Eve V - Screen protector


Eve corners are more rounded too


Hope the AirGlass for Eve V isn’t this bad


It really does not matter, I have screen protectors on all my devices; some do not cover EXACTLY the whole screen because I bought a screen cover according to the dimensions not according to brand.
Who cares if there are some mm around the edge not covered?


Yes! I have the exact same issue! Haven’t dropped it ONCE and all of a sudden after only a two weeks I take it out and see a crack going the while length of the screen making it completely unusable. Have you had any luck with a replacement? I believe this is the result of the screen protector since in the days leading up to the crack my V suffered from ghost touches for few minutes every time I opened it asking where the crack appeared.


i think that is more pf a scrae.


Can anyone scan the protector they have now?

The folks at clearplex http://devices.clearplex.com/ can offer us protectors.

Their protector is cut at the retail stores so once they have the design files we can get it applied.

Edit: just found out the keyboard J and F keys scratched my screen’s coating. Really need that protector now.