Eve V - Screen protector


So, do you think it would work if i buy a screen protector designed for the surface? I guess it’s 12,3" as well, but i’m not sure about any adjustments when it comes to buttons, kamera or something. And i will definitely get one, just for the safety.


@dibadibadu: I second your concern. Why not approaching the Team in private?
You should know how to do it.

One of the reviewer has written that his professional ethos is not to take part in the community because it would make him/her biased. I really hope this ethos stays intact for all journalists and reviewers.


small tip: You should let someone proofreading your review


The first thing I thought was to look for other people having the same issue. There aren’t any so far, which is why I’m writing it here. I have contacted the team too, we’re always in contact and they’ve been great.

And yes, I didn’t drop it. I never mistreated the device in any way. So far I have broken two tech products, an Xbox 360 rrod (which worked again after baking) and a MacBook Pro, where it didn’t recognize the battery for some reason and apple support basically told me to screw myself.

The reason why I am not making changes to the review is that nobody else has this. Maybe it is bad luck, maybe something happened to it while shipping, maybe I did something I shouldn’t have done. But I’m honestly not aware of doing anything to it, which could harm it.

I still think that the eve v is a really excellent device, but if the one unit you get to examine breaks that easily, you start thinking about reliability. I don’t think there’s an issue with eve.

I don’t think people will get a wrong impression here. There’s currently one single person bringing up that issue and it could be that I mistreated it, but I honestly wouldn’t know how.

Just look at how Konstantinos and Helios reacted, who are officially from eve. They’ve done a great job and everything I wrote in the review holds true until now. But after publishing it, two days later it breaks? Everyone would feel bad about it. Wouldn’t you?


Do you actually know, if the chip of paint that was missing at the corner was already there, when you received the V? Since many of the review Vs had either flaws or were tested before (including drop tests) my first thought was that the damage came from a drop test and if the chassis was slightly bend after that it could happen that the glass cracks without doing anything to it. It’s just a wild assumption, but that was my chain of thought, when I read about your problem.


I’m not sure where the chipping has occurred as I tried to intentionally scratch my test unit (behind the kickstand where it’d not be noticeable when examining :wink: ) with a screwdriver (Flathead 1.0 head) and I could not scratch it any at all - so I don’t know what happened with your unit there.
The closest thought would be dropping but since you said that it was not dropped I don’t doubt you. So I just assume someone used Dark Magic to make the paint chip on your V - and while it’s durable, Black Magic is not something that it can endure too well as you can see with the paint chip. :slight_smile:


Damn Albert, these guys laying it hard on you. Don’t worry, I appreciate your transparency.


Paint is significantly weaker on a corner than on a flat surface. Thats why desks or other furniture always loses its paint or coating from the corner. My SP3 had pretty much lost its entire paint on the corners, same with my Samsung Ativ S.

Regarding the glass, there are several reasons it could break without dropping: sudden temperature change (early SP3 is susceptible to this), high pressure in small concentrated area (as Albert mentioned), or something related to the chemical reaction (maybe, for example, you use a hand-bacteria-cleanser thing? I dont know, unfortunately my knowledge on chem doesn’t go as far). And of course, if the glass has a scratch, on the outside of inside, it might decrease the strength.

The crack could be caused by a combination of more than one reasons I mentioned. Remember, we are dealing with a really thin piece of glass here. Either way, the fact that the crack happens for whatever reason, means we should have opted for a more durable and/or thicker one.


I don’t think we really know that until we have a larger sample size.


Dude you can’t make that kind of assumption based on one device. Also you can’t.make the screen glass too thick anyways


I was also under the impression that we were going to get a tempered glass screen protector… If it’s the plastic screen protector, it’ll be a pain in the ass to apply since it’s 12 inches by x inches. When I used to buy the plastic stuff for my cell phone, they always provided 3 screen protectors because they know you’ll screw it up with at least 1 of them.


I’ve fitted them on all my laptops including a 15" laptop. As you say, is a real pain to do it without capturing dust and bubbles, but it is possible. You just need a lot, and I mean a lot, of patience. It’s very easy to get frustrated very quickly.


Here’s one (common) hint for doing this: do it in your bathroom, right after the shower has been running. The humidity takes all of the dust out of the air. It’s one less thing to worry about. If you run an air filter for a room, that kind of thing would also work. Or both, if you can (master bath right off of a bedroom for instance).

Good luck to all! I have 2 cats. Low-dust (cat hair actually) environment is a tough thing for me!


It goes better when you use a anti dust micro fibre cloth to take dust off the screen and then use one of these to get no bubbles. https://goo.gl/images/U3BKav


I myself have experience with randomly cracking glass screens.

I have posted this before, I am using a Chuwi Hi10 Plus. It’s a $200 tablet, so the quality sucks. I started getting cracks on the glass, which is also the touch panel, a few days after I got it. I noticed the first crack after taking it out from my backpack. I have yet to drop it by that time, still babying my new toy.

One thing I notice is significant space between the touch panel and display panel. My hypothesis is that this poor bonding of touch panel and LCD is the reason for the cracks, since that space might have caused uneven load on the glass when it’s in the backpack compressed against other things.

I’m glad that Helios and KK are looking into this.


Anyone knows if this protector being sold on the online store is glass?


Nope. It’s a film so plastic


Aww crap. Wanna get a glass protector for the Eve V for tomorrow’s flash sale. Tried searching online but so far only this “Brotect AirGlass” is available :sweat_smile:


Don’t quote me on this but Surface pro protectors might work


Surface Pro: 292mm x 201mm
Eve V: 295.9mm x 205.3mm

It sure seems the Eve V is slightly larger