Eve V vs. Competition!


And oh man I don’t envy those Chuwi backers:(

Because we ve seen plenty of Chuwi’s stuff:)


I have seen the chuwi surbook in the notebookcheck website with his poor specs and the V is more powerful and awesome rather than the chuwi surbook.


Click, sees Applo Lake, frowns :frowning:, no thank you.

I don’t need a 12" tablet 2-in-1 that can’t do much more than what an iPad can.


First review I’ve seen on this one:


I am glad the industry is already taking notice and trying to follow Eve’s lead. I must say, though: they are failing miserably for a first attempt. I am sad Chuwi only learned half of the lesson from Eve and is using that entry-level Intel Atom 2.0/Apollo Lake processor. That tablet will crawl worse than a baby with pneumonia just trying to push all those pixels in a Surface Pro 4-resolution display.


Completely understand that. I find Samsung to be the most overhyped electronics brand on the planet right now. Poor quality and all!


THANK YOU for sticking to your morals on this, and working toward a quality device!


I couldn’t agree more. They marred their name after their Note 7 incident so they should think twice before pricing as if nothing ever happened.


I felt this way long before the Note 7 incident, but that just proved what I always knew all along.
I get sick to my stomach when I hear people talking about Samsung like it’s the best electronics brand on the planet. Most of them never knew the likes of Nokia, Sharp, or Motorola!


I always have and always will think of Samsung as just a great display and memory company and nothing more. Mostly all of their other efforts are just ostentatious copycat designs they steal from lesser-known brands, who never get the praise or recognition they rightly deserve due to a lack of funds for marketing.


I happened by a Best Buy (electronics retailer) today, and got a glimpse of the S8. It’s a COMPLETE RIPOFF of the iPhone 7, in function and design.
I’d be surprised if there wasn’t another lawsuit coming their way from Apple!

Seriously hoping that Microsoft comes up with something that blows them both out of the water, but I’m doubtful.


Ah… Microsoft’s ever elusive unicorn device, the Surface Phone. They have their chance, but I am doubtful it will ever materialize, especially now when Microsoft seems to be teaming up with Samsung. All that remains is for Microsoft to formally admit defeat in the smartphone space. But knowing them, they never will:


I mean, REALLY?
The edge to edge display is an iPhone 7 ripoff? REALLY?
The 6.2" display is an iPhone 7 ripoff? REALLY?
The iris scanner is an iPhone 7 ripoff? REALLY?
The wireless charging is an iPhone 7 ripoff? REALLY?
The usb-c connector WITH 3.5 jack is an iPhone 7 ripoff? REALLY?
Etc. Etc. Etc.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to defend Samsung here, but you should try to get down from your Apple pedestal and open your eyes.
Apart from design, the iPhone had been constantly 2-3 years behind most of the others phones on the planet.
If you believe that Apple is the one being ripped off, it’s just another proof of how good their marketing is.


I’ll ignore the comments about bad quality (where I’m not sure how you get to them, looking at the latest Samsung Phones), but ripoff of design and features you’ll have to justify. As @Mauro_Agnoletto Said, I really can’t see how Samsung ripped off apple, if anything apple will do that this year with their new phones.



Can we stick to the topic please - how are phones competitors to the V?


Ehm what? They look completely different where the other has design from the 90s and the other from this century. I know Apple people can sometimes be completely blind to competition (yes I use iPhone 7 at work) but this is kind of way over the top really.


My brother was over again for the weekend and mentioned that the Dell XPS 9360 has a touch screen or “tablet mode”. I’ve also read some of the review sites and they also mention this. So it’s basically a 2 in 1 without the ability to detach the keyboard. I’m not sure what the purpose of having a touch screen is if you can’t detach the keyboard but w/e. The screen is also gorgeous and the laptop has 13 hours of battery life under heavy use, 22 hours under light use.

I’m happy that I went with the Eve V, but the price advantage when compared to everyone else besides Microsoft is minimal.


Let me just quote myself here:

If you put everything in a tablet without active cooling then things are completely different compared to the space you have in a laptop :wink:


I think its a matter of the segment of the market that you want to get. In most cases, its less profitable for Chuwi (and arguably, Eve) to go head-to-head; so Chuwi chose to target the people who prefer cheaper device with lesser specs, and I think (so far) they kind of succeeded in filling the gap that the V left. I wouldnt be surprised if the Chuwi is priced somewhere between $300 to $500.

Of course Apollo Lake is going to be slower than Core M, because it is meant to be. But remember, not a lot of people need to do 3D CAD or play Civilization V on their tablet. Some just needs it for Office, taking handwritten notes, annotating PDF, etc., for which the Apollo Lake is sufficient.

This actually rises an important point, because normally manufacturers dont match Atom-class CPU with such high resolution screen or higher than 4 GB RAM. Heck, the vast majority of Core m3 devices dont even have that.


Yeah, you’re right, iris scanner was a ripoff of Nokia/Microsoft, not Apple :wink: Anyways, wireless charging and USB-C could be misconstrued as ripoffs from other manufacturers, but in reality they are standards that can be used by anyone. Also, iPhones still don’t have wireless charging as far as I know lol.