Eve V IndieGoGo Prices


me neither @Xeno83


I am looking at the campaign, and the discount MSRP is huge… 40% or so. Does that suggest that the price after IndieGoGo will be 40% higher? It makes me pleased to have been able to buy now, as I do not think I would have been able to justify it later!


True that. Thats what I’m worried about.

On the plus side, I might just be in US/Canada by the time EVE V ships.

So might get the shipping address changed. I was told that is possible,


Check the quote above for clarification.


It is possible, don’t worry!


Yeah @mlivesey @Xeno83 guys PM us your details. We will find out whether we can see you backing or not!


Wow…ok…it seems they just needed nearly an hour…I just received my confirmation by indigogo.


nothing yet for me. I just changed my email contact address to a gmail address to see if that helps.


Did we all notice it’s a 2 year warranty? Not just the 1? :slight_smile:


We announced that in the final spec reveal :wink: But I hope that everyone noticed that as it’s just one fine detail to make the deal even sweeter for you guys :slight_smile:


Maybe it’s because you payed via credidcard and not via Paypal.
Maybe thay had to check something.
Just guessing.


Today is my birthday. So i give myself “little expansive” present (i7).


And I have call from my bank to chack my payments.


Hi Xeno,
We have noticed that Indiegogo doesnt work too good in this sense. Can you pop an Email to support@eve-tech.com with the Title: Confimation email IGG it will come to me and I will be able to check from the system. We will handle it from there.


Tuukka “Thor” Korhonen


So… it’s sold out :slight_smile:


Eve V IndieGoGo Prices says it costs $3


You probably mean our web site?

Yeah we know :stuck_out_tongue: Unfortunately we can’t do anything about it at this moment. We will fix it ASAP. Thanks for noting it up though!


I’d for sure take a couple more for $3 a piece… :wink:


yep meant: http://eve-tech.com/


LED notification on the keyboard ? :wink: !