Eve V vs Asus Transformer 3 Pro


Hi everybody
First of all I would like to congratulate the entire Eve Tech team for their work and passion.

The project you have created and completely crazy and I sincerely believe that you will go far!

I have been watching you for 1 month now so I decided to register =)

I’m not involved on indiegogo and so I know I could not have an Eve before a long time … it’s so sad !!!

I try to be patient but the wait is horrible and I still full what follows the project since the beginning, courage guys you would soon!

If I understand the store should open in December?

It is clear that the project Eve and the tablet in itself is a killing! and that it exceeds by far the surface pro!

But I just saw that Asus had the Transformer 3 Pro out and so I wondered in front of the superb and beautiful Eve who would take it away?


Transformer 3 pro has been in the market for 1 year. Perhaps u can find alternative solutions, with newer models.
I looked at t transformer 3 pro in the past too, and reviews suggested that the screens are not good


Well, while the V hasn’t been released yet, it uses a year old processor (and other components for that matter). So you know, it’s on par with other year old products on that front…


Honestly, in my point of view ,many have bought asus thunderbolt 3 due to its thunderbolt connection which could have tremendous implications and for the port selection.Secondly I would say that the price was a factor too that influenced people mostly including the consumer’s report (or something like that) which stated that the Microsoft surface pro is no longer a viable product as a lot of products were returned for repairing.
If the v will have such a good market opening so that it can stand near a surface laptop at a store , I strongly belive that it will be a market leader.