Eve V Update March 28th: final colors, performance, keyboard & more!


Hello Guys.

Sorry for the “late” update. There was a lil’ miscomm between me and @iKirin about the schedules:D

We know you guys deserve to know everything that’s going on. (no new delay announcements here :smiley: ).

If you want to get a better picture of the current R&D status, its good to know where we stood last time. In case you missed it, you can check out the previous update HERE :wink:

I will try writing updates each week. Alternatively we could consider doing those FAQ-style videos, pioneered by @Konstantinos & @iKirin

If we could do videos, which one would you prefer?

  • Both are OK
  • Q&A style videos
  • Posts such as this

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Now we got that sorted about above, its time to sort out the recent developments.

Generally speaking apart from a bare few issues we are mostly looking at stuff now that is software related. That’s why it seems likely that there will be no further delays. If we had done this kind of product before, we would know exactly what to except, but of course when something new is being done, things can change. :slight_smile:

For clarity, I’ll be quoting my previous post about the issues and writing the updates after the quotes :slight_smile:

The V’s Aluminum Chassis:

Last time we emphasized the importance of design design details as contributing factors to overall feel of the product:

We also listed some additional design details we were scrutinizing;

I’m happy to say that all these points have now been fully resolved and alongside the final color of the V - confirmed. We were especially happy to see that already the first prototype of the adjusted fingerprint reader / powerbutton was something we were happy with. :slight_smile:

The housing is ready to enter mass production We will start production really soon.

The only thing that is left to confirm are the certification numbers, which we will laser on the kickstand after the certifications are completed.

Previously, we also spoke about the new heat dissipation system:

And now the results are final!
All the V’s will be able to run at 7W power 100% of the time (provided ambient temperature does not significantly exceed that of 25 degrees celsius). That’s passively cooled, and completely silent.

What that means is that: The V’s i5 can offer more performance than some much higher rated fan-cooled CPUs! The V’s i5 version can go head-to-head with Asus Transformer Pro 3’s i7 version on its single-core (cinebench 15) performance, despite the latter being fed more than twice as much power (15W) and being actively cooled by fans.
Even in the multi-core we did beat the Transformer Pro 3 - not by a as large amount but the Asus is actively cooled while you won’t hear a single whirr from a fan in the V.

So as you see folks, not all processors end up the same :wink:

The V Wireless Keyboard

We’ve done 2 rounds from last time, which have led to the following improvements;

The flex
Most of the flex has been eliminated, by;

  1. adjusting the amount of used fabric between the bezel bar and the pogo pin connector bar in the keyboard
  2. structural & mechanical design improvements
  3. attaching the keyboard module more prudently to its chassis (previously in some prototypes the module would jump up and down - by around 1-2mm - when pressing on keys in the middle area).

There is still a small amount of flex, but much less than before. Middle flex (3) has been completely eliminated and the flex whilst magnetically docked to bezel is almost completely eliminated (1).

With the with the current improvements, the trackpad click is not jeopardizd / affected anymore:

  • when the keyboard is docked magnetically (flat or with angle to the bezel bar)
  • used wirelessly, supported from both sides

but it still clicks too easy if the keyboard is only supported from the middle of it, like this (red arrows showing the direction of force):

We’re working hard to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Last time we were reporting in the following improvements being done;

the undergoing improvements included:

The bluetooth frecuency is still under research and development.
The signal has already been improved but its not yet on the level of our standards.
The connection itself happens reliably but the frecuency is too low, resulting in some latency with the mouse or even whilst typing - if you’re a fast typer :smiley:

This is something, of course, we wan’t to make sure is not present in any device we ship!

The gesture recognition was successfully completed on the previous round of motherboard updates. The trackpad now recognizes cestures even when the fingers are tightly next to each other, something that was not the case previously.

We’re still expecting the motherboard to be soon updated to function with Alt+F4 without pressing FN.

We can’t significantly improve the fingerprint resistance of the keys without sacrificing the clean design of the keyboard, as the key colors would dramatically change. We’ve improved the key finish to the best of our abilities, but now it has been locked down for us to meet the production timeline at the end of April.

In addition to the above improvements, we also locked in the previously improved and finalized colors:

Golden samples of cosmetics of the V keyboard

We also researched why the keyboard cannot save all settings that user inputs from mouse/touchpad settings in Windows. The for this issue is OS related. We heard from our engineers is that PTP (windows precision touchpad) works USB-protocol-only, meaning that trackpad connected wirelessly doesn’t qualify for the standard.


@Mike thanks for the update and once again for the hard work of the entire Eve team :slight_smile:

It’s important to keep us fed with information like this you know :wink:

I would personally prefer posts like this, but don’t mind video FAQs you mentioned, especially if someone is going to write minutes about it :joy:


Thanks @Mike for the update, obviously everyone is expecting (good) news about the product and it’s delivery.

Good to know that the delivery is on the (latest) schedule and excellent that the perfomance of the V isn’t restricted by the temperature even with 7W performance level.

Any news about the SSD power consumption figures and the final SSD selected?


@mirv we already got numbers from almost all of the SSD s we will get back with final numbers and options in the end of the week once we test few more.

Currently power consumption was best on Samsung 960 and worst 600mw on Evo 850. Intel SSD had around 200mw consumption


Oh, that’s pretty surprising :open_mouth:

Is that consumption under load to test the battery life of the Eve V ?


If you could make video of the new keyboard with less flex, community would be able to see the improvement right away.

Posts are good, because you can refer them easier, but videos are great if you have something to show that can be explained better when shown.


Yep it is under battery life.


Does that mean we will decide which SSD to use at the end of the week here at the community?


Multicore benchmark was 232 with my prototype :slight_smile:


Posts are easier to read fast. I prefer posts for information, because it took me more than an hour to watch all videos the last time (not to get me wrong: the videos were awesome and I liked them very much). But it would be nonetheless cool if there are always good quality pictures or even videos (if it makes sense) in the posts to demonstrate certain things.


I don’t think the flex comes from that part… It comes from the part between bezel bar and the keyboard itself…The one between pogo pins and bezel bar is held tight by magnets so no issue here. I really hope you fixed that part too!


I happy to see that the device is going well, can’t wait to purchase one!

I have two question :
1- will you guys sell a version where the letters are on the top side, or will it only be this ?
2- if I engraved the keyboard keycaps at the sides ( to add my local language), will it be backlit ?


Hi @abdul-wahab_hawsawi!

  1. Every keyboard will have the keys centered for a more consistent & nice look.
  2. If you chose to laser-engrave the letters on the keycaps (and can do that - I’m not sure as I’m not too knowledgeable in this matter) then as far as my knowledge goes they should be backlit.


Thanks for the update!

I’m especially interested to know whether the “palm rejection” bug Pauliunas reported has been fixed (not sure if I missed it somewhere in the post)


Link to bug report thread


hurray, that’s ingenious. Will this be the case for all modifier keys (ctrl, shift, alt, win) in combination with F1-F12? I keep asking this for months and never get a response… :sob:


funny, that’s contrary to the numbers from all reviews where Evo 850 was always top. I really wonder why SDs behave so differently in different devices and test scenarios. Makes it really hard to make an educated decision based on reviews.


To be fair to the reviewers, they base thos numbers by disabling some NVME power saving features, because of inconsistent implementations.

@Konstantinos That’s awesome to see, thanks! Can you guys also look into performance changes on/off Battery for the drives? I’ve seen a lot of discussion on NVME slowing down aggressively to obtain those power savings, so it be nice to factor that in (along with other performance changes between the drives, of course!). You guys are great, this is so exciting! :grin: .


If I had to guess, the 960 EVO has received firmware updates over time. As you can see, the 950 Pro performed very well, much better than its twin SM951 that didnt see as many firmware updates. The Intel 600p is probably down to Intel’s engineering support on optimizing and/or integrating the SSD to the rest of the system.


@Mike and @Konstantinos, in the picture of the keyboard, the printing of the keys are still not centred properly (the * is not directly above the 8 for example)

Is this still a planned fix?


Am I the only one who is confused by this statement?
What does this mean, exactly, from a user standpoint? Are keyboard settings not being saved?