Eve V vs. Competition!


Additionally, there seem to be touch and no-touch versions of the regular model… This one is no-touch so it’s absolutely not a competitor at all to Eve V :wink:


In the UK the XPS 2in1 i7-7Y75 / 8GB / 512GB 3200x 1800 is £1669 list before any deals. The code is 9365

the 9360 is the XPS laptop - £1549 for 16.512 and 3200x1800 i7-7660U touch enables (not all XPS are!)

Interesting 512 to 1TB pci SSD is an extra £100


I also “googled” it, but the descreption was pretty clear - i think the number doesn’t define the whole configuration!


Ah, OK. For some reason google only displayed non-touch results in the first page when I googled it… But either case it’s still not a convertible :slight_smile:


Just passing by the Microsoft store. ANyone need anything?

I jest I jest. :sweat_smile:


Hmmm… Galaxy Book LTE available at Verizon Wireless starting April 21; Galaxy Book Wi-Fi pre-orders begin April 21 with in-store availability on May 21.

"Starting April 21, Galaxy Book 12-inch LTE model will be available at Verizon Wireless for $1,299.99. Catering to an always connected lifestyle, Galaxy Book LTE model lets users be productive anytime, anywhere through a secure wireless network.

Pre-orders for Wi-Fi models of Galaxy Book 12-inch at $1,129.99* and 10.6-inch at $629.99* also begin April 21 at Samsung.com and select retailers including Best Buy, with general availability starting May 21. The Galaxy Book will be available in Silver nationwide, and Black exclusively at Best Buy."


An Xbox One controller still counts, right? :wink:


Translated: absolute ripoff for the Galaxy Book 12, and penny pinching on components (eMMC in 2017? Just one port, USB-C? Just a full HD display in 2017?) in the Galaxy Book 10.


For anyone who purchases an LTE laptop, please don’t sit with it on your lap. I know it’s a “laptop” but the radiation has been linked to male infertility.


Corporate Bulls…
It’s Samsung so not for my anyways.


Its more of a matter of preference. Some people prefer to not deal with scaling and keep the low resolution.

Here I quoted recent conversation in this forum

I expect a lot more tech illiterate people outside to prefer low resolution screen.


The only problem with this is scaling does end up being turned on by default at a non-whole number multiple. As I recall, my Surface 3, at the same screen resolution and basically the same screen size (10.8" versus 10.6") as the Galaxy Book 10, had a non-whole number scaling setting of 150% or so. If you turn it down to 100%, good luck trying to read anything off the display. If you turn it up to 200%, it is way too large on the display. On the other hand, the Surface Pro 4 (at 2734x1824) and iPad Air clone Windows tablets (at 2048x1536) use a default scaling of 200%, a whole number multiple, which ends up much less foggy while still adequately sized. The Galaxy Book 12 also happens to have the same screen resolution, screen size and scaling problem as the Surface Pro 3, which also had a 150% default scaling factor. That is why I am not too happy about the display resolution selection of the Galaxy Book series. Samsung’s done goofed on this, to save money no doubt. As for the non-tech-savvy people I know (I do a lot of courtesy debugging and repairs for friends and fellow college students around my campus), most of them have no idea what scaling is or even care and just leave their devices at the default settings.


announcement from Fujitsu:
mobile thin client ,13,3 screen, 799 gr, $1450 USD


sorry, missed something: FUJITSU MU937


It’s not a 2-in-1 device!
Press Release


That’s even more “Wow”.
How did they build a 13.3" laptop less than 800 grams?


Answer: Carbon nanotube technology.

“Thing is, LG’s laptop probably will last quite a bit longer than the previous version. The company says it used carbon nanotube technology to create a 60Wh battery – nearly double the capacity of the previous 34.6Wh pack, and bigger than the one in Apple’s new 13-inch MacBook Pro – without increasing the laptop’s incredibly light weight of about 2.1 pounds (about 0.9 kilograms).”


Can the next Eve tablet have carbon nanotube batteries? :smiley:

Concept: The world's first crowd-designed 10-inch tablet: the Eve V Air!

Definitely! That would be awesome!


Congratulation guys and girls, we all have made an impact in the industry. Chuwi had just announced the Surbook, and in a lot of ways, it took a few memos from the Eve V


It features high resolution screen, large battery, 3 USB ports, and 6 GB RAM as standard. If that’s not enough, they also launch it in IGG, which is unusual for Chuwi.


Lol nice! We noticed :slight_smile:
Actually Chuwi few month ago has contacted us offering to work together but we were not interested :slight_smile:

Best thing is that its quite useless to pay catch up game:)