[Eve V Status] Eve V Speakers, Pen magnet, Keyboard, Manufacturing & MORE!


Greetings! The V is soon coming from Shenzhen

Center of Futian district in Shenzhen, China

Hello guys!

During the past month we’ve been intensively squashing the bugs to ensure all the way great an experience when the V soon ships!

We had a couple of delays in shipping the prototypes to the community, mainly because we wanted to be sure that people would be getting the latest fixes already implemented. We had to wait a bit more as our button supplier didn’t ship us enough revised buttons in time as well as there were some delays with housing delivery. This does not affect the production schedule as its common for manufacturers to stall delivering small quantities of samples.

The prototypes are/were delayed, does that mean the schedule is delayed too?

Nope! :slight_smile: Some of you guys have had concerns about this but let me assure you, the two are not correlated!

That’s because the engineers’ work schedule is not affected by production. We’ve been steadily rolling forward with the R&D, despite having suffered some delays on the prototype production side.

As Konsta mentioned, this time around the protos have been / are produced at the final factory. This means the factory can already see potential production issues, and attune their assembly methods accordingly.

I also encourage people to check out Konsta’s footage at youtube, which he has generously put up there impromptu for u guys :wink: I’m sure he will add more content to the channel as time goes by!

How are we doing with the V!?

Jolly great! We’ve stomped around 65 issues to the ground during past month and are staring at only a few before we can ship. Among the most important we’ve made the following improvements:

  • Pen magnet’s improved to enable docking to the side

    The uglier the prototypes look like, the more the team behind them is doing them!

  • We built connected standby mode

Now the V will wake up in less than a second and will also be able to prompt notifications even whilst sleep. In case you want a half-hibernate half-sleep solution, the V also supports stage 3 sleep, from which it can wake up in roughly 3.5-4 seconds. (Advanced users stuff this)

  • Display was professionally calibrated

Expect the colors of the prototypes have nothing on the real deal. Seriously. We promise. The display will live to your expectations. We guarantee! :slight_smile: The bad news is that you’ll just have to wait for it to see it :wink:

  • Speaker performance was tuned

Even though we heard no complaints from the prototype testers when it came to our speaker’s performance, we still felt we owed you guys a bit more! We engaged with our speaker surroundings- and our sound chip vendor to deliver more.

We noticed you can actually “overclock” the speakers as there is so much power under the hood. Normal drivers would utilize less of the max performance than what’s available. We’re now optimizing the drivers to the best of our abilities! If you have very, very demanding ears for DBs (unlike the testers) you may find yourself in need for a specific EQ tuning software.

Additional small fixes were as follows:

  • Light sensor is not affected by the luminance of the display anymore
  • hull switch does not put the device to sleep when keyboard is folded behind the V

and a few more fixes here and there. One of the reasons why could announce a firm shipping date (from development point of view) for your awesome computer was that all hardware issues have been fixed during the past 2 months. If any hidden issues remain, we can issue hotfixes via software update :wink:

How are we doing with the keyboard?

V Keyboard with green backlight, prototype gen 6 (text not blurred intentionally)

The keyboard has been a funny animal of its own. It has been travelling on its own development path, not per se following the speed of the V, which is by now, pretty much fully ready. Apart from a few software fixes.

But how are we doing? Very good actually!

Main updates to the current (second last before production) generation prototypes have been:

- Significant improvement of rigidity

The V keyboard is now on the top level of sturdiness when it comes to folio keyboards! Twisting it does not make the trackpad click, nor does it feel wobbly anymore!

- Magnet strength

The keyboard won’t detach so easily anymore when being bent over behind the V. To do this we added 2 more magnets to the bottom side of the V chassis, and switched the magnets in the keyboard’s pogo pin connector bar to ones with more strength.

- Magnet alignment

All the magnet poles were matched so that the keyboard docks in nicely each and every time you’re connecting the two devices.

Ugly prototyping vol 2. While starting the docking from an intentionally misaligned position, we specifically left that small piece of trash there to demonstrate how the increased magnet strength will throw it away! :older_man:

- Added antenna for bluetooth performance

Even though it was very hard to make the wireless communications in the small keyboard mechanical space, we’ve managed to squeeze out an acceptable level of wireless performance out of the keyboard. In normal conditions even the gestures work now pretty well :slight_smile: Certainly no more packet loss whilst typing.

However it is good to know that windows PTP is USB-protocol only, so PTP settings and some of the gestures only work properly in pogo-pin-connection.

That’s that for now guys!

If you have concern of any issue being unfixed, let us know. Its is very very likely that its already fixed even though it is not mentioned in the post :wink:

p.s. Sorry that this post took so long to appear and I was not able to produce an update before. I had a very hectic last week in China last week and I fell sick of a hefty flu almost immediately when landed back to Finland :smiley: (getting better and back on track now already!)

Community Digest. [Latest Update 21.04]
Community Digest 06.05
Community Digest 21.04
Community Digest 28.04

Thank u for that great Update Mike!


Great news and updates!

Thank you for this @Mike and get well soon! :wink:


This is an awesome update (as always), @Mike!! Glad you’re feeling better, and certainly glad to see that things are moving along so nicely! As always, I am amazed by the speed at which the team implements all the changes, because in the end, this whole prototype time-period hasn’t been that long, so well done! Can’t wait to have my V, and see the display for myself (along with the full awesomeness of the V!)

Just wondering: Could you maybe give an official update regarding weight (with the extra magnets and all), and the full dimensions of the device?


Thanks for the update!


There is so much more work behind-the-scenes work that has made this magic come to life and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Thank you, @Mike and @Team! Just out of curiosity, how many crazy 100-hour+ weeks do you guys pull off to make this all come together? Major props to you guys!


Man… A lot of hours :smiley: But hey its for u guys. It’s because we’re all in this together. We all deserve something with no compromises :wink:


simply awesome @Team!! :heart_eyes:

and time to kill the bug inside you @Mike! :smiling_imp: get well soon! :wink:


Good grief, how do you expect us to wait another month for such a great piece of engineering :sweat: So many improvements, I’m watching as my little concerns are melted away one fix at a time. :heart_eyes: Great job, keep up the good work!


I am so excited to get my EVE V :grinning:


+1 Yes! //20 chars//


Awesome @Team - great work as usual. I’m looking forward to the shipping date more and more.

@Konstantinos has the keyboard noise been addressed when the backlight is on? As this was mentioned by some of the testers, but is not listed above as a big improvement, I still hope it got fixed or ist still in the process of being fixed. Would be a shame to have a silent V, but then the keyboard makes noises.


Great update…! Getting really excited about this coming. I’m really hopeful that all of it comes together!


Thanks for the great update. @Team, you may want to update the forum banner with a link to this thread. It still references the 12.04 update as the latest.


I almost missed this post because it was initially authored 20 days ago (though mostly updated within the last 12 hours). It wasn’t marked as new and so I overlooked it :sweat_smile:


Is it realistic to think that the keyboard will be able to do all windows gestures per bluetooth in the end or will this be the final stage in that regard?

And very good work! Keep it up!


Does getting sick count as a bug on the V creation process? XD

Joke done…

Thanks for the update.

Glad you are feeling better, great news all around!

Some of the users seem concerned about the weight of the device plus keyboard. And since you guys added more magnets that is going to affect the weight too. Any info on that?


Thanks again for another great update :slight_smile:


Great update, thanks.

Really can’t wait to get my hands on the V next month


I like the use of gifs : )