EVE V + keyboard thickness



for custom made leather sleeve (as Mozo magnetic one scratches V), I’m looking for thickness of V with keyboard on - I found thickness of V - 8.9 mm (0.35") but not one with keyboard attached.

BTW @Konstantinos - you promised update about Mozo sleeve problems - another broken promise?


Just assume the keyboard is 10mm


I need exact thickness.




Thanks. And with keys?


6.4mm is it’s thickest point cause the keys don’t stick out, althought i would personally say 7mm just in case.


Thanks a lot. I was just afraid based on some user reporting keyboard scratching the screen.


Screen protector? Sounds like it would help alot.
Anyway what are you trying to make? A padded REAL leather pouch?


I hate screen protectors. I’m using microfiber cloth between kbd and screen.
Yes - I have a friend who is making really good stuff (notebook sleeves, gun cases, …) from real leather.