Eve V or iPad Pro 10.5


So I was now at the Apple Store and must say I really love the iPad! It’s awesome :smiley: for me the 10.5 is space enough even for two apps open (like PDF+OneNote) but I can say that the 12.9 of cause has more screen and of cause you can see there more (but it is really big for a tablet then :confused: )
For painting the 12.9 might be better, but for university I think the 10.5 is the tablet of choise :smiley: enough screen to write on it and even for sometime 2 screen use (might be better with iOS11)
So for drawing I think the 12.9 is better
But for students and notes the 10.5 is better :slight_smile:


Yeah. Engineering is a unique computing situation where desktop PCs are generally the best option. You might get lucky with a workstation style laptop but that all depends. I wouldn’t think that ULV devices could handle those demanding tasks because they are more CPU dependent and graphics to extent, hence the pairing with Quadro graphics cards.


I am looking for a machine to be my one computing device. What I need is access to Google Drive, Ms Office, citrix via a browser (can safari do this?),use u torrent

On the other hand I play games on my phone, basically clash of clans and being able to do this on a big screen would be amazing. I have tried emulators and they are generally unreliable.

Ipad Pro therefore is a big draw for me vs the Eve, assuming it can handle my work needs?


ipad is a media consumption device
Eve V is a note-taking, light workload, media consumption device
PC is heavy workload and gaming device

from the description of your use case, I would suggest a 2 in 1 tablet like V, you may build a pc in the future for heavier uses. On the other hand, if you need something quick, comparable devices to the V are Dell Latitude 7285 and HP Spectre X2 2017. Check out the reviews and decide for yourself.


On the iPad you can use Office in the browser or as Office Apps from the Apple IOS Appstore. But then you need an Office 365 subscription to be able to edit your documents on the iPad.
There is a connector for Citrix. So yes it works.


I am told the next upcoming version of IOS could be a complete game changer to the market place, notwithstanding the price of Apple hardware and accessories.

I haven’t had a chance to read that much about it yet, but my colleagues are excited. (They love Apple - I don’t.)

They think the iPad Pro 12 could be a serious challenger to the 2 in1 market in the coming months with the pencil and keyboard.

In my case price is not really a serious consideration, for me it’s all about accessibility, memory, battery life or charging speed, performance and portability.

I sometimes use an iPad Pro with wireless + cellular and I find connectivity flawless.
However I have a personal dislike for Apple and their high need for control.


While iOS 11 does bring a lot of new features (many of which are specifically for iPad), I see it having a tough time breaking through as a serious player in the 2 in 1 market.

For one, the I/O just sucks when compared to basically any Windows 2 in 1, even SP.

Second, as has been stated with regard to Windows 10 S, available software is a huge concern for professionals and while Apple has an impressive number of quality apps in the App Store, there remains a lot of software you simply can’t run on iOS.

And finally, those accessories. IMHO, the keyboard is terribly ugly and small, the decision to make the pencil charge through the lightning port is silly, and the prices for both are outrageous. Seriously, I couldn’t believe it when I heard MS was selling the Surface pen separately as I thought this was a major advantage it and other Windows tablets had over the iPad Pro.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the iPad is a very mature and high quality device that is great for media consumption and will work for some creators. But for the reasons above I don’t see it becoming a dominant force in the 2 in 1 category.

For more info on iOS 11…


Thanks all

Dave2D has a great vid on this. He says that at first it feels like the ipad pro with os11 could replace a laptop, but after a few weeks it gets way too annoying due to the lack of mouse/ track pad and poor keyboard.

Now os12 on the other hand… can wait till after I get a V!! :grin:


For you, maybe. My iPad is my only computing device, and I use it for work ( I’m a security DevOps engineer ).

I’m fairly certain that only applies to the 12.9" iPad.


I mean in the Office APPs to edit documents.
Yes you are right. They’ve changed it. On iPhone, iPad Air and iPad Mini, creating and editing documents is free. But there are still a few editing restrictions without O365 subscription. iPad Pro needs to create and edit an Office 365.


Hey Gert,

i finally bought the new iPad 10.5 256GB + 4G + Apple Pencil and i must say it´s one of the best devices i ever bought. The 120hz display is just stunning and the device itselve is a pleasuer to hold.
I have not been able to take many notes with the iPad, but i will try that soon. Hower i can say, that Apple Pencil is awesome.


Nice one it is a great tablet that can do some laptop stuff. Whereas general wisdom is that you need something like the eve v to be a great laptop that can do some tablet stuff. All depends on your needs as a user.

Ps did you get the keyboard? Any good? I’ve not tried it but the limited travel feels like a deal breaker


I bought mine yesterday too! :smiley: but only the 64GB wifi version ^^ and for a keyboard I think of buying the k380 from Logitech :slight_smile:

For know I want to use goodnotes but I can’t connect to my onedrive for business account :confused: I wrote them and they will look into it because they support onedrive for business

So i will use till then OneNote for notes and PDF expert for editing PDF and It worked perfect :slight_smile:

And yes the hole device is a pleasure :smiley:


How is onenote on the iPad? I have seen many bad reviews on it but they predate the recent big crossplatform update. I am interested in getting an iPad pro 13" soon or later (well, the sooner they use USB C, the sooner I will get one).


Well for notes it i perfect you can import PDF but it’s not like a PDF then, OneNote Import then all pages as a image into OneNote not as a document. But I can’t say anything bad about OneNote I must say, maybe that you can’t change the location of the file in OneNote. You must change It in onedrive and than open thru ondedrive the file in OneNote so OneNote save the file where you want it


Well, I use onenote and know how it works and I know how it convers pdf’s into images. Before the update OneNote on iOS was known to have issues retrieving older documents (well, they displayed only the recent ones and even with the other ways to retrieve things it didn’t really allow to find the oldest ones if you have a lot of notes) and some other inconveniences such as not being able to work offline. I also don’t really understand what you mean with ‘change locations of the file’? I have only experience with windows OneNote version (with a surface pro 3) and there I didn’t really see how or why to change locations. Well, I know how to merge them or such, but not really something that I would call change locations.


I could use OneNote offline but it was only a test and I didn’t really know how I would worked with sync after being online again

With change location I mean to organize you math notes to your math folder and Physiks to your Physiks folder OneNote on iPad at least just save one big file in onedrive and not in any folder and you are not able to change that. I personally want all these in the “right” folder but the only possible way is to export the notes to an PDF or make a note file in the right folder and open it, both is to much work for me :stuck_out_tongue: so I use OneNote just for “fast” notes

I didn’t use OneNote bevor so I can’t tell you anything about the things with older documents/files not shown and so on sorry :confused: