[Eve V Status] Eve V Speakers, Pen magnet, Keyboard, Manufacturing & MORE!


Great progress. Seems like its ready to go on production.

Is it possible to implement it with proprietary wireless solution? I dont mind leaving BT functionality for other devices if that means i could get top-notch touchpad performance. I think its probably too late to change for now, but it would be a nice addition for the next generation


Great update!
Can’t wait to get my V


They probably could do this! :smiley: Now, the first method would probably mean the keyboard would have to be pre-paired or matched with the corresponding on-board receiver chip in-factory. This would be a bad approach, especially if the keyboard failed. However, there are also virtualized means for implementing the USB protocol as well. Though Microsoft’s Xbox wireless controller technology is strictly proprietary, it is well known that it uses Wi-Fi and I imagine it is some spin off of USB over Wi-Fi:



@exialpho, exactly that would be quite stupid :slight_smile:

Yes it is in our bug list! Fixing it!


This has been pointed out before, but I am so glad the keyboard comes with both a left and a right Ctrl key. This is simply invaluable for working with virtual machines, advanced text editors, and even some flight simulators where the right Ctrl key is often assigned by default. The Surface covers and other tablet keyboards have omitted this very useful key for some time, instead opting for Alt (for Ctrl+Alt+Del?). This especially intricate attention detail is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


There has to be another solution. Until recently I had a Guang ZAP CWBT-31 V1 (Died an horrible dead by means of scalding coffee and being thrown across the room Konstantinos style: :stuck_out_tongue: ) The thing is that that keyboard plus touchpad was bluetooth only and the touchpad had support for multitouch events. It worked fine and required no additional driver or software to be installed (That I noticed).


Also customized gestures worked? Because these are the ones that don’t work right now. And some normal ones seem to get messed up by the BT signal, but should work.


Happy Birthday :wink:


That I don’t know. :confused: Because I never personalize my gestures and since the thing is dead… I can’t test it now.


Is it strong enough to hold the pen even when you shake the V?


Does that mean we are sacrificing the quality for volume?


Thanks so much for the update @Mike ! Really great to hear that the V is still being improved as we speak and I hope we can get our hands on the V soon!


That would be very interesting for me, too.


If I recall right it was said some time ago, that this is not the final layout and the two buttons to the right of the space key in the final devices will be: Alt (Alt Gr) and Menu.


Not really, as the speakers were previously just under utilized :slight_smile:


@Konstantinos did that also mean that the max volume is improved as well?


What is the new schedule after the delay for the Round 3 Prototype Testing?


The same as before !
24.04 - first mini massproduction
week after that production of the Hyperearlybirds (if nothing went wrong with the mini mass pruduction)
and so on !

(Did u even read what u quoted :smile: )


I am talking about the prototype schedule not final product schedule.
My Question is: When will the prototype testers of round 3 recieve their prototypes?


They’re being sent start of next week :slight_smile:

More detailed infos will come with the prototype post I’ve got in my pipeline :wink: (Yes, I got quite a bunch of 'em coming)