Eve V Release Date 2017


Hello, I am just wondering if there is any update on the Eve V’s release date? Thank you.


there is not a set release date yet, but if you sign up here, they will let you know!



I’ve heard about all of the updates regarding the screen issue and shipping units soon. Will there be enough units available for new members to buy in? Seems everyone is talking only about the original backers (understanding they’ve had the most invested).

Just hoping I won’t have to wait till next year to buy into the V because I missed the original indigogo fund!


Obviously I’m not on the Eve team, but I’m sure the team is doing everything they can to ensure everyone who wants a V can get one! It’ll be a hot item as there are almost 50K people currently interested but keep tuned to the community and be sure to sign up to the email alert if you haven’t already!


A few weeks ago I was told late June early July, but when I asked a few days ago I was told late July early August! Just hoping it goes on sale before school starts so I can get it before semester 1 starts!


Don’t be optimistic, think September/2018


You. I like how you think. If you protect yourself from disappointment, you can focus on what truly matters lets get a sexy screen on the eve V so we can truly have a great view.