Eve V v2 with Windows 11 compatibility

Just want to check with the development of the new up and coming Eve V v2 if it will be compatible with Windows 11. I already pre-order the new Eve V and I just check my Eve V v1 and it is not compatible for an upgrade due to the CPU and maybe the TPM chip.

Will you be able to verify if this will pass the Windows 11 requirement as it will most likely be rolled out when the new Eve V roll out also if everything goes well.


Hey @azn804,
I’ve passed your queries in-regards to Windows 11 functionality on the new V onto the team. I will get back to you as soon as I’ve retrieved relevant data to better answer your queries.


Thank you for this. Want to make sure this will be compatible with the upgrade especially since the news of Windows 11 was just announced.


I can confirm, the new V will support secure boot! My understanding on this is that the new V will be compatible with windows 11.


Is it possible that the new V2 will be able to come with Windows 11 bloatware-free instead of Windows 10 Pro or will upgrading to Windows 11 even come with bloatware? I just don’t want the bloatware. If upgrading to Windows 11 doesn’t come with the bloatware, then that is no problem but I just don’t want to deal with bloatware that may come with the new Windows 11 upgrade. Sorry about the redundancy, as you can tell, I’m not a bloatware fan. :joy: