Eve V - Keyboard issue 'right-shift + B'

Hello everyone, it has been a while (years in fact) since I’ve been here. After the delays we had in 2018, and my cancellation of the order, I had given up and mostly forgotten about the V, and it was a complete coincidence that last month I was thinking about it, wondering if it was still available, and discovering it on sale. So I bought one, and finally got it in the mail yesterday.
So far, so good, things seemed to work well, but I repeatedly had trouble entering my password. There’s an uppercase B in it, and I tend to type that holding down the right shift key. It turns out that doesn’t work on the V keyboard. Left shift + B works, and gives me the expected uppercase B, right shift + B does nothing. Every other key seems to work in combination with right shift, just not the B. I figured it might help to have everything up to date, so I updated Windows 10 to 1909, installed all the drivers and firmware updates from the links on support page, but nothing made a difference. Also makes no difference if it’s physically connected or via bluetooth.

I couldn’t find anything on the forum that is specifically this issue, so I’m wondering if anyone else has this problem, or if there’s a known fix for it.

There’s also issues that I had when I was using Eve keyboard back then as well. For example, you can’t press a combination of keys using the left shift (i.e. windows key/meta + left shift + space). But somehow, that issue is fixed with the right shift instead of left side.

It’s frustrating but then I switched to using mechanical keyboard so all is good in the end.