Eve V in the media


I came across this article and wasn’t sure where to post it, so I thought I’d make a new thread where we can post articles we find on the V. This is a weird one because there is no mention of the V, but it includes a link to a promotional video…

Weekly Update from Eve 02.02
Weekly Update from Eve 02.02

Interesting that they used the video…although at least they won’t get the name wrong if they didn’t mention it :joy:


Also today on Liliputing:


This was in my Google feed as I may have set alerts for Eve…

Eve V, avvio produzione a Maggio

Edit: apologies if this is a duplicate …I didn’t run any translate on it hoping someone can read it in Italian?


My article on drwindows.de from 17.04.2017


Here is another article, this time from Notebookcheck:


Microsoft Ready To Ship Eve V Windows 10 Tablet Next Month

Intriguing ownership here - plus a great video I’ve not seen before


It’s the video from the IndieGoGo campaign, it’s been around for a while. That doesn’t make it less awesome though, so glad you finally found it!

I’ll poke the team and see if we need to contact the site about Eve not being Microsoft…



Crikey - completely missed that last year - or have totally forgotten it. Trusted in the community discussions and just spent the money for the hyper early bird i7!


Put a comment underneath the article, let’s see if they adjust it actually :slight_smile:


does it bug anyone else that the article states in the first line "delayed due to undisclosed reasons’?

Nothing about this device is undisclosed! That’s why we love Eve!


I noticed that too and had the same reaction. This is the most open process I’ve seen!




Some more - the meme is spreading!


From the article-

" impressive specifications for the Eve V Windows 10 tablet that were surprisingly similar but a lot better than the Surface Pro 4.

A variety of tests such as CrystalDiskMark and Cinebench R15 showed how the Eve V Windows 10 tablet performed on par with the other more expensive devices. "

Seems the author has actually spent some time here in the community. Nice!


No, doesn’t bug me, it is pure logic :blush:
How can people not participating in the community even know better ?
For a not community member is just plain undisclosed reasons;
for a community member to read this it is bugging.
Oh Inside world, what do we know about the outside world (citation from an unknown renowned and much admired philosopher) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s all true except for the fact that the forum is public - You needn’t participate or be a member to read the news from Konsta.

It’s just a bit disappointing I guess, since it could not be further from the truth, and the openness is one of the best things about this project!


One more:
With a poll about who wants to join in Leipzig


Why is it so silent? :slight_smile:

Anyone can read this?

Oh, and that “undisclosed reasons” part is pure nonsense. The reason was publicly disclosed here in the forum, in a separate public thread so that everyone can easily see it. What else do they want?