Eve V or iPad Pro 10.5


Heyy i know there are already some topics about that but for me I didn’t find “the” answer for that :smiley:

So I want to use the iPad oder eve V for university to write all things as notes, write/mark in pdf etc.

I have an “old” Acer aspire v-573g which runs and runs but a little bit to big maybe.

Know I thought of buy the eve V as a replacement for the Acer together with a docking station or buy the iPad and have the Acer for CAD/Programming (I’m an engineer stundent)

But atm a don’t know how or which app I could use on the iPad for that because on windows I would use OneNote (or Drawboard) properly, but on IOS (at least on the iPhone) it is not really possible to do that with OneNote, maybe anyone knows better?

So what do you think is better?
iPad and Laptop/ maybe a new desktop PC
Or the Eve V i5

Thank you for help! :smiley:

Comparison to other 2-1, HP Spectre x2, Surface Pro

iPad and V are in totally different leagues. iPad is a multimedia consumption note/drawing tab. V is a full on computer cramped into skin of size similar to iPad. If I was you I would definitely consolidate to just one V and use it for all your needs. Also you can plug in external GPU, and that plays awesome with GPU compute for CAD applications and gives you that extra power on demand! Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Yeah that was my thought too :smiley: one device for all

External gpu is awesome, unfortunately those cases are expensive here in Germany (at least 300€) :smiley: do you know how the gpu performance is with the “low” power CPU read in a test, about the zbox 1060en I think,that the CPU is really hard blocking the GPU and the zbox use the U CPUs not the Y


Those boxes will eventually come down in prices, and who knows maybe EVE will make one too :wink:
The poor results with eGPU come from bad cooling and/or incorrect implementation of TB3 end PCIe lanes, neither of which is a problem with V. BTW a fun fact - in Intel hierarchy Y CPUs are actually more advanced and higher quality die vs U and they cost more to OEMs for that reason.


That would be awesome if eve will do a Grafic dock and a normal docking station like the surface dock for example :smiley:

LOL that’s funny but good to know

The GPU in the zbox was an internal gpu like a notebook 1060 together with the i5-6400T so a real quad core CPU

Eve V vs x1 carbon 5th gen

As a fellow engineering student, I have used several CAD programs like SolidWorks and ANSYS with a Surface Pro 3 i3 and SP4 i5, and the experience has been sub-par to put it blunt.

The reason is 12" is not that usable for those programs to begin with. It has toolbars on top and on the left, and sometimes on the right. Youd only have something like 8" to see the actual product youre designing. To make it worse, some of those programs are still not optimized for high DPI. I was forced to set lower screen resolution on my SP4. Thats two strike already, but can be easily solved with an external monitor. What cant be solved with an external monitor is the performance. It would be sufficient, you can technically do it there, but the experience is less than ideal. Panning, zooming, etc. will be a bit sluggish. Without an external monitor I would honestly pick your Acer over the Eve V or Surface for engineering programs, any day.

Ideally, Id recommend a decent desktop PC (even the one with Pentium G4560 is already faster than an i7 tablet) combined with a 24"+ monitor, thats where you can work comfortably and not limited by the technology. Let me know about your budget, we can try to make the most out of it.

Make no mistake, being able to open and make quick changes on a device as small-and-light as a Surface or Eve V is SUPER useful, but I honestly wouldnt design an entire gearbox on 12" device with low-voltage mobile CPU.

There is OneNote for iOS, its very similar to the Windows Store version of OneNote. There is a built-in Notes app, which was recently updated in iOS 11 to be on par with OneNote in term of features, but it only syncs with other iOS or Mac devices, so I dont use it. Keep in mind that the 20 ms latency that Apple advertises is only applicable with some apps. The Notes app is one of them, OneNote is not. It behaves more similarly to the older Surface Pen there.

Let me know if you have some other questions, cheers.


I don’t disagree with this, but it isn’t entirely true. Depending on what your requirements are, an iPad ( or even a Pixel C ) is just as capable as any other device. I’ve been using an iPad as my main computing device for a number of years. It’s more than capable for me to do my job ( I’m a contract developer / sysadmin ). My use case might be unique, but it does show what the iPad is capable of ( and iOS 11 looks to add even more to it ). FWIW, my V is going to be pretty much a multimedia consumption device… Bit off-topic, sorry.

To the OP’s question; I’d probably stick with the desktop, and a tablet for notetaking, etc.


Correct me, but as far as I know is solid works thins the 2016 version 4k compatible.thats why the implemented those ugly contrastless new symbols. If you are a skilled user and know your stuff, you could minimize the upper toolbar to small symbols only like in the old windows versions and office 2003. But you don’t have the text then an have to know which symbol you have to pick.


Hey thank you!

First of all I have a 27" Display already on my Acer and will use it for the V too, if I choose the V :slight_smile: as CAD we use PTC Creo and/or AutoCAD when I’m correct informed :smiley:

Well my budget atm is around 1200€ Absolut max. Is 1400€ and I already build 3 PC’s on an wish list for the case of cases :smiley: and I love to build PC setups xD

Good to know that the OneNote app is more or lese the same as on windows, because it looks totally different on iPhone :smiley: I will try to get to the local Apple Store and try the new iPad with stylus and OneNote to have a look how it works there


For IPad check Goodnotes 4 for PDF and notes
I have the 12 inch and it is great
For typed notes pages is fine
And check iFlashdrive Photofast for USB support

I use the iPad for work and Windows Tablet Helix 2 for games
For YOUR work maybe a desktop would be better
Be warned …Windows apps SUCK … don’t even waste your time searching the store .
Windows could have been better if MS had better TOUCH OPTIMIZED APPS

iOS is improving every year …but sometimes need Windows as iOS has limitations


Thank you :slight_smile: I will have a look at goodnotes 4 :slight_smile:
And I think I will go know with the iPad and a desktop pc :slight_smile:

But I love the Eve V and maybe the second version would be mine then! :smiley:


Could you tell us how you are doing with you´re iPad when you´ll get it? I am also very interested in buying the new iPad Pro 10.5 because it´s actually really the best tablet you can get at the moment and i really like the new iOS 11 features + the 20ms latency with Apple Pencil.

I would really love to hear if the size is comfortable for class and what apps you are using…


Of cause I can do that, but I will buy it in August or September so it will take some time until I can tell you :smiley:
And IOS 11 will released in September too I think so I could say then about the new features there.

If This Is not to late for you I could do it :slight_smile:

Tomorrow maybe I will go to the local Apple Store and have a look at the new iPad there, maybe I can say something after that about the size of 10.5" :slight_smile:


That would be great :slight_smile:


Well, I have a surface pro 3 and I have the first ipad air. I like the ipad for tablet use. Windows really sucks for tablet use in my opinion, and it doesn’t even have basic apps such as youtube. I like the youtube app in ios since I can scroll through the comment section without missing the video. Great way of multitasking that isn’t supported by the youtube site itself, so windows would need an app in its store for that. I also like it to read books or other PDF’s since it is made to be hand held, while the surface pro has cornered edges which are less comfortable to hold. And the kickstand is only usable in landscape, while books and pdf’s and such are handier to read in portrait. When setting a pdf at full height in landscape on the surface I get a headache and I have to sneak up to the screen to be able to read it. So I guess it depends on what you want, do you want a handy all around windows computer which can be used for notes and such, but which lacks on the regular tablet usage. Or do you want a tablet that has all the tablet features, and does also have a pen to take notes and to draw. Also, the iPad pro A10X CPU is almost as powerful as the i7 7660U, so the performance is much better than the i7 7Y75 if you don’t want to play with the TDP.

I did wish the ipad pro would already be USB type C of at least gen 3, now it has lightning with USB 2 speeds, so for those who want to edit photos or videos with it, it could take some time to transfer the files. That is about the biggest downside I can imagine about the ipad pro. I can’t wait for ios 11 to be here, than I could test it one my ipad air how good it is for multitasking. If it does manage to open a PDF readable and run onenote to make my notes and summaries, than I probably would wait for the next gen iPad Pro 13" hoping the 13" and better screen ratio (4:3 is close to what the ratio is from 2 A4 next to eachother) will make things work for me; and hoping that the next gen will ditch the lightning and use USB C. Otherwise I will just have to wait for a quad core 2 in 1 that can replace the surface pro and my “gaming” laptop.


My Girlfriend have an Surface 3 wich she use in university without any problems, but yes touch in windows is terrible and the “AppStore” is also terrible and has not most “basic” apps.

I will use most time the cloud to sync data do. the iPad so the “slow” USB speed is no problem for me :smiley: I think apple will change to USB-C not before 2019 so with the 4th generation maybe, but I would also love if they will change even for the iPhone to USB-C with 3.1 speed

As it looks in the videos I think OneNote on one side and PDF on the other should work really good even with the 10.5 (I will try it tomorrow :smiley: )


I use ipad. I don’t think it’s that good. If you have a laptop then ipad might be better. But never as your primary device. There are noice apps. Affinity photo. Procreate. Notability. Metamoji note documents 6. art rage. Umake. These are what I use. But as soon as I want my work done. Ipad is not there yet. Idk with ios 11. Hey what can running 2 apps at once make a difference to? I can do it on ios 10


That is totally true, an ipad can’t replace my laptop. But apple also doesn’t market it as a laptop replacement, they market it as a tablet for pro usage and the people I have seen using it prove it can do pro stuff. I would not really set the ipad pro as a contender for all those 2 in 1 tablet pc’s, same as a tablet pc would never be able to replace a tablet. But in this case the question is about iPad versus Eve V for taking notes, and than I can only suggest to look for what it will be used. Should it have tablet functions -> ipad. Should it be used as a pc -> Eve V.

I am wondering why you would think they will not change before 2019? I am interested, since I can’t use this surface pro for more than a year (touchscreen broken, digitizer malfunction and such). I think my ipad can easily get to 2019 but it is a simple ipad air so no such pen compatibility to take notes. So for just tablet I don’t need to worry really that much, but a device to take notes is what I am watching out for.


I had read on a German page (didn’t remember wich unfortunately :confused: ) that at least for the iPhone they will probably not change to USB-C before 2019 because of the “iphone …s” thing, the birthday iPhone this year where is nearly 100% sure that both will not have the USB-C port, and the EarPods?! ^^ I can’t remember the exact argument why because this year there will be the s iPhone so next year the “new” iPhone but that was their conclusion. And because of that I don’t think that iPad will change befor that to USB-C. I think it makes more sense to change both last lighting devices at the same time

But I hope that I’m wrong with this and next year everything get the USB-C (and maybe the anniversary iPhone this year too) even if that mean I get the last thing with lightning xD


Well this year it is not sure if it will be a iPhone S version since it could also be an anniversary iPhone. If it turns out to be an anniversary iPhone than they can still have an iPhone S next year and then it will be 2019 for the iPhone 8. There is also rumour that the iPhone 7s will be skipped in favore of an iPhone 8 so no anniversary edition. Than the next iPhone would be the 9 and that would be for 2019 after the iPhone 8s. I wish they could bring back a headphone jack to the iPhone, because I don’t have that great experience with bluetooth and no bluetooth earphones can beat my earphone in terms of not falling out. And no, I don’t want a dongle to have to carry with me all the time at the risk of loosing it for basic functionality such as listening to music. I am happy my iPhone 6 still has an audio port, only thing I miss on it is sd-card slot to expand my fully filled storage.