Eve V IndieGoGo Prices


I’ve already tried, I really dont understand … :sweat: Everything is ok whit my account ! and the I7 is sold out, I can’t try anymore…


Dont worry, some new i7s added


Call the number on the back of your credit card. I had to call mine as my payment was declined on PayPal and Indiegogo. It took a few minutes for them to clear my payment (had to verify identification). They said it’s likely because this was my first purchase from Indiegogo.


Thank you , I’m trying !!!


Hey guys,

I purchased the i5 config about 10 Mins ago. After pressing the payment button (credit card) shouldn’t I receive an confirmation email?Did not receive anything so far…


Check your spam folder, that’s where mine landed. Also, as long as your IGG account page shows that you have contributed, it should be ok


I wonder how you handle the localized keyboards.
I ordered because it was said that I can replace the keyboard with a localized one.


I didnt get one either, but the perk is listed in my account info, and I’m listed as a backer, so hopefully it went throught


I don’t have an account. Just purchased as a guest oO


Many thanks! Indiegogo should learn that when I type Germany I don’t mean Georgia …


Very, very tempting, but I’ll wait. I hope you can make the LTE version happen. These prices are really good, but I wonder how much more it will be after the campaign is done and delivered next year.


We will confirm these details to you during the campaign. As said the localized layout might add up to 20 usd on top of your payment (which is the charge we have to endure to produce small quantities of localized layouts).


I can’t afford one (even though the prices seem good to me xD ) and fortunately don’t need one right now, but want to congratulate everyone who bought one because they look amazing. :smiley:

And I also came here to say that the pen looks absolutely stunning, lol. Can you buy those seperate from the Eve too once they launch officially? It looks much prettier than my Surface Pen. xD


Yes you can. If the perk was already hidden, it will show up later!


OK thanks.
I just wanted the confirmation that you still care about this and that I don’t have to buy a 2nd keyboard.
I also knew about the 20 usd which is fair (espacialy for ar 1399 usd device).


hey @Mike, you said you reduced the m3, but it’s still showing 167. there are more than 500 available fyi…


Indian customs is crap. I can’t curse it enough.


@Mike & @Konstantinos
I like it guys, but unfortunately I’m going to have to bow out of this one due to multiple factors.
It’s a bit more expensive than I would’ve hoped for (even though I agree it’s a really good deal). My needs have changed at the moment, and with the holidays around the corner, I don’t feel like I can justify spending this amount right now. Hopefully I can save more up and get it in the future (even though I know the discounts won’t apply then.)

I will still keep watch on the Eve Community and hope to buy one sometime next year. (Maybe the LTE model will be available then as well? :slight_smile: )


Hm…still no confirmation-mail :-/


Can it be that you entered the wrong email address? If so, you should contact Mike or someone else from Eve team and ask them to check if they got your payment.