gap” device, and I gotta say in my (obviously anecdotal) experience, it’s been a fine workhorse for the basic stuff I throw at it. I did do some minor tweaks to improve performance and it’s obviously not super zippy, but as someone who for contrast uses a desktop basically every day for gaming/work I haven’t found it to be particularly sluggish for basic stuff like Word, browsing, even driving an external monitor for PPTs and stuff. Given that the sum investment was around $230 plus a few hours of tinkering, I’m pretty satisfied, and I’m definitely interested in the SurBook since it seems to rectify my two big complaints (no kickstand, awkward to detach/attach keyboard) and comes with a slight spec bump to boot. We’ll have to see how it’s priced, but given that a big part of Eve’s appeal is being the affordable alternative to the big names, I hope they continue to price aggressively and try to convince people that extra $300-500 is worth it. I don’t think anyone’s fooling themselves thinking the SurBook is going to be the same high-quality as the V, but if it’s 1/3 of the price, that may be a moot point, especially if people are willing to do the phone thing and basically cycle up to a better model semi-regularly.


Nothing to apologise about.
We are all really passionate about our technology, that’s the reason why we are here.
You don’t own an iphone, and I own a very old Galaxy note 4 which I would gladly throw away if Eve made me a decent phone!


Honestly, I think FullHD would have been a much better choice for Pyramid Flipper.

First of all, no media comes in our weird resolution. Everything is either FullHD or 4K (which we don’t have). Secondly, now we’re forced to use DPI scaling and see those blurry fonts everywhere…

So, I think this is where Samsung really made the right decision. 10" is even smaller, so going beyond FullHD just makes no sense.


Ffffsss… Come on. Do you REALLY think that way? Crapple can’t invent. Samsung can’t invent. No one of them can invent anything new and we all know that. They both copy others’ ideas and them suing each other is stupid to say the least, because they’re both equally pathetic.


Only problem: The default scaling level in Windows for 1920x1080 (http://forum.tabletpcreview.com/threads/dell-venue-11-pro-dpi-too-high.60427/), 1920x1280 and 2160x1440 is 150%. Text, images and other displayed context ends up far too small if you turn this off. So the only real benefit is the pixel-for-pixel rendering for graphical media only in the case of 1920x1080 and 1920x1280. (The Galaxy Book 12 uses the Surface Pro 3’s resolution of 2160x1440, therefore not showing any of the benefits you note.) In addition, the new scaling filter in Creators Update has vastly improved over prior versions of Windows, largely resolving this issue. For better video scaling, I suggest using MPC-HC and selecting one of the Bicubic options under the Resizer setting (http://www.svp-team.com/forum/misc.php?action=pun_attachment&item=4064&download=0), or using Kodi and selecting the option Bicubic under Video scaling method (https://cdn.htpcbeginner.com/images/2015/12/04-Kodi-Video-Settings-OSD-menu.jpg). I have a library of literally thousands of videos at Full HD ripped directly from their original Blu-ray sources and Bicubic filtering works wonderfully. Here is an example of filtering algorithms used for upscaling DVD video:


[quote=“pauliunas, post:261, topic:2290, full:true”]
Honestly, I think FullHD would have been a much better choice for Pyramid Flipper.[/quote]

[quote=“pauliunas, post:261, topic:2290, full:true”]
we’re forced to use DPI scaling and see those blurry fonts everywhere…[/quote]
I think 1366x768 is the best choice if you want to avoid DPI scaling. There is no DPI scaling required at all since it is roughly 125 DPI, and Windows was designed for 96 DPI for desktop computer (which is viewed from larger distance than tablets). On the other hand, Full HD is around 180 DPI, which is too high.

Actually, a tablet thats primarily used with touchscreen, the target click/touch point should be larger than it is on a desktop computer, so we need lower than 96 DPI. I think 1024 x 600 would be perfect for the V.

That is it, for the Eve V2 or whatever its called, lets use 1024 x 600 resolution!