Eve V vs. Competition!


Hi guys!

This is a thread in which Eve V will be compared to what’s available in the market. Feel free to add your suggestions and comparison requests! Make sure to read the final specifications thread here

First on the line is Eve V vs. the Kingpin of our industry :grimacing:

1. Eve V vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Eve V - The Unbeatable?

  • Unbeatable!
  • No
  • I don’t know yet. Depends on Price:)

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A New Challenger Approaches... And Fails to Defeat the V
Another runner up - ASUS Transformer 3 T305CA
Lenovo Miix 720 (merged discussion topic)
Guess the price! Win your Eve V i7 for free


AAAGGHH So much goodness!!!


I’m sorry but I had to vote no, since there is no option to vote I don’t know yet I voted don’t know yet, for one it depends on the price and also the new naming of intel processors is confusing and EVE’s don’t beat the SP4’s right in power right?


Cheers for observation i’ll change it!

@Huibie done!


That pic is really cool, now can’t wait for January (New Year is gonna be awesome ).


The dedicated headphone amplifier gave me a big smile : )


Yeah, whatever “dedicated” means :slight_smile: I’d like to hear the actual model, because any DAC can be called “dedicated” :stuck_out_tongue:


If the 7th Gen Processors that are included are using Iris graphics sure it beats it but its just using the standard then I’m not too sure depending on price.


Until now, only i7 chips came with Iris graphics. But we have eGPU :slight_smile:


Yup dream setup if its Razer Core compatible :smiley:


Maybe Eve Core compatible sounds better? Of course if the price is right :smiley:


The specs are certainly better than surface pro 4 but I’m slightly concerned about surface pro 5 specs with pen pressure levels and screen resolution. EVE V is still a good product so it all comes down to the pricing of EVE V.

Need a prototype ASAP!!!


As it looks right now the V will be the best 2in1 for, lets say, the next 2 years. Ofc processors will get better, but else?


well . im gonna sell surface pro 4 asap. and put my money here i love so much indy business. imo they deliver better product and so near with customer. i wanna be the part of the early bird


Keep in mind that SP5 will be out early next year. So your real competition would be with SP5 and not SP4.


Hmmm, Eve “V” as in 5, as in Surface Pro 5? With MS backing this product, I wouldn’t be surprised if these devices are one and the same!


I dont think it ll come early next year :smiley: But maybe those are just rumours :slight_smile:


Nope. The V is for flipped pyramid (I mean, look at that keyboard, it has a triangle on the V key).

@johnnytesttest you will have to earn a prototype if you want to get one :slight_smile:


Maybe the Flipped Pyramid was some real meta thinking by Microsoft and @Konstantinos :joy: