Eve V IndieGoGo Prices


Its to show whether its pairing, connected, battery life running out etc :wink:


NICE !!! how I can’t be excited by the V ! everything is perfect :weary:!


I’m really having a bad day! I didn’t get any… all are already sold out! It’s really frustrating :frowning:


yes, that would be a good idea. Will cost you less too. Indian customs are really high. For the i5, I seriously can’t justify spending rs. 98000. I could still swallow an equivalent of rs. 70000 you would pay in US.


We have reopened the preorder with the option of making a down payment for the next batch :slight_smile: Check out the news for that :slight_smile:


@Thor any news on the delivery service in terms of security and tracking? If there is a chance of losing such a valuable device I would have to change the destination to somewhere more secure like the UK and make a plan to get it to Zimbabwe from there…


Will the price get higher after the web shop opened up? How much will it be? Can’t we buy i7 model for $1399 if we miss February’s early bird? I’m not good at English and I’m not sure of it so I asked it… I’m happy if someone answers and it helps others


The final price has not been announced, so we don’t know anything. Most probably it will be more expensive, as this was just a promotion. But since they’re capable of not losing money at this price, they’ll probably be able to sell for the same price in future, but only if the market dictates so.


Thanks for answering! I wish i can get this awesome stuff as low price… well, either way, I’ll buy it tho.


What sort of pricing are we looking at when the Eve V releases to the general public? Any official information yet on this front?


It will increase. We are now working on it. So Indiegogo backers managed to get best pricing possible :smiley:


Somehow this doesn’t sound right :see_no_evil:


So are you suggesting that those who took a forward position and invested money with a long wait whilst the final machine was sorted should pay the same price as those who can buy one off the shelf during the summer (when probably additional tweaks may have taken place?)


And the early backers basically paid the cost for the components and the assembly. Eve needs to make some profit after all :sweat_smile:


And probably most of that profit will go to future projects :wink: don’t we all want better devices too? :slight_smile:


As a non-backer, I also believe this is completely fair. The backers took the monetary risk, they invested their hard-earned cash into the company by preordering the tablet, and they will soon fairly receive their promised dividend as their reward–a nicely discounted tablet–in exchange for placing their trust in Eve to deliver. That is the way investment works and it would be inconsiderate to press the matter any further. Fight the jelly monster and maybe even say thank you to everyone here who invested in this awesome tablet that is now a reality because of them. =) Really, thank you backers for putting your money behind this wonderful idea which has now brought an excellent game-changing tablet to the entire market!


Don’t get me wrong :sweat_smile:
I am among the earliest backers myself .

It was intended to be a joke :sweat_smile:
The way Konsta put it,
kind of “sounds like” the Team is working hard to increase the price to me :joy:


Okey dokie. Can we all just bet on the tablet and whoever bids the highest price sets the price for everyone including him- or her-self? :stuck_out_tongue:


Everyone would bet the lowest possible then (assuming everyone is rational and self interested) :sweat_smile:

In fact, Eve held a “Guess the IGG launch price and win a V” event half a year ago :grin:


Im afraid that the Core m3 model will not be competitive after the price increase.

If you look that the SP4 m3 is retailing at around $700 to $800 today, thats roughly how much the Early Backer version of V m3 costs after shipping. How much will it be after the price increase?